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Guild Wars 3 Release Date and News
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Guild Wars 2 Review 2024
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Guild Wars 2: Best Classes In The Game 2024
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Guild Wars 2 Still Alive in 2024
Guild Wars 2 released over a decade ago, and has since released a... Read More
This big game hunter is looking to slay not just the elder dragons but also the competition.
The elite specializations are kind of like the upgraded versions of... Read More
Playing support is more than just providing healing. It is ensuring that the team is operating at peak efficiency to take down difficult challenges with great ease.
In the realm of Guild Wars 2’s PvE scene, it can be said that you can... Read More
Got your butt kicked in the last raid battle in Guild Wars 2? You should have brought a healer with you.
Back when Guild Wars 2 didn’t have Raids, Strike Missions, Legendary... Read More
Go on a complete rampage with these awesome DPS builds while you are in Guild Wars 2's PvE scene.
In Guild Wars 2, everyone that first logs into the game will have a... Read More
If you want to up your game and take the fight to the enemy invaders in Guild Wars 2's World versus World game mode, become a roamer and wreck their flanks.
World versus World is a unique game mode in Guild Wars 2 that takes... Read More
Conquer the sPvP Arena with these hard-hitting classes to ensure your victory.
Guild Wars 2’s Structured PvP functions a little differently from the... Read More
Glyphs give you additional resources when equipped onto your gathering tools, providing you more bang for your buck.
In order for the majority of Guild Wars 2 players to make some decent... Read More
Doing good deeds in Guild Wars 2 rewards you more than just the ordinary loot and gold as it provides the all-important unique currency, Karma.
In Guild Wars 2, Karma is a unique currency that is given to players... Read More
Armor combination alone won't let you win in Fashion Wars.
Guild Wars 2’s other endgame, Fashion Wars, is serious business. Many... Read More
Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned beatdown of endgame bosses that gives out awesome loot!
A couple of years ago when the Heart of Thorns expansion of Guild... Read More
MMOs have been one of the longest standing genres of games to exist.... Read More
Just because you are free-to-play, it doesn't mean you are stuck with an underpowered class in Guild Wars 2.
Guild Wars 2 became free-to-play on August 29, 2015, allowing would-... Read More
Legendary Weapons in Guild Wars 2 are a great way to showcase your determination in setting a goal, completing objectives, and earning a powerful reward that is unlocked for your entire account.
Legendary Weapons have been a staple of MMORPGs and are awesome... Read More
Never forget the characters that stayed with you along your journey in Guild Wars 2's storyline. These characters showcase tons of personality that fans love.
The story of Guild Wars 2 tells a tale of friendship, camaraderie,... Read More
Vibe in-game with these amazing songs in Guild Wars 2!
Guild Wars 2 has always had a place in the hearts of its player base... Read More
Guild Wars 2 has many amazing locales fit to be worthy to become your desktop wallpaper or favorite screenshot.
One of the opinions that players have whenever they talk about Guild... Read More
Majority of the Gem Story items in game provide tons of quality-of-life goodies that can make your game more enjoyable like the following items on our list.
There are so many Gem Store items in Guild Wars 2 that provide... Read More
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