[Top 10] Tekken 7 Most Fun Characters With Insane Combos

Tekken 7 Most Fun Characters With Insane Combos
A battle for the ages about to begin

Whether or not you play Tekken 7 as a pro or just casually, you probably love seeing those damage numbers stack high up when you land that sweet sweet launcher.

We all do! Crushing your opponent without them ever getting a chance to retaliate as they are being juggled in the air is the most satisfying thing one can do in a fighting game. All Tekken characters have relatively useful and strong combos but these 10; they are just otherworldly when it comes to combos.


At the top of our list is the father of Tekken, Heihachi Mishima. Much like all of Mishimas, Heihachi has amazing utility combo damage if you’ve got the execution down. He can deal upwards of %50 damage to the opponent with well-optimized combos through his signature launcher, the EWGF. His only drawback is that, compared even to the other Mishimas, he requires difficult execution and needs a lot of practice to be viable.

See Heihachi in action:


Right after his grandfather comes the broody protagonist of the series. Jin is like a Mishima but with his own Kazama flair added to it. Every single move he performs looks extremely satisfying and he is a very versatile character in general. This allows him to perform a bunch of different combos in different situations that all deal great damage and possibly leave Jin in a position of advantage. Jin, however, is also suffering from the same drawback as his grandfather. Jin is very hard to play and optimizing his combos takes a lot of work. Once you've got that down, there is nothing that can stop you.

See Jin in action:


Just by looking at this giant-of-a-man, you know his punches and kicks hurt. Miguel is an intimidating figure and his combos demonstrate that beautifully. Especially if he has got the opponent up against the wall, Miguel can close out the game in seconds with extreme pressure and the combo damage that follows. He is cocky, smug and powerful; which is how you’ll feel when you 100 to 0 your opponent in mere moments with this colossus.

See Miguel in action:


The snickering maniac Bryan is iconic in the series by this time and rightfully so. Bryan is a cyborg and he plays like a machine too. The most optimized combos he has usually require quite a bit of difficult execution but Bryan packs a hefty punch even without those. Great at applying pressure, it won’t be that hard to get a combo with Bryan. When that launcher connects is where Bryan shines, dealing more than %60 damage if he gets a wall splat in the combo. Bryan’s combos are excellent to learn both if you are a pro or a beginner.

See Bryan in action:


Before our top 5 is Kazuya Mishima, the unkillable son of Heihachi. A down-to-the-bones Mishima, Kazuya is extremely versatile and has amazing combo damage especially if a wall is nearby. Unlike his father, Kazuya doesn’t require that much practice and execution to deal ungodly amounts of damage. Furthermore, his rage drive is a great extender for when combos are normally supposed to end. All of this makes him deal incredible damage and do it with style while being suitable for beginners as well.

See Kazuya in action:


A bit of an infamous character in the Tekken community, Law is known for his spammy attitude. This does not change the fact however, that this Bruce Lee knock-off can take down an opponent as fast as his real-world counterpart could. He can go into half-HP combos from virtually any type of move, be it mid,low or high. And on top of this, if he is near a wall, he can just continue to chain these unbelievable combos without giving his rival a moment to breathe.

See Law in action:


Coming in after Law is Lars Alexandersson, yet another son of Heihachi albeit an illegitimate one. Lars can almost outright kill an opponent with a single combo if they are near a wall and he has many tools to finish them off afterwards. With his switching sides while mid-air brand of moves, Lars’ combos look like something out of a shounen anime. Being stylish is not where it ends for him however as his combo damage is also uncanny as mentioned before. Overall, a great character to juggle and devastate opponents with.

See Lars in action:


Alisa, the finest creation of Dr. Bosconovitch, is an android with jetpacks, sawblades and rocket hands. Much like a cartoon android, Alisa can fly across the stage, saw her opponents in half and send rocket punches from miles away. She can also deal upwards of %60 damage with wall-combos and keep on the pressure through her saw blade stance right after. She has great range and can begin combos from almost the entire stage away. Her combos are also insanely fun to watch, seeing her fly across and through her rival.

See Alisa in action:



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