[Top 5] Tekken 7 Best Kazuya Players In The World

5.NeNe The Dragon

Nene The Dragon is another great Peruvian Kazuya player that brings hype to the Tekken community. He first appeared on the scene when he beat one of the best Korean players, Qudans, in a nail-biting match. His understanding of throwing key Kazuya moves is what helps him take his opponents by surprise. 

Nene The Dragon is a total badass and can never be counted out of any game before it's over. His movement with the character is surprisingly insane which speaks volumes of his mastery over the character. 

Major Tournament Achievements

Collision, 2019 - 3rd ($750)

Defend The North, 2022 -2nd ($544)

ICFC North America Fall, 2022 - 2nd ($250)

<NeNe The Dragon> Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeNe_TheDragon


The Dark Prince

The Dark Prince is a Pakistani Kazuya main Tekken content creator and a combo artist. He is also one of the players who’s been playing Tekken since his childhood. The Dark Prince belongs to the one of the strongest Tekken communities and has honed his skills throughout the years against his fellow country players. 

His real strength is his crafty and optimized combos and his overall performance with the character which enables him to become a possible threat against any top player in the world. Being a combo maker and also good in the competitive scene is very rare and yet this player is always a treat to watch. 

Major Tournament Achievements 

TOC South Asia Regional Finals, 2021 - 1st ($3,000)

Pak Tekken Dojo, 2021 - 2nd ($200)

<The Dark Prince> Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedarkpwince


3.Sergie Mazter

Sergie Mazter is a Peruvian Tekken 7 player currently representing Blood Pythons.

As most Tekken 7 tournaments happen offline, where the players have to travel to other countries, most of the talent remains hidden as they can’t travel the world easily. Sergie Mazter is one such player who made his name in online tournaments and is an amazing Kazuya player. 

Though very little is known about this player, his play style and character knowledge tells us that he’s been playing competitive Tekken 7 for quite a time. His playstyle is a peculiar one and his Kazuya combos always teach the viewers something new, not to mention his usage of Kazuya move list. 

This unique player has been very successful with Kazuya given the number of tournament appearances he has made. 

Major Tournament Achievements

Evo Online: LATAM South, 2021 - 1st ($3,000)

Tekken World Tour: South America Regional Finals, 2022 - 2nd ($1,200)

<Sergue Mazter> Twitter: https://twitter.com/SergieMazter


2.BoA Luvb

BoA Luvb is known for his insane and aggressive Kazuya usage. This South Korean Kazuya monster has a great deal of Kazuya execution and has the ability to win against any Tekken 7 player in the world. A player who is always fun to watch and always brings absolute perfection to the character on the table. 

His aggressiveness with Kazuya puts the opponent at a position where he continuously has to guess about which move he has to face all the time. This hidden Kazuya gem was first known to the Tekken community when he was the only one to defeat Arslan Ash in a best of 3 set. 

He is so good with the character that most of the Tekken community can argue that he is the strongest Kazuya in the world regarding in-depth character refinement. 

Major Tournament Achievements 

Mastercup 11 5v5, 2022 - 1st ($1,500) 

ATL S1 DAY 5, 2020 - 3rd ($182)

TEN TEKKEN 7 TEAM LEAGUE, 2019 - 4th ($1,050)

<BoA Luvb> Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoALuvb



Jae Min Bae, globally known as Knee, is one of the most consistent Tekken players ever seen. He has mastery over a multitude of Tekken 7 characters and is the 3 times EVO champion. Knee started playing Tekken when he was a child and started playing as a professional in 2004. 

Knee is known for his strong understanding of Tekken 7 character roosters. Kazuya Mishima is one of the characters he is known to play as a master. His strong basics allow him to play Kazuya at the highest level, not to mention his success with this character, even though Kazuya is not a good tournament character. 

Knee is a real badass. Not only does he know how to use this character in the game, but he also has a deep knowledge of when to use this character. His game is so awesome that he never loses any single punish (Tekken 7 is a punishment-based game where if you are not careful you can get punished if you don’t have proper knowledge). 

He is strong enough to test their opponents and then punish them for their mistakes in the game. His sense of defense and offense has high grounds, which makes it very difficult to beat him. 

Major Tournament Achievements

EVO, 2019 - 2nd ($5,048)

TGU, 2018 - 2nd ($250)

FV CUP X TWT, 2019 - 2nd ($250)

<Knee> Twitter: https://twitter.com/holyknee









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