[Top 5] Tekken 7 Best Aggressive Characters

Tekken 7 Best Aggressive Characters
Runner up to this list, Akuma is yet another character with superb aggression potential.

Fighters That Take Initiative

In a fighting game with such cutthroat pace as Tekken 7, you may find yourself at an advantage by picking a character with heavily weighted stats. Using this list you'll be able to gauge a few of the higher-end characters in terms of sheer aggression, pace, and pressure.


#5: Eddy Gordo (Capoeira)

Fan-favorite of the Tekken franchise, Eddy Gordo serves to itch several scratches that seem to ail players of an unorthodox style. Known for his trademark Capoeira discipline, Eddy’s unpredictable move set lends to some of his accessibility. As such, he carries combo strings and juggles that all transition smoothly between one another.

Aggressiveness Overview:

  • Arguably has the most versatile kick strings in the game
  • Lacks good standing sidestep; excellent mobility while in-stance
  • Unpredictable running attacks that are ahead on frames in most instances
  •  Ability to clear health bars with max damage combos (easy to string together)
  • Many quick and counteractive opening/closing attacks

#4: Steve Fox (Boxing)

The legendary boxer, Steve Fox, is an excellent character for those who love to grow from within conditions of limitation. With relatively little kicks, Steve has an arsenal of stances and punch combinations that take full frame initiative. His barrages are capable of kiting enemies as well as measuring distance.

Aggressiveness Overview:

  •  Unnoticeable transition between stances
  •  In-stance launchers that setup max damage combos
  •  Ability to maintain distance as well as close distance
  •  Initiative-heavy rising attacks
  •  Bob, weaves and sways that lend to infinite dodging and setup potential

#3: Sergei Dragunov (Sambo)

Currently one of the highest tiered characters in professional play, Sergei Dragunov is well-rounded in all regards. From distance-closing attacks, to incredible combo-into-feint-into-throw type capabilities, Dragunov has what it takes to keep the pressure on even the most skilled of Tekken players. His ground and wall punish place extra emphasis on his danger potential.

Aggressiveness Overview:

  • Essential character for “rush down” playstyles
  •  Strong sense of pace setting within all matchups; quickly able to turn tables
  •  Well-rounded in all regards with average mix-ups (supplemented by strength and speed)
  •  Long-range limbs that guarantee swift distance closing as well as backing out
  •  Simple max damage combo execution

#2: Geese Howard (Ancient Martial Arts)

When wielded by a player of great tenure and skill, Geese Howard’s unrelenting aggression begins to unfurl with wrath. Aside from his genuinely intimidating demeanor, Geese wields insane damage potential accompanied by good defensive ability. Perhaps against an untrained one will you find success, but any well-aged Geese will send you home packing in an instant.

Aggressiveness Overview:

  •  Enormous damage potential
  •  Better poke ability than most characters (quick to execute projectiles)
  •  Parries that quickly eat through opponent health
  •  Best wall punish in the game
  •  Large number of easy juggle starters

#1: Paul Phoenix (Street Fighting)

The top-heavy haired American effigy of brashness shines his head as the #1 top aggressive character in Tekken 7. With a similar damage profile to Geese, Paul has much greater punishment potential in comparison. Although they are both blonde, that’s where the similarities end. Paul turns out as a much more user-friendly character than Geese, holding a substantially more manageable learning curve.

Aggressiveness Overview:

  •  Large damage potential that isn’t undermined by balancing attempts
  •  Superb ability to inflict punishes
  •  Heavy un-blockables that tear chunks out of the lifebar
  •  Superior control design (physics, etc.)
  •  Unrivaled rushdown (theoretically able to win in <4 Deathfists)

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