[Top 5] Tekken 7 Best DLC Characters

Tekken 7 Best DLC Characters
Heihachi and Akuma turning their backs on one another after a heated discussion on character tier.

Tekken 7 Expands More and More with Each Seasonal Update

Looking back on 2017, one would surely experience a serious type of dissonance if they were to play that year’s day-one patch version of Tekken 7. A whopping thirteen new characters have been rolled out for Tekken 7 on current-gen consoles and PC since launch. Each of these characters is featured as a DLC, or “downloadable-content” feature, enabling them to be purchased either in packs or separately.

The burning question on everyone’s mind would be: Which Tekken 7 DLC Characters are the best? With the option of separate purchase existing, it would be convenient in more ways than one to the player to have a narrowed down list of the best characters available for purchase. Context on these characters will aid those familiar and unfamiliar with the game alike.

#5: Zafina 

Tekken 7 Zafina Launch Trailer

    Debuting in Tekken 6, the Zafina found in Tekken 7 is a borderline complete overhaul of this previous iteration. Originally thought of as somewhat of a generic character in 6, Zafina pulls a complete reversal of this reputation with her character for the seventh entry. 

    The evil deity-slaying femme fatale finds herself sealing Tekken 6’s final boss, Azazel, within her body. This results in a rework of what once was, combining her old move set with the overwhelming metaphysical presence of “The Rectifier of All Things”. This lore serves as beyond fresh and original, and the character is a welcome addition to any who enjoy legacy character support and expansion.

Zafina Price: $6.99 

#4: Negan

Tekken 7 Negan Launch Trailer

    Our first guest character of the list, many of you may be familiar with The Walking Dead’s imposing antagonist from later seasons of the show. The addition of Negan in the second season DLC pass was polarizing to say the least. Fans all around the globe detested and rejoiced.

    As time passed, Negan eventually found himself the recipient of general positive acclaim. His underdog reputation within the tier rankings, along with his propensity for close-range exchanges in combat have given him his due rank as a worthwhile purchase. The baseball bat-wielding enforcer serves as an “easy to pick up, hard to master” type character.

Negan Price: $3.99

#3: Armor King

Tekken 7 Armor King Launch Trailer

    Jumping back into the topic of legacy support with a Burning Knuckle leap, fan favorite Armor King found himself reintroduced into the Tekken franchise for the Season 2 DLC pass. Armor King exists as an incredibly potent variation of the already god-like chain grappler, King. Featuring his own lore importance throughout the series, Armor fortunately serves as much more than just a palette swap.

    Taking the damage potential of King and transferring it to his less well-off abilities starts the formula out for Armor King. The efficiency of Armor King’s rounded off attacks is furthered by an entire replacement of many of King’s base arsenal moves, creating a meticulous and well-crafted synergy naturally expanded upon while using Armor King in play.

Armor King Price: $2.99

#2: Noctis

Tekken 7 Notcis Launch Trailer

    Another guest character, Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis is renown in the Tekken 7 community for being THE “pick up and play” character. With the Final Fantasy protagonist’s appeal outstretching to audiences who may not find their interest piqued by fighting games, the same can be said double in reference to the character’s accessibility. 

    It is almost objective truth that Noctis is a gateway character in the Tekken franchise, opening the doors for new plays in more ways than one. His phenomenal ability to punish when an opponent whiffs a combo leads to much more forgiving scenarios, even in ranked matches. Many other nuances exist to further his accessibility, including his rage drive being safe on block (no counter opportunity against you).

#1: Geese

Tekken 7 Geese Reveal Trailer

    Hearkening back to the days of sketchy arcades and Skinner Box difficulty systems, the best has truly been saved for last. SNK Playmore’s Geese of Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting resides at #1 as the top DLC character for Tekken 7. Functionally, Geese serves as the anti-Noctis, requiring great skill and adaptability to learn.

    The damage potential laid out by the tyrant is so substantial that fear is stricken into the hearts of all who face him in Ranked Matches. His damage output is shielded by the fact that his mobility and defense are well-rounded.

    Almost like learning the guitar, haphazard and discouragement may take place at first. However, upon tenure and mastery, Geese can shred his way to paradise with incomprehensible flow only understood by those who seek to learn his way.

Geese Price: $3.99

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