[Top 10] Tekken 7 Best characters for beginners that are op!

Ah, Like Father, Like Son

Welcome to the King of Iron fist Tournament 7!

Tekken is a deep game with many characters to try out. That being said, finding the best character to learn the game with can be challenging. This list is to help you find the character that can ease your way into the game and have fun doing it.


10. Lidia Sobieska

The prime minister steps in to Battle!

Lidia Guide (By PeterYMao)

The latest original character to be added to Tekken, The prime minister of Poland Lidia brings the art of Karate to Tekken. Like the martial art itself, Lidia packs a punch with her assortment of mix-ups. Great output with her combo damage. Her wall carry is also above average which is always good. Lidia is for people who like the rushdown type of playstyle.

What Makes Lidia Great?

  • Multiple stances can lead to many mixup opportunities
  • Block punishment is amazing
  • Wall carry is above average
  • Damage is above average
  • She’s the Prime Minister of POLAND!


9. Paul Phoenix

No Pain, No Gain! - Paul Phoenix

Paul Guide (By PeterYMao)

Paul has always been about high damage ever since the first Tekken game. His Demoman string is quite scary to deal with. Pair this with his death fist and you have a good 50/50 in your hands. Some of Paul’s strings can be delayed, adding more to his mix-up game. Paul is a basic character that can get the job done. If you want a character with high damage, Paul is for you.

What Makes Paul Great?

  • Crazy 50/50s that can lead to dummy damage
  • Combos also do crazy Damage
  • Death Fist, That is all
  • Magnificent hairdo


8. Feng Wei


Feng Guide (By PeterYMao)

Feng arrived in Tekken 5 and is the character I personally main. Feng is known for his evasion. He annoys the opponent with his different stances, pokes, and overall hit and run playstyle. But like other characters on this list, he is pretty versatile. He has the pokes, he has a 50/50 with his back turned stance, a stance for defense and offense, can’t get any more versatile than that. If hit and run is your game, look no further than Feng!

What Makes Feng great?

  • His back turned stance gives him access to some strong 50/50s
  • Very versatile with his moveset,  he can be played multiple ways. He’s also really evasive.
  • His down back 3 will be the bane of your existence if you don’t block it
  • Yells, a lot


7. Julia Chang

A tree hugger in her natural habitat

Julia Guide (By Fergus2k8)

A veteran character from the previous games, Julia has it all, A throw game, strings with great mix-ups, fantastic wall carry, you name it. Her space control is also very good with great punishment to boot. Julia’s combos will require a bit of practice to pull off, but nothing too demanding. Julia is great for people who like balanced characters with an emphasis on space control.

What Makes Julia Great?

  • Built-in mix up with her strings
  • Has multiple ways to throw you 
  • Wall carry is STUPID
  • Eco-friendly
  • Tree Hugger


6. Bob

Pretty flexible for his size

Bob Guide (By That Blasted Salami)

When Bob joined the roster in Tekken 6, he was top tier. He was seen in top 8s everywhere. Tekken 7 Bob isn’t seen that much, but that doesn’t mean he isn't strong. As stated in the guide linked, Some people call Bob the 4th Mishima. He has a wavedash, a hell sweep, and a plethora of dangerous mids that can make his 50/50s quite scary. He’s also quite rare to come across in online matches, which makes the opponent cower in fear at the loading screen (speaking from personal experience). Like the other characters on this list, Bob is very versatile and you can play him any way you want. You want to play very aggressively, Bob can do it. Want to play cheesy, Bob can do it. Whatever you want, Bob can do it

What Makes Bob great?

  • Very versatile toolkit making him a solid choice
  • Very frustrating to fight against if you lack the match-up knowledge
  • His power crush is him knocking you back with his stomach
  • Very agile for his size
  • Speed and Weight


5. Alisa

Don't let that face fool you, She's Dangerous!

Alisa Guide (By That Blasted Salami)

Debuting in Tekken 6, Alisa is quite a strange character. She is what the community calls a “Lab Character.” This is due to her being full of weird gimmicks like chainsaw stance and being able to fly across the screen. Don’t let this deter you from picking her up. Alisa can teach you the basics of space control, how to poke, and having the opponent play your game. You can play Alisa with a “slow and methodical” playstyle or you can troll your opponent with her weird gimmicks.

What Makes Alisa great?

  • Strong Space control
  • Great pokes to slow down the pace of the game
  • Chainsaw stance can lead to some shenanigans if used properly
  • She’s a Robot


4. Fahkumram

They went crazy with the tattoos, he looks more like a bad guy than a good one

Fahkumram Guide (By Ceryneianfox)

Fahkumram replaces bruce as the muay Thai fighter in Tekken 7. Like Leroy, Fahkumram was pretty strong when he was released in early 2020. Since then, Fahkumram still retains some of the things that make him strong. While his damage has been toned down, Fahkumram’s strings and long-range have remained the same. His combos still do decent damage and are pretty simple to pull off. 

What Makes Fahkumram great?

  • Strings can mix you up in many different ways
  • Wall carry is pretty decent
  • Fighting for his family
  • Too many tattoos


3. Leroy Smith

POV: you're DEAD

Leroy Guide (By Dashfight & King Jae) 

Oh boy, Leroy. When this guy first came out in late 2019, he was busted. While he may not have his high damage, great punishment, and safe moves anymore. Whether you’re a beginner or a tournament player, you can’t go wrong with Leroy. Leroy has a stance with a built-in parry, making him hard to pin down. His offense is strong as well, with his pokes leading to mix-ups to keep the opponent guessing. He’s pretty versatile with his tool kit, allowing you to play him any way you want.

What Makes Leroy great?

  • Combos are pretty easy to learn
  • Has a multitude of parries
  • Great pokes
  • He can even parry Bullets
  • Best lines in the game


2. Noctis

Strange, they're fishing AWAY from the water.

Noctis Guide (By Keith James Chua)

One of the first of many guest characters, Noctis debuts in Tekken as a weapons-based character. With his weapons, Noctis can keep you out at a long-range and he can get in easily with his roll and projectile. Noctis’s move list is small, Making him a character great for beginners. 

What Makes Noctis great?

  • The only character in the game (besides Yoshimitsu) who uses swords.
  • Crazy range with his weapons make approaching him very annoying
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Might be from a game called Final Fantasy or something (IDK)


1. Asuka

Judging by her appearance, she likes to punch things (idk)

Asuka Guide (By Dashfight & Fergus2k8)

Debuting in Tekken 5, Asuka is a defensive powerhouse. Her whiff punishment is good with moves like Forward 2 and Back 3. Her damage is also nothing to sneeze at, with counter-hit combos dealing great damage, allowing her mount comebacks with no problem. Personally, this was the character I first picked when I decided to start playing Tekken more seriously. If you want a character with great space control, high damage, and annoying parries, Asuka might be the character for you!

What Makes Asuka great?

  • Annoying parries that make pressuring her a chore
  • Big damage when she starts a combo with a counter hit
  • Can keep you out pretty well
  • She can somehow bring her bike anywhere (Character intro)

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