[Top 10] Tekken 7 Best Easy Characters That Are Powerful

Tekken 7 Best Easy Characters That Are Powerful
What a weird family tradition.

All fighting games are a tad bit complex and it might seem that way especially if you are new to them.

Tekken 7 is no exception to this rule and boasts some of the hardest-to-play characters in fighting game history. Do not be afraid however, Tekken also has some beginner-friendly characters to help make your entry into the series just a bit smoother. It also must be mentioned that Tekken is a fairly balanced game and each character is viable at the right hands. With all that out of the way, here are 10 of the best easy characters in Tekken 7.


Miguel made his debut in Tekken 6 and ever since then he has been a bit of a weird character in terms of seeing play. He hits hard and doesn’t require any difficult executions. He has a variety of tools that are a bit lacking in some aspects but he makes up for them with his ferocity. He is an easy way into the game and also a great character to main later when you are more used to Tekken. Any beginner will be delighted to hear he also has a one-shot KO move, even though it is basically unusable in a real match and just there for the spectacle.

Sephiblack snatching a tournament win from the jaws of defeat:


It’s hard to exclude the radish devil from any Tekken list. Kazuya is in tune with the basic mechanics of the game such as mix-ups, movement, combos etc. He is also the easiest Mishima to pick up and use despite still requiring some amount of practice. He has stylish combos and an excellent wavedash mix-up to fall back into in case of an emergency. Furthermore, he looks amazing doing all of this (except maybe his creepy body-bending punch after hellsweep). He is relatively easy to learn and works as one of the best introductions to the game.

The Dark Prince with his Kazuya clearing the tournament of some of those “dirty” DLC characters:


When talking about easy Tekken characters, it is literally impossible not to talk about Paul Phoenix. This dumb hunk is possibly the easiest character to pick up in the game. He has deathfist, an amazing tool for punishing opponents and easy mix-ups and combos. He requires near-no execution and is still one of the most viable characters in the game. The slight problem with him is that he doesn’t teach the player Tekken while playing him, he just teaches how to play Paul Phoenix. Despite this, Paul is an extremely strong character to start your Tekken journey with.

Mythic Tekken player Knee takes the tournament win with Phoenix:


At number 7 we have the infamous Marshall Law. A character known for his spammy attitude, Law is still hated by even some of the pro players. This actually helps the fact that he is a great character for a beginner as he provides the player with many simple button inputs to use in times of panic. On top of this, he has great mix-ups with good lows and mids and does a stupid amount of damage even if you do not know any combos. It is easy to see why he is so despised among the Tekken community due to his easy-to-execute move list but that also helps cement him as one of the founding stones for new players. He shares the same problem with Paul Phoenix in that he is not great to learn the game in general with.

Double whooping the floor with his Law:


Bob is yet another infamous character in the Tekken series due to how strong he can be even in the hands of an infant. He requires no difficult execution and is surprisingly fast despite his great size. He even emphasizes on this with his “iconic” quote: “Speed and weight!”. His animations are a bit janky but even that helps with him being easy as the opponent will have a hard time recognizing what you are trying to do. He has decent damage and a few spammy mix-ups that can be used to close out a game. Overall, an easy-to-play and have-fun-with addition to our list.

Ulsan beating up one of the more hated characters in the series with Bob:


The radish-haired devil’s mother and the reason the entire Tekken series exist kicks off our last 5. Kazumi is introduced in Tekken 7 but has deep connections to the game’s lore, being the one responsible for mixing the devil gene into the Mishima bloodline. She has amazing range on some of her moves and requires only the slightest amount of execution to be efficient. She has moves akin to some Mishima ones but always adds her own twist and looks great while doing it. Her combos do scary amounts of damage and she can put the opponent in very scary situations by enabling her mix-ups. She also has a few great plus-frame moves to use for pressure. Excellent character, both for beginners and for pros.

Arslan Ash uses Kazumi to barely pull a win from Tekken master Knee in one of the most hype moments in fighting game history:


Also another character making his debut in Tekken 7, Claudio is one of the favorites among new players. He is good at pressuring with plus-frames and chaining mix-ups to force the opponent into making a mistake. Much like most of the characters in this list, Claudio doesn’t require difficult execution to be viable. He also shares a characteristic with Bob in that his animations are sometimes hard to identify. To add to this, he has a few amazing pokes that let him pull out wins without risking too much. All of this together makes him one of the strongest beginner characters in Tekken 7.

Binchang defeats Joey Fury in a fairly one-sided match:


Asuka is amazing for a new Tekken player. She has easy and powerful mix-ups, combos and fast pokes to go along with them. One of the most important reasons why she is such a great beginner character however is her parry. A fast, long-duration, versatile parry that requires no execution. It is such a good move to fall back on in times when the opponent is pressuring you and it can change the momentum of the match for good. This also provides the player with a sense of safety, one that can only be attained with such a great fail-safe. Couple this with the aforementioned moves that are easy to execute and Asuka is a top contender for best beginner-friendly character in Tekken 7.

Fergus utilizes Asuka to knock some sense back into her cousin with main character syndrome:


Coming in at number 2 is yet another character introduced in the latest addition to the series, Katarina Alves. Katarina’s game plan is fairly simple: Poke opponents down and pressure them with kicks while also taking advantage of the openings they provide her. This is made extremely viable due to her easy execution. She can actually dish out a decent amount of damage through combos, pressing only a single button. She would absolutely be the number 1 character on this list were it not for how bad she is at teaching Tekken in general. She is an amazing character to play, especially if you are a newcomer, but she doesn’t really help with learning the intricacies of the game. Again, another character that just teaches the player to play themselves and not the game. This doesn’t change the fact that Katarina Alves is very powerful and very accessible for new players.

Rangchu pokes a Russian man to death with Katarina Alves:


And topping off our list is, another character that is new to the series: Shaheen. It seems to be a trend to make newly introduced characters easy to use for new players and it shows with Shaheen. Shaheen has some of the best mix-ups in the game along with great launchers that lead into excellent combos. He has fairly decent movement and some of the best tools for pressuring an opponent. Every move he possesses can be used to terrifying efficiency with just a little bit of practicing. He requires no difficult execution and is also very evasive through some of his animations. Furthermore, he is very much in tune with the basic concepts of the game, making the player learn how to play him and Tekken 7 along the way. Overall, the best starting point for a beginner that also has a huge amount of potential once mastered. 

Gen uses Shaheen to win his match without even breaking a sweat:



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