Top 3 Path of Exile Best Starting Class for Beginners

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New league starting routine includes information overload, indecisiveness and excitement

Best starting classes in Path of Exile

Path of Exile has an incredible amount of depth, in which players can, quite literally, delve deep into. There are 7 different classes, with thousands of ways to build them.

This can be overwhelming to the new player, as there are a lot of layers to the game.

There are a few important things that every player, including and most importantly to beginners is finding class and build that is cheap, fun and easy to level; the build should have good guide and can get you all the way into the end game with relative ease.

Let’s look at some of the top build guides that help us get started in Wraeclast.

3. Shadow

Arc Trapper by Ryvenn

Playing a trapper build might feel a bit clunky and slow when you first start out, but trappers are able to deliver great amounts of damage and have some impressive safety mechanisms; you throw your traps at monsters and watch them die from a safe distance away. This is a great tool for beginners to use when starting out.

Another great build out there is a Glacial Cascade Miner by Windz. This build utilizes mines instead of traps, however the concept and playstyle remains the same.

Here’s a standard Uber Elder kill:

2. Duelist

Hank the Tank - Double Strike Champion by CaptainWarlord.

The Duelist is a great league starter for beginners, because it offers you a vast amount of defense through the high amount of armour, evasion, block and life pool the character has. The build deals a lot of physical damage using double strike. It is perfectly balanced in it’s defensive and offensive capabilities and the guide is extremely well written to help all new players.

A secondary, great guide is a Warchief Totem Champion by LiftingNerdBro, which is a very intricately and well written guide including a great video guide to boot.

Here are some of the accomplishments from these builds

1. Witch

Arc Witch by Enki91

This guide is perhaps the best guide out there for any player starting out in Path of Exile. It offers a comprehensive step by step guide to help players learn and progress through all parts of Wraeclast. The witch is a great starting class, as it allows players to engage the game with a spellcaster in efficient and consistent way. It is very cheap to start and easy to level, while still being able to carry you all the way into the end game.

Ghazzy has written another great guide for the witch with some video guides:

The witch is a powerful class with high damage potential and a variety of avenues to go down for defenses. This allows the class to really excel into the end game and take on all the content in the game:

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