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Reach the all-time goal of level 100 in Path of Exile

An old-time challenge for many Path of Exile players, reaching level 100 is often very elusive. 

Hello, Exiles.

For many, reaching level 100 in Path of Exile can be seen as an achievement to top all achievements. Primarily, one’s pride and joy is getting rewards for clearing the new set of challenges that come out every league, and at the very bottom of that list is one for completing end game grinds. This particular challenge rotates every league, but almost always has “reach level 100” as one of the requirements.

While reaching this level is not necessary for clearing end game content, and won’t particularly impact your ability to do so, for hardcore players in particular it is often sought after as a milestone of your capabilities. 

The reason level 100 is such a milestone is because it will take almost as much exp to go from level 99-100 as it did to get from level 1-99. In softcore, deaths will remove experience, and in hardcore, death means starting over. When combined with the pure amount of exp required to get there, these two mechanics make it extremely difficult.

Regardless of whether you want to reach level 100, or just want to grind out some end game content and need a couple more levels to viably get there, there are some strategies that help with leveling quickly.

It is important to note that the tiering here is not set in stone, and many of these techniques are comparably good. It is best to think of this list as one of suggested techniques, rather than a 10-1 tier-style list with 1 always being the best. Leveling in Path of Exile is extremely complex and experience gains often have caveats. POE utilizes an exp multiplier that is based on character level to zone ratios, so a level 74 character will get more exp in a level 78 zone than a level 82 character, for example. Some methods are thus better than others at one level, but worse at another, making it difficult to accurately tier leveling methods in the game.

Gear and clear speed also play a role, as exp comes specific to enemy mobs killed, meaning the faster you can clear the better off you are. Thus, certain builds will excel with some methods while maybe falling behind in others.  At times, it might be more beneficial to use a method that, technically, gives less exp, but due to the speed difference will actually give more.

Nevertheless, here are some strategies to help you along your way to end game content farming and perhaps that character level 100 goal. 

10. Untainted Paradise 

Untainted Paradise gameplay and discussion. 

Untainted Paradise is a unique map in Path of Exile that gives an absurd amount of experience to run due to a modification giving 300-400% more experience gained. In fact, this map is geared specifically and only to leveling, as monsters inside drop no items. While Untainted Paradise maps do give an absurd amount of experience per hour, it is impossible to consistently run them because of how rare the maps are. The only way to get a hold of them is through Zana missions or by getting lucky and finding a player offering to allow people on board in trade chat. 

The map typically is a relatively low tier, t8 or level 75. The low level means that you can run them quickly and safely and still gain amazing exp due to the modifiers. That being said, there are also legacy variants at other tiers (1, 5, and 9) for lower or slightly higher player levels.

9. Low Level Map Farming

Guide for map efficiency. 

Low level map farming is a technique that arose out of a difficulty sustaining maps. Map drops can be hard to come by at higher levels, and sustaining t10+ can be a bit difficult for a newer player. A way to still gain good experience while having difficulty acquiring high level maps, is to roll and run the highest level map that you are easily sustaining. This is also a good strategy for players who are having difficulty clearing higher tier maps quickly, as lowering the tier can increase exp gained simply due to a decrease in run time. For players running t16s comfortably but not sustaining well, I would recommend not dropping below t8-10 maps if possible. 

The ideal way to do this is to quad sextant the region of the Atlas that you are going to run maps from. This will add map modifications and increase the pack density in all maps of that region. You will want to pick an area with easy-to-run or linear map patterns so that the layout doesn’t impact your running speed. 

When looking for the best map mods,  Beyond is the best for exp, with Bloodlines falling slightly behind. Beyond will increase monster density, and Bloodlines will make more packs spawn at a higher level (magic instead of normal). Since exp gained is specific to each monster killed, the more the better and the more magic packs the better. 

Alternatively, you can just take a bunch of maps of the tier and region you are running and simply use Orbs of alchemy and run through them(just pick out/reroll the reflect mods if you can’t run them). Forcing delirium or breaches into your maps through the map device will also increase exp per map and per hour, as each of these encounters spawn mobs at relatively high densities. 

This method should be fairly cheap compared to some of the other options, and since the maps are lower level you should go through them easily and quickly. Additionally, low level map farming is great for players who are consistently dying (in softcore) or feel there is too much risk in higher tier maps. Running low tier maps  gives you a chance to farm levels and currency which can be used to improve damage and survivability through the skill tree or gear upgrades. Don’t forget to force your masters into maps too, as running their encounters can add experience in addition to loot. 

8. Level-Based Mapping/High Level Mapping

Guide on how to maximize Maps (loot and exp). 

Level-based mapping and high level mapping work very similarly to low level mapping, the only difference is you are going to run maps that are at the  appropriate level. The way to do this is to acquire, either through farming yourself or purchasing them from other players, a large number of maps that are closest to your level, or ideally a couple levels above

Generally, it’s great to be a couple of levels behind the zone you are in, but with maps capping out at t16, level 83, this gets hard to do late game. Once you get comfortable with t16 maps, you will want to always run them. Comfortable is defined as whether or not a player can quickly and effectively clear the maps. If you can complete t16 maps, but it takes you a considerable more time than t12 or t14 maps, then it might be time to consider whether running them is really more beneficial, and it might be best to go back to t12 until your character gets higher level or better gear. That being said, experience farming strategies in these maps is very similar, if not identical, to the lower tier version.

First and foremost, pick a map with a layout that is straightforward and easy. Next, quad sextant the region (one per stone) and use the highest level sextant available. After that, you will want to roll each map you have with Orbs of Alchemy to make them rare and keep an eye for mods you cannot run (reflect for instance); if your character will be slowed down or die, it is not worth the risk, reroll the map. Ideally you will have maps that are “juiced” up and have Bloodlines or Beyond. If you are in a spot to do so, it may be best to leave the majority of drops on the ground and only pick up highly valuable loot, that way you spend a little less time in maps and a lot less time between them. 

When it comes to forcing encounters in your maps, any and all are great, but breach and delirium give the best experience. In terms of masters to add to your map encounters, both Niko (Delving) and Jun (Syndicates) are good choices(to be discussed later). If you run out of their missions, Alva (Incursions) is a second best choice and any master will of course increase experience gained. 

7. Beachhead

Infused Beachhead exp breakdown. 

The Beachhead Harbinger Map is a long-time companion to Path of Exile end game content and is better known for its proficiency in loot drops. Beachhead maps are also phenomenal for exp farming, and can total out at around 15-20M+ exp per hour at level 99 (and even more the lower level you are) depending on your clearspeed, the tier of the map, and whether or not the map is infused. 

Harbingers spawn enemy mobs that you must kill prior to defeating them, so the mob density is typically very high, making these maps an ideal candidate for players who are exp and/or currency farming. This is even more true for Infused Beachhead maps, as Infused maps have 20 extra harbingers and are tier 16. The maps have a fairly linear layout, and drop at a variety of tiers (5, 10, 15, 16) making them ideal for players at any point in the game to farm them. 

Typically, Beachheads are farmed in rotations with other players, where one person hosts and purchases the maps (and gets all the loot, I might add) and others pay a fee to join in. Alternatively, players may come together and alternate whose Beachhead map is in use and pay their way that way.  Running rotations also makes Beachhead maps a viable option for many players despite their expense. Grouping also increases loot and exp per hour due to party bonuses (loot) and the likely increased clear speed, as well as gives some added survivability in the instance you get a player running auras or a support.

Plus, Beachheads give decent map returns, which can help feed into high tier map farming in the instance that you take a break from farming them. 

6. Delving

Delve exp farming. 

Forcing Niko into your maps, grabbing some sulphite, and venturing into the depths can offer a surprising amount of experience at higher levels. While this method will struggle until reaching a good depth level (150+), the payoff is well worth it later. The key to delving for exp is to monitor the paths for experience gained, resetting them after each one to find the best routes. You will want to find ones with good checkpoints that offer high density, and keep an eye out for Harbinger areas or Breaches. 

Up to the lower level 90s, this method can rake in 15M+ experience per good path run (of course depending on level and player clear), with each one taking anywhere between 1-5 minutes. This translates to somewhere around 200M exp per hour at earlier levels with it declining the closer you get to level 99. Delve monsters do eventually cap out at level 83and will have set experience per kill, so deeper will not necessarily mean better. However, as your level increases so will your clear speed, so this remains a viable option. 

This method also excels in safety and variability, in the sense that you will need to run maps in order to acrew Sulphite to Delve (forcing Niko, using Scarabs, etc.). You can thus combine high level mapping and Delving for the best of both worlds. Delving is also incredibly cheap to sustain, making it available to players of all income brackets, something that cannot be said for some other techniques on this list. 

5. Coward’s Trial

Coward's Trial gameplay and exp per hour. 

Coward’s Trial is a unique variation of the Cursed Crypt Map and is a major contender for exp farmers. Upon entering the map you will go into an arena. While in the arena, you will be assaulted by waves of enemy mobs. Once the wave is clear, you will move on by clicking on a staircase that will lead you to the next level where you rinse and repeat. The map can roll 0-7 additional waves as well, which allows for even more exp per map. 

One reason this map is popular for leveling is because of the stationary aspect of it. Where in most maps you have to run through and clear, enabling packs to be spread out or hidden, in this map, provided you kill enemies quickly, you will progress quickly; everything occurs within a relatively contained space. 

Coward’s Trial is a t13 (level 80) or a t16 (level 83) map, placing it in a nice spot for players 75-90. Though, due to the confined nature, ease, and speed of clear, it also gives good experience through level 100 (somewhere around the 30M mark at level 98+). The map also tends to be run on rotations to account for cost, and doing so can help or hinder speed depending on the capabilities of other players. It will be just as good to run the map solo. 

4. Poorjoy’s

Poorjoy's gameplay. 

Poorjoy’s Asylum is a unique version of the Temple Map and is typically run at higher levels despite being a relatively lower tier map. Poorjoy’s will drop at tier 3, with variants at t10, t12, and t14. While it is lower level than the highest Coward’s Trial and currently not as popular, the map has a 150% increased experience modifier on it that makes it definitely worth running. This modifier will easily net absurd amounts of experience. Be careful, however, as enemy monsters have a significant damage and life increase that can lead to a quick and untimely death if you are not paying attention or prepared.

A benefit to the lower level options is that your clear speed will go up, making it easier to farm than the higher tier options, such as Coward’s Trial. Coward’s Trial also has a slight delay to each wave, making it take up more time. The downside to Poorjoy’s Asylum, however, is that the map has a maze-like layout. It will be important to figure out a good method to traverse each of the rooms in order to reach maximum exp gain, and this can be a debilitating factor to exp per hour. However, after running a couple, if you can get into a rhythm that works, you will be sure to gain around 100M exp per hour at low-mid 90s and around 30-50M at level 99. 

3. Syndicate Safehouses

Syndicate Board Guide. 

Farming Immortal Syndicate Safehouses can give a lot of experience, as they give anywhere from 2-2.5x normal exp at each level (i.e. if they are level 83 they give 2.5x normal map exp). The Immortal Syndicate is an encounter that is based around the master Jun, so you will need to force her into your maps as much as possible in order to get enough encounters to gain safehouse info. The encounters themselves will also give a fair amount of exp due to the density of mobs that are spawned alongside the syndicate members. 

Once you uncover enough information about safehouses from your encounters, you will run them and gain knowledge for the Mastermind fight. You will not want to kill the Mastermind; you will run it, but do not kill her. This will reset the Safehouses, but not reset your Syndicate board. 

Maintaining your board, which shows who is where and who are enemies and who are allies, is vital to experience gained. You want to have as many members be allied (green thread) as possible to increase the number of members who will spawn in safehouses and encounters. This will give more exp through killing them and their henchmen, and allow you to get more knowledge towards safehouses to access them quicker. Setting up the proper board can take some time, so resetting it after the Mastermind would be detrimental to farming. 

Another side bonus to Safehouse farming is that you can put It That Fled on the Research team to upgrade Breachstones for farming that mechanic too (to be discussed). 

2. Heists/Grand Heists

Heist exp farming guide. 

Heist league’s introduction of Heists and Grand Heists has been a major player for exp farming this Path of Exile league. Dominating the scene for currency farming, they are also prominent for experience gain and have been compared very heavily to Breachstone farming . This method maintains exp gain into the millions at late stages of leveling, at level 95 and above, and easily keeps a significant pace through to level 100. Of course, Grand Heists will be the most profitable. 

Similar to maps, you will want to roll Heists with Orbs of Alchemy and keep an eye on what gives maximum pack density (Maximum Alive Reinforcements). Heists already have a high number of enemies involved, particularly during the escape portion, so increasing them can only benefit you. The more enemies, the more exp, and this is the most important part of farming any method. 

Rolling Heists like this, especially at high levels, can pose significant risks due to increased damage modifications on an already extremely strong mechanic, and it will be important that your character can withstand them. Dying sets you back in experience in softcore, or results in actual death in hardcore, which would negate the point in farming exp to begin with. You will want to keep in mind your own limits and only farm at a level that you can survive. 

The way exp farming in Heists works is you open every single door in the instance and open all of the large boxes. Doing this will increase the number of enemy mobs that spawn later. After the alert goes off, you will want to go back and clear each and every room, as they should have a significant number of enemies in them. The best heists to do this in are the Repository or the Tunnels, as they are the most linear in nature and will allow for the quickest speeds. 

1. Pure Breachstone 

Power leveling with Breachstones guide. 

Pure Breachstone farming is the best of the best in terms of farming exp at high levels. At lower levels, you can run standard Breachstones, or other variations, such as charged and enriched. Each of these will also give significant experience and whether or not to run them instead depends entirely on your level and the capability of your build. 

If your build clears fast, has good survivability, and can handle them, jump right into pures as soon as you can. While they are expensive to run (300c for the best ones), the expense can be mitigated by doing rotations, similar to others on this list; this can be done by purchasing and charging other players, or by paying a fee to join in on someone else's, or through the sharing of stones. 

The best Breachstones to run are Chayula’s, with the charged version being better than the pure version for most others (Uul-Netol is the only pure that is better than a charged Chayula’s). In order to do Breachstone runs, you will want a build with excellent AOE clear, or to party with players who can compensate for your lack thereof.  Pure Chayula’s stones will give around 90-100M exp per run at level 99 depending on the party and the speed, making them easily the best way to reach 100. 

The stones for other domains will fall flat comparatively, but will still give good experience and are more cost-efficient than Chayula’s. What you choose to run really depends on what you can afford and what you can handle. Regardless, typically, Breachstones will give the most exp gain per hour when compared to the majority of other methods. 

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