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Path of Exile has 7 character classes and thousands of ways to build them, but how do you decide which is the best one?

We open Path of Exile to start a new character and find that there are seven different classes, each one with their own strengths and weaknesses. A

fter deciding, we find an overwhelming amount of skill gems, a multitude of different gearing options and an almost sickening levelling tree. There are so many different build guides available, but how do you decide which one to use?

That is usually based on playstyle and what you want to accomplish with the character. However, here are some of the best guides for each class to help you get started.

The duelist specializes offensive and defensive techniques, a balanced swordsmith

7. Duelist

Budget Molten Tank by Alan Bleeding

This build is an extremely versatile and budget friendly build. It is a molten strike melee build that can utilize any of the three ascendancies available to the Duelist.

The Build can take on all content in the game on a budget, including Uber Elder. This build offers high damage and very impressive defense, with a high life pool and life leech.  There is also a lot of room for improvement once you have amassed some currency.

Brute strength and force is the way of the Marauder

6. Marauder

Molten Strike Juggernaut by hybridboy

This is another take on using the Molten strike skill, but this time it’s on the Marauders as a Juggernaut ascendant.

This build focuses on the defensive capabilities offered by the Juggernaut in the form of armour, resistances and gaining life through regenerating, leeching and ‘life gain on hit’. This Juggernaut can safely take on all the content in the game. The damage outputs from this build are impressive, due to the nature of the Molten strike skill.

The Wise old man uses his vitue and physical skill to dispatch his enemies

5. Templar

Elemental hit totems by Lunasicc187

This is a Hierophant totem build that uses the Elemental hit skill.

As with most totem builds, this one offers you great damage and clear speed with relative safety, as your totems will be doing all the damage and will be the central focus of everything. The playstyle offered by using totems is extremely beginner friendly and a very safe way to progress through the game.

The one who can do it all, the Scion is able to "adapt, improvise and overcome"

4. Scion

The Immortal Ascendant by Monhsaroh

This is a very capable build, that allows you to be a ‘Jack of all trades’, in being both a boss killing machine and an impressively fast mapper. It can accomplish these feats using Flicker strike to speedily clear through maps and Molten strike to deal larges amounts of single target damage to bosses.

This Scion ascends into the Juggernaut and Champion nodes, which provides it with the much-needed defensive capabilities. The flicker strike playstyle has a bit of a learning curve to it, but once mastered, it will feel very smooth.

Hit and run, precision and accuracy lead the Ranger to victory

3. Ranger

Caustic arrow raider by DankawSL

Rangers can be one of the most fun builds to play, because of the speed at which they move, while also dealing a lot of damage. This build is no different, however it also offers a high life pool and a lot of evasion, allowing for great survivability. It is very cheap to get going and is easy to play.

Capable of handling all content in the game and even provides you with the option of increase the quantity of items dropped, which can help you build up some money extremely fast.

Offense is often times the best defense for the Shadow

2. Shadow

Arc Miner by AnActualHorn

Using mines can have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get it, it becomes a very powerful tool to trigger your skills and dish out a vast amount of damage. This build uses the skill, Arc, to do this and Mind over Matter as your defensive mechanism.

This build can kill all the bosses in the game and has very fast clear speeds due to the nature of Arc. It is very cheap to get going and offers a very satisfying feeling of killing all the monster in sight in a matter of seconds.

Using devastation elemental magic and minions to do all the work for the Witch

1. Witch

Enki’s Arc Witch by Enki91

This is arguably the best build guide available, as it provides you with an in-depth guide to all things Path of Exile. The build itself is extremely respectable, as it is great for beginners and all players, being able to do all the content in the game, including an Uber Elder kill.

This build is a self cast arc build, which in the past, was not the best way to approach a spell casting build, however, with the buffs to self-casting in Synthesis league, this build becomes even more appealing!

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