Top 5 Path of Exile Best Classes with Crazy DPS

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The perpetual War for the Atlas

Path of exile has "many ways to skin a cat" in terms of approaching end game damage scaling, but some are better than others.

Path of Exile has an almost infinite scaling system, with so many ways to build your character to take on the game’s content. This can make the game overwhelming and leave you with the problem of which character to pick, how to build it to be capable of carrying you through to the end game. Let’s explore the 5 best classes that can reliably handle the end game content in the game

5. Templar

The templar's threee ascendancies are all powerful, however the Hierophant is perhaps the most reliable when achieving crazy DPS without high risk of death.

The templar is a strong and wise old man that can become a powerful spellcaster or a devastating melee character that stacks up on elemental damage. This makes him quite versatile, being able to use most weapons, except for bows and daggers. The templar has great ascendancies that further his versatility, however, perhaps the most reliable and powerful of these is the Hierophant. This makes the templar a very powerful Totem user. Totems are strong tools used to deal an immense amount of damage, while keeping the totem’s user at a safe distance.

Here is an extremely strong totem based templar:

The Oumandigon, by Superouman:

  • Ice Spear totems, with a focus on critical strikes
  • High damage output
  • Respectable clear speed
  • Very tanky, high damage mitigation with Mind of Matter

This build obliterated the end game Shaper in a matter of seconds!

4. Ranger

Rangers have a lot of damage potential, but the Pathfinder enables you to further boost this with the use of flask duration and buffs

The ranger focuses on evading attacks against her with her high amounts of dexterity. As such, the ranger is a natural Bow user, as well as other utility weapons such as claws, wands, daggers and swords. The ranger uses her evasion and speed to rampage through Wraeclast with precision and finesse. She has great proficiency with the use of flasks and dealing damage from a distance to handle the very challenging end game at a very fast pace. Here is a Ranger that does it all:

Storm Brand Pathfinder by grep504:

  • Uses storm brands to safely clear maps extremely fast
  • Very fast movement speed
  • High immunity to ailments as a defensive boost

This build took down the Uber Elder without dying!


Being immune to damage can be very useful, as it allows you to focus all your energy on dealing massive amounts of damage

The Marauder uses his brute strength to deal his damage and high durability to navigate his way through Wraeclast. He mainly brandishes himself with axes, swords, maces and staves. All his bulk hinders his attack and movement speed; however, he can certainly pack a punch that usually stuns his enemies. This makes him quite good at locking down and beating his opponents to death in relative safety. This Juggernaut can take down Uber elder, even in Hardcore mode:

Immune Hand of Wisdom and Action Juggernaut by grizzle40:

  • Uses Hand of wisdom and action claw to produce high damage
  • Very tanky
  • Has immunity to negative status effects
  • Has high mobility and map clear speed
  • Easily handles all content in the game, including Uber Elder

It managed to easily kill Chayula

2. Witch

Putting curses on monsters is a fantastic way to watch them die a painful and satisfying death

The witch is a highly intelligent being that wields powerful magic to devastating effect. She mainly uses wands, sceptres and daggers as her weapon of choice. The witch uses elemental forces of nature, such as fire and lightning and even summoning zombies and minions to do her bidding. These factors make her a bit more challenging to play, but very rewarding if you master her, as she can very easily decimate her way through the end game:

Tri-Curse Herald of Agony Occultist by Vatinas:

  • Summons a highly powerful Agony crawler minion as the main damage source
  • Great clear speed
  • Very tanky
  • Great Boss killer

Very smoothly and safely kills the Uber elder:

1. Shadow

he lurks in the shadows and critically delivers his fatal strikes with impeccable timing.

The Shadow is a highly agile and crafty killer. He utilizes his daggers, traps and mines to assassinate his enemies. This playstyle gives the shadow a high skill cap, as he doesn’t have much in the way of defensive capabilities. His damage potential is quite immense; he focuses his attacks on dealing powerful critical strikes to his foes or using ailments to deal a lot of damage over time to inflict a slow and agonizing death:

Blade vortex Trickster/Assassin by Hi:

  • Converts physical damage to elemental damage
  • Uses blade vortex to accomplish this
  • Very high damage output
  • Defends through avoiding/dodging damage

This guy assassinated the Uber elder in quick succession

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