[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Builds For Blight

Path of Exile Best Blight Builds
Blight encounters in Path of Exile are like spicy challenges – the right build turns the heat into sweet victory!

Blight is one of those mechanics in PoE that isn’t for everyone. In fact, a lot do not enjoy. And as such, there’s always money to be made in less popular places, as scarcity of resources, combined with high demand, makes prices go up and up and up. So for the lucky few who love Blight, there’s fertile ground to profit.

As such, a few different strategies came about, from different setups to specialized AFK builds. And here are the best Blight-related strategies!

5. Palstrom’s Explosive Arrow Ballista Ignite Elementalist

Obviously one of the best builds in the game, both for league starting and Uber Bossing farming, EA Ballista ignite has dominated the meta with the sheer ease to deal millions of damage while running around and dodging skillshots. And because it’s a totem skill , it’s amazing in blight, as you can drop them and run around while they deal the damage.

What Explosive Arrow Ballista Ignite Excels in:

  • Tankyness.
  • Can reach the DoT Cap (~37 million damage) easily.
  • Very cheap to get started with, and can do all content
  • Perfect for league start.

Pick Explosive Arrow Ballista if you Like:

  • A jack of all trade build
  • Clearing all content in the game without issues
  • Drop your damage and run around like a headless chicken!

EA Ballista Ignite details:

  • Because of how Elementalist works, any source of flat damage becomes fodder for your ignite damage. As such, you’ll want as much Flat damage, physical, chaos, elemental, doesn’t matter, as possible. In fact, you don’t want Flat Added Fire damage to attacks because that would brick Elemental Equilibrium and cost you millions of damage.
  • The name of the game for EA is attack speed, combined with Faster Ignite. You must reach 20 stacks on the enemy, explode, and then do it repeatedly. The more ballistas you have, the quicker you get there, increasing your overall damage per second.
  • Since the ballistas can cost a lot of mana, as EA has one of the highest base cost skills in the game, you can either use Lifetap or go with a Devouring Diadem. It also helps increase the amount of damage you deal, allowing you to fit in an extra aura and providing you with a lot of damage with a Focus button.

For more information, check here: https://youtu.be/x2U0lKR1HvQ

4. Goratha’s Boneshatter Juggernaut

One of the last bastions of “true melee”, Boneshatter is a fairly notorious skill for the previous abuse cases with duration, immortality, and Mantra of Flames stacking indefinitely. Though most of it got removed or tuned down, the skill remains a staple for STRONK melee satisfaction that is sorely lacking in PoE nowadays.

What Boneshatter Excels in:

  • Unbelievably tanky
  • Ridiculously high damage for a melee, chonky character
  • Respectable clearing, though click intense
  • True melee

Pick Boneshatter if you Like:

  • Going back to the true Melee Roots
  • Hit and stun enemies on the head multiple times, traumatizing them, and yourself
  • Self-damaging builds that deal more damage the more they hurt themselves.

Boneshatter details:

  • Boneshatter works because it gets increasingly more damage based on your Trauma Stacks. And with Divergent Boneshatter, you also gain 1% attack speed per Trauma. Which then gets scaled by Ashes of the Stars, doubling that effect. And when you can easily reach over 200 stacks of Trauma, this is a massive amount of damage.
  • It doesn’t come without a cost, though, and it’s why almost entirely, Boneshatter builds are relegated to being Juggernauts, with a few exceptions. For each Trauma stack you have, you take increasingly more damage, reaching over 300 Trauma damage per Trauma each time you gain a Trauma Stack.
  • As such, you need insane levels of Physical damage mitigation through armour, generic PDR, or even Transcendence. And that’s why Jugg is so great at dealing with that because it is by far the tankiest class in the game for Physical damage.

For more information, check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u86_1qW8AZQ&t=1s&ab_channel=Goratha

3. BalorMage’s Poison SRS Necromancer

While not necessarily a new build, it became popular thanks to Balormage. As such, people took the build and threw their own spin to things. And thus, was born Poison SRS.

It requires a few unique items to work, and some jiggery pokery with poison chance for minions, but it excels in Blight because your minions are super aggressive and will hunt down enemies while you stay behind near your pump!

What Poison SRS Excel in:

  • Insane single-target damage
  • Extremely Tanky
  • Fantastic clear
  • Doesn’t need much to start but excels with investment

Pick Poison SRS if you Like:

  • Tiny little minions that demolish brutes with a thousand little bites
  • Reach Dot Cap on a minion build with nearly no investment
  • A one-button build

Poison SRS details:

  • SRS has 100% of Physical damage converted to Fire, which is a wasted stat for us, since Poison only scales off of Physical and Chaos. So the way to get around that is by stacking as much Flat Added Chaos damage as possible. And the strongest poison Body Armour in the game does exactly that. With The Covenant, you get a whopping Level 29 Added Chaos gem. That’s basically 3x an Awakened Chaos damage gems as a free 7th link!
  • Most builds use United in Dream, which gives your minions a 60% chance to poison, so you’d only need 40% left to make it work. You get that through Ghastly Jewels combined with the unique Ghastly for even more DoT Multi for minions.
  • One of the cool things is that because you’re using Eldritch Battery, you can use a Divine Blessing + Vaal Haste to have insane movement speed, both for yourself and for your little skulls!

For more information, check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASf98VLyXTo&ab_channel=BalorMage

2. Zombies AFK Necromancer

This build can brute-force basically any content in the game, but it’s tailored specifically to do Blighted Maps with ease and AFK. It’s insanely expensive, but you can start with less.

What Zombies AFK Excels in:

  • Great damage
  • Fantastic survivability
  • Can completely AFK T16 Heavily juiced Blighted maps
  • Everything automated

Pick Zombies AFK if you Like:

  • Spending tons of and tons of divines
  • Do Blight without looking at your screen and reaping the rewards
  • Never even needing to use towers

Zombies AFK details:

  • As I said, this is insanely expensive. You basically need at least 700 divines to make it work. And that’s only counting Voices and Mageblood.
  • The build works by getting level 34 Raise Zombies gem, which grants you another zombie. You can get it through the new +3 Replica Dragonflight’s Fang Amulet, with +2 minion Helmet, +2 Minion Wand, Empower 5 with extra levels, as well as level 21 gems in corrupted Implicit body armour.
  • This all enables you to reach 11 Zombies, which is ludicrous to consider, since each Zombie is a defacto multiplier to whatever damage they’re dealing!
  • Your survivability mostly comes from enemies not being near you, thanks to your zombies, but also Mageblood giving you insane survivability with triple resistance flasks. It also means you can forgo any need for resistance in gear, and thus be free to get any suffixes you want, without a care in the world.

For more information, check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn0D6qjK9uA&ab_channel=TheGAM3Report1

1. Chains of Command AFK Guardian

This build is all about Chains of Command unique body armour, combined with enough tankyness and damage to create a self-activating perpetual loop of summoning minions, in order to AFK farm Blighted Maps.

What Chains of Command AFK Excels in:

  • Quite tanky.
  • Rather cheap to start.
  • Can League Start and then swap for different versions.
  • Perfect for AFK farming while you’re working on another monitor.

Pick Chains of Command AFK if you Like:

  • Money without having to click anything
  • Builds that play by itself
  • Interesting and cool mechanics that build upon each other

Chains of Command AFK details:

  • Chains of Command is a unique body armour that says that when your Animated Guardian kills any enemy, it will trigger the Animated Guardian’s Weapon, as if it was an Animated Weapon by itself.
  • And those Guardian’s Weapons can also trigger and summon more weapons. So Blighted Maps, which is an endless stream of monsters, all honing in for the center (where you should be, next to the pump), you have an infinite army, as long as the army can kill enemies.
  • And we make sure of that by getting as much damage from Ghastly Eye Jewels as possible. We are using Voidforge as the Guardian’s Weapon, and so you want as much Physical Damage, as well as any elemental, as possible, combined with a ton of attack speed, movement speed, accuracy and any survivability for ourselves as possible.

For more information, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_60BukreU0&ab_channel=Lucio

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