[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Juggernaut Builds That Wreck Hard!

Path of Exile Best Juggernaut Builds
The Moving Fortress. The Juggernaut goes where he pleases and none can stand in his path, one way or another.

[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Juggernaut Builds That Wreck Hard!

While he has fallen out of favor like his fellow Trickster, the Jugg still can be a viable choice if you want a lot of survivability and straightforwardness, with a few exceptions (hello accuracy stackers!).

Built to last and withstand any and everyone, the Juggernaut will demolish any who stands in his path, brute-forcing his way as a veritable man-of-arms.

And here are five builds that can do just that!

5 – Earthshatter Jugg

Earthshatter in the Harvest

When you mix Earthquake with Ground Slam, what do you get? Spires of molten rock popping up from the ground and exploding enemies in a feast of gore and stones, instantly clearing packs of monsters and cruising through the endgame!

What the Earthshatter Jugg Excels in:

  • Absurdly tanky
  • Fantastic AoE clearing
  • Great at Lab Farming
  • League Start, HC, SSF viable

Earthshatter Jugg full details:

  • As we scale damage through our weapons, you need to keep up with the Rustic Sash recipe during leveling, and get the strongest maces or staves bases you can, so your damage never falls off.
  • The way the build works is by using Intimidating Cry to exert your slams (and Fist of War) and slamming the ground with Earthshatter. Then, the Shockwave from your support will hit the enemies. And after that, the spikes you created will explode, combo-ing 3 hits in one attack, for massive single target damage.
  • Our tankyness comes in the form of Endurance Charges stacking, with tons of physical damage reduction, tons of armor (easily over 50k), a hefty life pool and with the new implicits, we can go up to 80% max res with nary an issue!

For a full breakdown, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2936314

4 – Ice Crash Jugg

Ice Crash with Fist of War

Juggs love slamming, and with Ice Crash, that isn’t any different. The difference, though, comes from the fact that we are elemental and when we crit, we freeze and shatter enemies, creating a lovely chain reaction of Herald of Ice explosions. With the changes to Ice Crash, now our AoE is much bigger and much stronger, as well as being fast attackers comparatively for a slam attacker.

What the Ice Crash Jugg Excels in:

  • Can reach over 5 million Sirus DPS with proper investment
  • Extremely simple to play. You smash, they die
  • Ridiculously Tanky
  • No Cluster Jewels, cheap to start
  • League Start Viable

Ice Crash Jugg full details:

  • As a slam build, we use a variety of War Cries, such as Seismic, for more AoE, Intimidating, to double our damage, and Enduring Cry, to help generate Endurance Charges as well to serve as a massive boost of life regen. And our defenses come from stacking lots of Endurance charges, a ton of armor, and using warcries constantly, which grants us 15% life regen each use!
  • As we are a crit build, you’ll need to be wary of accuracy as well as getting good weapons with high crit chance, which in our case will be high DPS axes (Siege is the best base for one-hand, and Fleshripper for 2-hander). We go with Loreweave, as that gives a lot of generically great stats, but most importantly, it locks our max res to 78%, so we can ignore minus-max map mods.
  • With the removal of Mark on hit rings, you’ll have to find the slots to socket in Assassin’s mark with Mark on Hit Support, which will most likely be linked to Lifetap, as the mana cost for that is pretty high, and we have a ton of life regen and defenses to mitigate that life cost.

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2922019

3 – Arian’s Hollow Groundslam Railgun

Massive number of Groundslams

Do you want to melt bosses with nothing but your fists? Delete them from existence in mere seconds? Well, that’s what this build does, and does it in style, in a veritable avalanche of slams!

What Arian’s Hollow Groundslam Railgun Excels in:

  • Surprisingly tanky, despite not being able to equip 3 slots
  • Insane amounts of damage
  • Got massively buffed in 3.17
  • Super cheap to start and can scale to over 15 million DPS with ease

Arian’s Hollow Groundslam Railgun full details:

  • As a Hollow Palm build, we scale our damage through stacking Dexterity in our gear. There’s some great uniques that can make it so you level up quickly and go into the endgame with nary an issue, like Astramentis. As a ‘cheaper’ boot choice of Gharukan, for easily over 300 flat Life, and getting a strong % attributes chest piece, you can get to easily over 1200 Dex.
  • Now in 3.17, GGG introduced the Precise Technique, which gives 40% more attack damage if your accuracy rating is higher than your life, and as we scale dex, our accuracy will easily be higher than our life at all times, and with just a few % Accuracy nodes on the passive tree guarantees it.
  • The gameplay can be button intensive, but you’ll get used to it after a bit, and you’ll do things through muscle memory and won’t even notice. Drop totems, Molten Shell, Dread Banner, Vaal Ground Slam, and then hit Ground Slam until everything dies.

For a full breakdown, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3128668

2 – Hybrid’s Molten Strike Jugg

Molten Strike against The Uber Elder

Once the best melee builds in PoE, Molten Strike got nerfed to the ground so many times, and yet people still manage to make it work, and not just that, but absolutely demolish and excel in every content possible!

What Hybrid’s Molten Strike Jugg Excels in:

  • Ridiculously Tanky
  • Can facetank most content through Life-gain on hit
  • Right-click bosses away without having to even dodge abilities (like Sirus Meteor!)
  • Respectable single-target damage

Hybrid’s Molten Strike Jugg full details:

  • Molten Strike is a skill that scales wonderfully with Point Blank and extra projectiles. As such, we use 2 Grelwood Shank, which gives +4 projectiles, as well as boosting our armor by 160% while stationary (which we always are when attacking), as well as taking advantage of Nature’s Patience, which adds 2 Grasping Vines each second we’re stationary, in return for 20% chance to deal double damage and 10% Less Damage Taken.
  • We circumvent the slow effect of the vines by using the Unstoppable Ascendancy node, making us have a guaranteed 100% movement (base value of every character). Combining the 10% Less Damage with lots of Max % Elemental Resistance, Armor, and several Endurance Charges, we’re a veritable fortress on top of our already substantial HP.
  • We also use Divine Flesh, to half the elemental damage we take and by making it become Chaos damage, which then is easily mitigated as we can increase our chaos resistance to 85 easily, with strong shield mods and certain passives through Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel.

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2211489

1 – Megachonk RF Jugg

MegaChonk Build Guide Poster

While the RF meta right now is Inquisitor, there’s still viability in their chonky cousin, the Juggernaut. If you enjoy being immortal and still killing enemies by attrition, this build is for you!

What the Megachonk RF Jugg Excels in:

  • Safe Bossing
  • Insanely Tanky
  • Can clear quite quickly with Maven Boots
  • League Starter, HC, SSF Viable

Megachonk RF Jugg full details:

  • RF works by dealing damage based on our ES and Life pool. So we scale as much HP as possible, to increase the base value, which in turn gets increased by our supports. Our aim is to use a Pseudo 6/7-Link helmet, with Concentrated AoE, Burning Damage, and 30% more elemental multiplier from Essence of Horror. Which is absurdly expensive to craft, but it’s BiS.
  • Our defenses come from Brass Dome, which grants us a whopping 5% max all res, scaling max res in the passive tree as well as using a Saffel’s for another +4%, to reach 88% max fire res and 87% cold and lightning resistance.
  • As a secondary and tertiary source of damage, if you’re okay with multiple skill usages, you can use Scorching Ray and the newly massively buffed Fire Trap, the skill with the highest base damage over time in the game right now, with 4k base dot damage.

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3209778


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