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Greetings Exiles! In Path of Exile’s current league, the players face new enemies as they walk through the Mirror of Delirium. The enemies of Delirium are incredibly relentless and can kill you quite unexpectedly. Luckily, there are some insanely strong area of effect builds in Path of Exile that you can take advantage of to make this league just a little bit smoother.

On top of killing some of the strongest bosses in the game, these builds are especially powerful towards end-game mapping and clearing waves of enemies with ease - such as the Delirium waves. Today we dive deep into the [Top 10] Path of Exile Best AoE Builds. So let’s get into it.

10. Multi-Conversion Divine Ire Trickster

For players who love huge beams of light, explosions, and one-shotting bosses, The Multi-Conversion Divine Ire Trickster is for you!

Your main damage output with this build is the use of Divine Ire. Divine Ire is a spell gem that requires channelling so you must be still to use it. In its default stage, its damage is Physical-based along with 50% of its base damage converted to lightning.


  • + Strong Map Clear using multiple on death explosions
  • + Potential to one-shot every boss in the the game


- Inconsistent Damage Spikes

- Standing still while channelling can kill you

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja.

9. Kinetic Blast Deadeye

Number nine is the Kinetic Blast Dual-Wand build with the Deadeye Ascendancy. With your wands, fire exploding projectiles and never give the enemies a chance to reach you.

Although this build can one shot most of your opponents, one wrong step on your end and you could get one shot. Be sure to capture a lot of evasion points in this build while focusing on resistances in your gear. You should also bet the Power Siphon gem combined with Kinect Blast as they work hand in hand quite well together for more damage output. Notice I said combined, not linked, as these are separate abilities that need their own gems supports.


  • + Very high DPS
  • + Can destroy bosses
  • + Pretty cheap build


  • - Jewel and cluster jewel intensive
  • - Tricky playstyle until you’re super strong

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja.

8. Icicle Mine Deadeye

For those of you experienced with Path of Exile already, you may be questioning as to why we’re building Deadeye rather than Saboteur while using mines. Well if you didn’t know already, the goal of Path of Exile is to reach the end game Deadeye is the way to go!

Whether you’re hardcore mapping or delving the mines to incredible depths, Deadeye Icicle Mines allows for much more power in the late game. This breaks the mining meta that early game Saboteur grants you. Meet, Icicle Mine.


  • + Strong Map clear with high-chain potential
  • + Fast ranged miner playstyle
  • + Huge burst damage possible


  • - Standing still to place mines is dangerous
  • - Evasion based playstyle can be difficult

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja.

7. Vortex Tank Occultist

Vortex Tank Occultist is a satisfyingly tanky area of effect build meant to face bosses and massive waves of enemies head-on. While your DPS isn’t the strongest, you’ll be tanky enough to wipe your enemies with ease. Your main ability? Vortex. Another great build for your solo journey.


+ Easy playstyle and debuffs allow safe bossing

+ Satisfying curse explosions

+ Multiple Layers of Defense

+ Lazy playstyle to watch Netflix while playing


- Need to get close to place vortex

- Lacks single target DPS

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja

6. Cast on Crit Cyclone-Ice Nova Assassin

Next we have Cast on Critical Strike Cyclone-Ice Nova Assassin. Yes it’s a mouthful. But not as much as the mouthful of pain your enemies will have. Slow, freeze, and wipe through your enemies before they can react! While your main source of damage here is Ice Nova, Cyclone will be used as our ‘trigger’ to proc our Cast on Critical Strike Support Gem.


+ Easy and relaxed Cyclone Playstyle

+ Shred enemies while moving

+ Huge Damage and chills on bosses


- Low Cyclone AoE

- Hard to get good gear early on (Cospri’s)

- Expensive

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja.

5. Chaos Damage over Time Occultist

This is one of those builds that remind me of Samara from The Ring films. You crawl out of wells with your wet black hair and drain the life force from your enemies while you watch their faces shrivel to nothing. Ok not exactly, but you get the point. Chaos Damage over Time or DoT Occultist, utilizes three major gems. Essence Drain, Contagion, and Bane. Certainly one of the best solo builds for the end-game.

*I personally don't care much for Essence Drain in this build so I usually go for Bane as my main source of damage.


+ BEST map clear from AoE Chaining

+ Kills stuff while moving

+ Essence Drain is strong Regen


- Not a braindead playstyle

- Hard to get good Gear early on (double 6-link)

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja.

4. Caustic Arrow Raider

Caustic Arrow Raider is another well known build in the Ranger class community. Shoot your arrows at an area spreading caustic ground making your enemies walk through it and taking massive amounts of chaos damage over time.

Caustic Arrow linked with Vicious Projectiles Support will surround your enemies in pools of chaos damage. Wither and Despair are also great abilities to take with Caustic Arrow. In this build, you have the potential to gather up a ton of evasion points on your passive tree and gear - close to 29,000 worth. You will have a great time taking down bosses and waves of enemies with ease if you’re quick on your feet.


+ Very strong and high DPS

+ Works great with totems

+ Easy build and cheap


- Squishy

- Find balance between damage and evasion on passive tree

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja.

3. Cyclone Impale Slayer

Farm the hardest bosses in the game with this Cyclone Impale Slayer build. Although it’s not the best for clearing waves of enemies, it’s a very easy playstyle with incredible amounts of damage. Huge hit with many Path of Exile players and strong solo build. Our main course of action is Cyclone.


+ Huge single target damage

+ Overleech still OP

+ Easy Smooth Cyclone Playstyle


- Melee = dangerous

- Low cyclone AoE

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja.

2. Storm Brand Inquisitor

With Storm Brand Inquisitor, your enemies won’t have a chance when you chain lightning strikes on their faces. This is another personal favorite build of mine and one I’ve reached the furthest with in terms of end game content. Meet your new shocking friend, Storm Brand.


+ Best all-around Build - does it all

+ Doesn’t care about Resistances on Enemies

+ Safest Playstyle of all Build (Brands stay on target for several seconds)


- Low Life Regen

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja.

1. Reave Blade Flurry Champion

Completely obliterate the map and bosses using Reave Blade Flurry. Chop your enemies into bits with this full screen AoE build and turn them into salsa. Welcome to the strongest melee attack in the game, Blade Flurry. This is by far, THE best solo build, in my opinion, in Path of Exile currently for path 3.10.


+ Reave clear the whole screen as “melee” ability

+ Blade Flurry strongest damage melee attack

+ Multiple layers of defense (leech, regen, armour, evasion, mobility, debuffs)


- Blade Flurry max damage difficult

- Gem swaps for optimal setups

Click here to see this build on POE.ninja

Delirium Won’t Stand a Chance

Now that you have an idea of what the best AoE builds are currently, the Mirrors of Delirium won’t stand a chance against you. Suck the life out of enemies with the Bane Occultist or freeze and slice them into pieces with the Cyclone Ice Nova Assassin. These builds are completely overpowered currently and will absolutely destroy all content that you face. Be sure to follow some of the build paths provided from POE.ninja as they are extremely helpful. Note that it’s always best to further study these builds on websites such as PoEbuilds!

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this article [Top 10] Path of Exile Best AoE Builds. Please let us know if you have any questions about these builds and we will do our best to help our fellow exiles.

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