[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Templar Builds That Wreck Hard!

Path of Exile Best Templar Builds
The righteous exile. The one that skirts the line between good and bad. The man without pants!

[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Templar Builds That Wreck Hard!

Templars. The bastions of morality and righteousness, and yet, the pants-less men who wreak havoc across Wraeclast.

Here are five of the best builds of the neck-man!

5 – Critical Whispering Ice Icestorm Inquisitor

Icestorm against Queen Atziri

This build gives a different spin (cyclone pun very much intended) to the usual Cast When Channeling WI Icestorm builds of old, mainly through Occultist or Scion. It ignores all enemy resistance to deal massive amounts of damage!

What the Crit WI Icestorm Inquisitor Excels in:

  • Huge EHP, with over 10k ES;
  • Good clearing and smooth mapping;
  • Respectable single target damage, reaching over 2 million damage;
  • Can start with a small investment and grow up from there.

Crit WI Icestorm Inquisitor full details:

  • The build makes use of a few synergistic concepts. By stacking % attributes on gear and passive tree, we scale Intelligence to over 2K, and using Inquisitor’s node, we use our Strength to scale our critical strike chance to cap with nearly no effort at all, simply by using a few different Split Personality unique jewels.
  • Icestorm scales by gaining flat cold damage per point of intelligence, and we get EHP as a consequence of that, reaching over 10k ES. Our main defense is our massive leech, as well as killing things before they kill us.
  • You will want to get as much ES on gear as possible, as well as % int or % attribute on gear, combined with flat Int and resists, of course. Since we are CI, there’s no need to worry about chaos damage.

For more information, click here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3198635

4 – Enki’s Archmage Hierophant

Ball Lightning

Enki is a very well-known figure in the community, for updating and always helping new players in PoE with his old Arc Witch build, which got sadly too nerfed to be viable. He then migrated to Hierophant when Archmage Support gem was introduced, and it’s still to this day a very well-rounded build!

What Enki’s Archmage Hierophant Excels In:

  • Great for SSF and League Start;
  • Tanky;
  • Respectable Single Target damage;
  • Fantastic Clear speed when invested properly.

Enki’s Archmage Hierophant full details:

  • Archmage, by its nature, requires you to invest heavily into mana, granting massive amounts of flat lightning damage based on spent mana for the cast;
  • By increasing maximum mana, you scale defense due to Mind over Matter keystone as well as Hierophant’s and Cloak of Defiance’s nodes that make you take damage from mana before life, at a total rate of 60%. With Arcane Cloak on, which creates a shield based on the mana spent for it, you ‘double dip’ on defense, making for a very tanky playstyle;
  • To achieve maximum clear speed, you will need Asenath’s Gentle Touch, which can be a tad expensive, but you can still clear fairly well without it.

For more Information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3147914

3 – Forbidden Rite Totems Hierophant

Forbidden Rite Totems against Sirus

This FotM build that took 3.15 by the horns, and was very much nerfed in 3.16, is still a fantastic build for boss killing and fairly reliable as a mapper. It can achieve easily over 5 million DPS, but can scale to absurd levels with proper gear.

What the Forbidden Rite Totems Excels in:

  • Massive Single Target damage;
  • Cheap to start, since people ‘forgot’ it exists since the nerf;
  • Can clear all content comfortably;
  • Simple playstyle where totems do everything for you.

Forbidden Rite Totems full details:

  • Forbidden Rite is a skill that damages you to deal more damage based on your maximum life. And when used by a totem, the totem takes the damage, but we can scale the totem’s life to much higher levels than our own life pool.
  • With Soul Mantle, each time we summon a totem, we are cursed, and so, we use Viridil’s Veil to be unaffected by curses, but still able to be cursed, since we want the extra damage from Self-Flagellation Unique jewel.
  • While Defense isn’t perfect, you can scale block chance as well as Agnostic for more tankiness, if you want to push for harder content, but with the damage you deal, you can still destroy everything in your path.

For more information, click here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3205947

2 – LL Manabond Mjolner Hierophant

Manabond's massive AoE

Yet another Hierophant, but that just goes to show the power of that ascendancy, when you scale mana to the utmost levels!

What the LL Manabond Mjolner Hierophant Excels in:

  • Ridiculously Tanky;
  • Over 10 Million DPS;
  • Stress-Free playstyle;
  • Can do all content in the game.

LL Manabond Mjolner Hierophant full details:

  • Manabond is a skill that deals more damage based on how low on mana you are, and by combining that with Mjolner and Indigon, you can scale that damage through the roof!
  • This build uses so many synergies that revolve around mana and lightning ailments, both shock and sap effect, to debuff the enemy into dealing a lot of reduced damage as well as increasing damage taken to the maximum;
  • With Ivory Tower and scaling a lot of mana, you can get massive amounts of ES, combined with amazing clear and heavy single-target damage, this build can clear even Wave 30 Simulacrum with ease!

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3179264

1 – Vatinas’ Spiders + Herald of Purity CI Guardian

Arakali's Fang Spiders

Huge amounts of armor, enormous ES pool, Block and Spell Block capped, with good clear and great single target. Is there more you could want from a build?

What Vatinas’ Spider HoP Guardian Excels in:

  • Uber tanky;
  • Great and reliable clear, can do all map mods and all content;
  • Immortal Minions, so comfortable playstyle;
  • Cheap to min-max.

Vatinas’ Spider HoP Guardian full details:

  • We make use of Aegis Aurora mechanic of ES on Block, combined with stacking tons of armor both on the passive tree and on gear, to increase that recovery to over 1,100 ES per hit blocked, making us essentially immortal to anything except one-shots;
  • We reach over 65K armor, with an ‘on cooldown’ Molten Shell of cap 10k damage absorption, as well as massive ES regen every five seconds due to Guardian’s passive regeneration of ES;
  • We deal damage by hitting enemies with Cyclone and then summoning Arakaali’s Fang Spiders to do our clearing, while our Herald of Purity minions does the brunt of the damage for single-target, and they hit hard!

For the full guide, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2554248

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