[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Elementalist Builds That Wreck Hard!

Path of Exile Best Elementalist Builds
Feed a storm with savage intent and not even the strongest walls will hold it back.

[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Elementalist Builds That Wreck Hard!

"Feed a storm with savage intent and not even the strongest walls will hold it back."

The Elementalist, as the name suggests, is the epitome of elemental control and specializes in wreaking havoc with all three: cold, fire, and lightning. She also makes use of elemental golems in unique ways to demolish and cull the hordes of enemies in her path!

5 – Carrion Golemancer

Carrion Golem

This build revolves around the use of Golems to carry out your commands and destroy anyone and anything in your path. In combination with a few other minions, this Golemancer is a deadly and extremely tanky build.

What the Carrion Golem Elementalist Excels in:

  • Supremely tanky;
  • Very easy to League Start with;
  • Easy to scale later on during endgame;
  • Respectable single target and good clear speed.

Carrion Golemancer full details:

  • You command 4 Carrion Golems, and each can do over a million damage, which can be scaled up if you so wish, at the cost of defense. It also uses Spectres and Animate Guardian as other minions, both to provide extra layers of defense and utility;
  • Extremely beefy, with over 800 life regeneration, 90% physical reduction, Divine Flesh, Fortify and invulnerability from critical strikes from the AG, constant use of Immortal Call, and a whole elemental shield in the form of Primal Aegis, all that on top of over 5000 life;
  • You need several Unique pieces of gear, so it isn’t an SSF friendly build, but most of those are very cheap to obtain in “trade league”. The most expensive are the Primordial Jewels and Anima Stone, as well as Xibaqua’s Glorious Vanity, for the Divine Flesh.

For more details on the Carrion Golemancer, click here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3169921

4 – The Frozen Garden – Permafreeze Arc Mines

Shatter Chains from Frozen Mobs

One of the best defenses in PoE is freezing enemies and then shattering them before they can hit you, and this build does that within the blink of an eye! Everything and anything is entirely frozen upon entering the ‘kill zone’, in the most satisfying way of killing monsters in the game: by shattering them.

What the Frozen Garden Excels In:

  • SSF and League Start viable;
  • Safe and tanky;
  • Tons of damage;
  • Enjoyable freezes.

The Frozen Garden full details:

  • This build boasts over 7k effective health pool (EHP), is elemental ailment immune, has another 2,5k elemental shield (Primal Aegis), permanent chill and shock, good life regeneration, and a lot of damage to accompany that defensiveness;
  • You need the Unique Helmet Three Dragons in order to freeze with lightning damage, as well as Algor Mortis to boost the damage of your Arc and Sap your enemies. If you’re lucky, you can get an Expedition’s End to swap out the Three Dragons;
  • The use of Mines can be tricky at first, but after some time, and by linking the Detonation to Left-Click, your mapping experience improves exponentially.

For more details on the Frozen Garden, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3071009

3 – Sporeguard Incinerate

Incinerate's Final Phase

This build makes use of a few synergies related to channeling skills that magnify both offense and defense at the same time while standing still. You root yourself in place and dish out heaps of fire burst damage through Incinerate’s waves, as well as the satisfying pops from Sporeguard.

What the Sporeguard Incinerate Excels In:

  • Great League Starter and fairly cheap to start;
  • Simple and linear gear progression;
  • Very tanky, high EHP, block, leech, PDR, Elemental Aegis;
  • Respectable damage;
  • Can do most content in the game.

The Sporeguard Incinerate full details:

  • The Natural Affinity Unique Cluster Jewel, which gives the Nature’s Patience Keystone, provides you with upwards of 20% chance to deal double damage as well as 10% less damage taken, if you stand still for more than 5 seconds, at the cost of, well, being still in a game that loves one-shot mechanics on stationary targets.
  • The Stampede boots make the grasping vines become completely ineffectual, as well as providing, together with Sporeguard’s Unique body armor, a total of 3 Anoints.
  • To make things better, when you use Sporeguard alongside a channeling skill, you automatically create the parameters requested for Sporeguard (and Nature’s Patience) to work in a wholly synergistic way.

For more information on the Sporeguard Incinerate, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3174762

2 – Discharge Fire Burst Ignite

Celestial Discharge MTX

This build is one of the most satisfying ignite clearers in the game due to how the way it applies the massive burst of damage, in a corona of fire that is Discharge. An extreme synergy of game mechanics, relaxed playstyle, and a strong League Starter makes for a great Elementalist build.

What the Discharge Fire Burst Excels in:

  • Cheap to start with, making it a great League Starter;
  • Fast clearing;
  • Solid single-target damage;
  • Able to do all content in the game.

Discharge Fire Burst Ignite full details:

  • There are several key unique pieces you need for this build to function, but they’re mostly cheap. It does mean it isn’t SSF friendly, but if you manage to drop them there, then go for it.
  • You need a 6L staff, preferably a Potentiality Rod, for extra Power and Endurance Charges (to boost Discharge), and then Essence craft it with Essence of Hysteria until you land with something useful.
  • Voll’s Devotion is mandatory for most Discharge builds, with its easy Endurance Charges generation, as well as Farrul’s Fur (The Replica variant is better) and Abberanth’s Hooves, for the fantastic ignite proliferation.

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3090490

1 – Burning Arrow Elementalist

Burning Arrow Fanart

Despite all the nerfs BA has received in the past, it continues to be a great, linear starter build, with fantastic clearing and respectable single target, further on with the introduction of Flame Surge to boost the single-target of any ignite build.

What the BA Elementalist Excels In:

  • Fast clear speed;
  • Good single target;
  • Offscreen kills;
  • Great synergy with Flame Wall and Flame Surge.

Burning Arrow Elementalist full details:

  • This build works by proliferating BA’s ignite damage with Berek’s Respite unique ring, to clear several screens at once, combined with several Faster Ignite mods on gear and passive tree, to near-instant destruction.
  • Primordial chain and jewels to stack Golems in a true Golemancer way, boosting attack speed, accuracy, critical chance, % increased damage, life regeneration, physical damage reduction, among other benefits that only a Golemancer gets.
  • Free 7-link with Xoth’s Nurture bow, for great survivability, with the life gained on ignite mod, as well as substantial base fire damage.

For more information, check: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3103303


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