[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Deadeye Builds That Wreck Hard!

Path of Exile Best Deadeye Builds
Death from afar, sky high, anywhere, everywhere. The Deadeye dominates the battlefield with her rain of arrows!

[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Deadeye Builds That Wreck Hard!

Deadeyes are the counterparts to Berserkers, in the way that they excel at dealing as much damage possible while being fragile and easy to kill, but in their case, the Deadeye are experts at long-range combat and their mastery of projectiles is unparalleled in PoE.

Here are some of the builds that take this archetypal glass canon to the maximum.

5 – Six Portal Enjoyer Ice Spear Totem

Uber Elder Fight with Ice Spear Totems

Surprisingly, my first choice doesn’t use bows, but spells and totems to demolish screens of enemies in an instant and burst bosses into oblivion in a split second. Making use of some niche items and synergistic mechanics, we can become immune to curses while getting stronger the more we are cursed, which also increases our number of maximum totems placed.

What the Portal Enjoyer Ice Spear Totem Excels In:

  • Good League Starter.
  • Scales extremely well with proper investment.
  • Freezes entire screens.
  • Can reach over 10 million DPS easily.

Six Portal Enjoyer Ice Spear Totem full details:

  • This build is squishy. You will die multiple times. But that’s okay because when you go down, you’ll take your enemies down with you. Making use of ‘free’ extra projectiles for Totems, Deadeye’s Chain, and extra projectile, as well as an extremely powerful Sniper’s Mark, that splits Projectiles up to 8 or 9 projectiles (based on curse effectiveness), you will drown your screen in Ice Spears, and bosses with it!
  • We make use of Viridi’s Veil to become Unaffected by Curses, but still able to be inflicted by them, making so the Self-Flagellation unique jewel gives a massive boost of damage per curse inflicted upon us, which gets then magnified by Soul Mantle cursing us with a random curse each time a totem dies.
  • Coward’s Legacy is the last big upgrade you want before you start pushing this build to sky-high and mirror-level items. It makes us automatically cursed with Vulnerability at the upside of making us be considered as Low-Life, without actually being low on life, which enables Pain Attunement, for a whopping 30% more spell damage!

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3205989

4 – Kinetic Blast Magic Find

Kinetic Blast with Celestial MTX

MFing isn’t for everyone. To some, it removes the fun in the game. But to others, earning currency like that is heaven, and this build, having played it myself, I can guarantee that it feels wonderful to click a button and the screen blow up instantly while seeing the rain of currency and the sound of my loot-filter popping off.

What the KB MF Excels In:

  • Instant Clearing of Packs.
  • Time is money, and this baby goes FAST.
  • Over 200 Increased Rarity and most importantly, 80% Increased Quantity of Items Dropped.
  • Perfect for Headhunter/Inspired Learning Jewels.

Kinetic Blast Magic Find full details:

  • MFing has always been a thing in most ARPGs and in PoE that’s no different. By stacking large amounts of Increased Quantity of Items Found on gear, usually a Unique affix, we can achieve over 80% (some go even as high as 100%) IIQ. But what makes IIQ so significant in 3.16 is that Scourge scales Quantity multiplicatively, instead of additively, magnifying our IIQ to the stratosphere.
  • The build really won’t feel good until you have at least one Inspired Learning, forcing you to stick to White Maps instead. With 2 ILs, you can do T10 maps (preferably Tower, as it drops the Nurse card). And with that, you can farm up to your Headhunter, which then will guarantee that you’ll become a god.
  • We use KB because of the inherent explosion it has after hitting an enemy and combined with the extra projectiles from Deadeye and Dying Sun, as well as the Chaining off the walls, this build will instantly clear 2 to 3 screens away with a single attack!

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3216828

3 – Cast on Critical Ice Spear/Freezing Pulse

Ice Spear against Sirus with Sniper's Mark

While Cyclone usually is the main CoC attack used, bow CoCs are still a thing and they can, instead, deal a massive amount of damage from afar, and this build makes use of both aspects with the spell choice, able to hit monsters screens away and send a payload of spells at them!

What the CoC Ice Spear/FP Excels In:

  • Safe clearing from afar.
  • Instant freezing and shattering of monsters.
  • Respectable Single Target damage.
  • Extremely quick.

CoC Ice Spear/Freezing Pulse full details:

  • As with every Cast on Crit build since 3.15, we need to deal with the mana issue of our spells, especially as they cast so frequently. To do that, we get a few specific items that help deal with mana issues, such as a Replica’s Conqueror Efficiency, Non-Channeling Skills have -# Mana cost jewelry, Mana gained on hit, Divergent Inspiration, and if that is still not enough, a Clarity Mod Watcher’s Eye to reduce the cost further.
  • You will need to cap on Crit Chance, as high as possible, as well as having 100% chance to hit, so you’ll need a lot of accuracy on gear and the passive tree. You can use an Inspired Learning to have some surprising and fun buffs while mapping, but that’s definitely not required for the build to function.
  • The hardest, and probably the costliest, part of the build is crafting your own bow. You’ll need to buy any (the faster the better, but you have to keep in mind the CoC cooldown breakpoints) Shaper Influenced Bow with item level of over 75 (preferably already 6-Linked, and then spam Deafening Essence of Woe, for a lot of Increased Spell Damage, until you hit “Socketed Gems are supported by Cast on Critical Strike” (Any level works). The best outcome is getting +1 to Level of Socketed Gems and Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier and Double Damage with Attack Speed.

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3171833

2 – Elemental Hit Wander

Elemental Hit against Baran with Sniper's Mark

Unlike the usual Ele Hit builds, where you scale Gem level in a bow, while also converting all damage to fire through Avatar of Fire and Combat Focus jewels, this one uses the rotating aspect of Elemental Hit combined with Secrets of Suffering to boost our damage based on each different elemental ailment inflicted on the enemy.

What the Elemental Hit Wander Excels in:

  • Safe playstyle by attacking from afar.
  • Great Single Target.
  • Good clear, but can be improved if you want to use GMP instead of Barrage.
  • Surprisingly tanky when built accordingly.
  • Elemental Ailment immune with proper gear.

Elemental Hit Wander full details:

  • The Secrets of Suffering Keystone comes from the Unique Small Cluster called The Interrogation, which makes it so all your damage stops applying regular elemental ailments (freeze, chill, shock and ignite) and instead apply the alternative ones, Scorch, Brittle, and Sap. With Ele Hit’s mod of dealing 10% more damage per elemental ailment on the enemy, we combine the three, with Skitterbots, so they can Shock and Chill, together with a Flame Golem linked with Combustion, so then the golem Ignites the bosses. This brings the damage to a whopping 60% More Multiplier, just with one link.
  • This build also makes use of the reworked Crow of Eyes Unique helmet, to convert all sources of Increased Spell damage into Attack Damage at 150% of the value, and since we’re a wander, we have easy access to high levels of Spell damage, both in our wand and in Intelligence-based shield. Just the two equipment alone can net us over 200% Increased Spell Damage, which then becomes over 300% Attack Damage, a massive boost to our damage since we need a good mix of Increased and More damage. To further amplify that, we use a Mark of the Shaper that gives up to 96% increased spell damage (when properly Catalyzed and paired with an Elder Ring).
  • We can achieve our defenses by having a hefty amount of Evasion, Spell Suppression, Blind, Life Gained on Hit, and most important of all: killing enemies before they kill us. The gearing is expensive, and it isn’t easy to league start with it, but this build can be scaled up to the heavens, as long as you make proper investments!

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3207105

1 – Physical Conversion Bowyer – Barrage + Ice Shot/Lightning Arrow/Tornado Shot

Voidshots against Sirus

I couldn’t make a Deadeye top list and not include at least one pure Bow build, and what a build this one is! Combining many synergistic items, we can achieve absurdly high single-target damage without losing our clearing speed at all!

What the Phys Conversion Bowyer Excels In:

  • Fantastic Boss Killer.
  • Buttery Smooth and quick map clear.
  • Can easily swap between different clearing skills based on your preference.
  • Shatter the whole screen and even a few screens away.

Physical Conversion Bowyer full details:

  • We have a few ways to convert physical damage into elemental. We can use the Hrimsorrow glove (buy several and corrupt for +1 Frenzy or Elemental Weakness on hit, Attack speed, and Attack Crit Chance are also great options), or with a rare glove, with crafted (or Aisling Slam) Phys Converted to Cold, combined with a Hatred Mod Watcher’s Eye to convert the rest to cold. And obviously, you’ll always choose the 40% Phys to Cold Mastery in the Passive Tree.
  • The best starter bow is Chin Sol, especially if you adhere to the Point Blank style of play, where you’ll stay as close as possible to the boss and instantly burst them. You could use Far Shot (at the cost of losing Focal Point, which massively increases the effect of Sniper’s Mark) for a better experience overall, as well as hitting from afar with Barrage without any loss in damage.
  • Our biggest source of damage, though, comes from stacking multiple Projectiles and Voidfletcher’s Voidshot. When you’re close to the boss, and your basic attack sends 5-9 Projectiles, that gets translated into that many more Voidshots, all overlapping and exploding right on the Bosses’ face!

For a full breakdown, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2972080

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