[Top 10] Path of Exile Most Fun Builds That Are OP

Path of Exile Best Fun Builds
What's better than killing hordes of enemies with a single swipe or a press of a button?

[Top 10] Path of Exile Most Fun Builds That Are OP

While fun is a subjective term and feeling, I have here a list of a few of my favourite builds that I enjoyed playing throughout my PoE ‘career’ and these are my top 10!

10 – Scourge Arrow Poison Proliferation Pathfinder

Scourge Arrow against Eater of Worlds

While it wasn’t the focus of old 3.17’s balance changes, Poison, Bleed, and pure Chaos Bow builds also got a substantial buff from the increases to base Physical Damage as well as new stats on Quivers. And this build makes great use of that with Pathfinder’s Prolif to maximize its damage!

With the introduction of new Eldritch Influence Modifiers as well as the revamp of bows and quivers, and a new unique jewel called Melding of the Flesh, we can now achieve 90% all Res with 75% Chaos Res, and convert 100% of physical damage taken to Elemental or Chaos.

Combined with that, we also are fully spell suppressed and can move around at over 170% Movement speed. But not only that, as a Pathfinder, we can make use of the most defensive node in the game, Master Surgeon, which not only essentially makes us immune to bleeding and corrupted blood, but heals us for 5% of our life per flask use. With the insane amount of charges gained when hit and with the Trigger, we can essentially become immortal to anything except one-shot, and even then, it has to be a massively strong hit (Stronger than Shaper and Elder Slam) to kill us.

As for Damage, we can stack over 40 poisons in instants with our Ballista Totems, and we can dodge anything since we’re always moving at the speed of light!

What the Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Excels in:

  • Insanely Tanky (I don’t think I’ve seen a tankier build that wasn’t Aegis Block).
  • Respectable single Target when properly geared.
  • Great clearing through Poison Prolif.
  • Can start on a relatively low budget (needs Darkscorn).
  • Can do all content.

Pick Scourge Arrow If you Like:

  • Screen Wide Clearing.
  • Being super tanky but also ranged.
  • Zoom around in over 200 MS!

Full Build details: https://poe.ninja/sentinel/builds/char/LiAtLarge/laliluleilo?time-machin...

9 – Poison Blade Vortex Assassin

Blade Vortex

One of my personal favorite builds of all time, Poison BV is back in the game after a sleuth of buffs to self-casting, which in turn amps up Poison Damage, and with Ashes of the Star (if you're rich, that is), we can get insane levels of AoE, blade generation or extra damage with fewer blades through Alt-quality gems, up to 150% increased damage with 5 or fewer blades (perfect for mapping without care).

As BV is a physical spell with high base damage (which got a 45% more damage buff in 3.17), it is extremely easy to scale poison damage, and when combined with Assassin’s kit for poisoning, you can deal massive amounts of damage and delete content while moving, without stopping to cast or attack.

To have the best clearing possible, you’ll want an Asenath’s Gentle Touch, which makes it so mobs explode when they die, and that gets proliferated due to the explosions themselves also poisoning the enemies it hits, in a chain reaction of delightfully satisfying pops.

For massive damage output, you’ll want to use two Cold-Iron Point Daggers, which scales our BV’s level by 6, and use a 21 Vaal BV, with a +2 chest-piece, +1 from the Ashes of the Star, which also gives us 20% Reservation Efficiency, and the wondrous 30% all gems quality, to achieve a whopping level 30 Blade Vortex, which nearly triples the base damage for a level 20 Gem.

What the Poison BV Excels in:

  • Superb clearing, especially after getting Asenath’s Gentle Touch.
  • League Start Viable and scales really well with investment.
  • Can do most content with practice.
  • Extremely simple playstyle.

Pick Poison Blade Vortex If you Like:

  • Clearing as fast as you can Run, and with high Elusive, that means insanely quick!
  • Perfect skill to use HH with and blast through maps while being extremely tanky and dealing tons of damage!
  • Cheap build to start with that can scale extremely well into the late game with investment, where each piece is impactful and rewarding.

Full Build details: https://poe.ninja/sentinel/builds/char/Bolto/Forbid_PinkieFlesh?time-mac...

8 – Badger’s Ice Trapper

Ice Trap Flower MTX

While most trap builds tend to look the same, Badger’s take for a league starter worked great for me and carried me through the endgame, having killed Maven, all the new Pinnacle Bosses, and still able to clear rather well, with a lot of tankyness, despite low levels of life that I had. If you want to constantly freeze bosses and tough Archnemesis rare mobs, Ice Trap is the way to go!

This skill scales supremely well with gem levels, so getting your hands on a +2 weapon, or even dual-wielding two of those (I was using a shield with +1 and life and other stats I needed) makes it so Ice Trap’s base scaling goes through the roof.

We’re surprisingly tanky with Ghost Dance, lots of Evasion, lots of Energy Shield, fully Spell Suppressed and because we freeze everything, we’re fairly safe behind our veritable machine gun of traps.

The biggest issue is mana sustain, and you can fix that in a few different ways. You can either go Eldritch Battery (using Devouring Diadem), so our ES essentially becomes our ‘mana’ and makes it so we can reserve yet another aura, for more damage, at the cost of the inherent defense that is Ghost Dance and ES protecting our life, or you can use Divergent Inspiration and with a lot of gear investment, get yourself some really strong Clarity to sustain your mana costs, as well as a Replica Conqueror’s Efficiency.

I went with the even cheaper route of simply speccing into the Mana Flask nodes for permanent sustain of Enduring Mana flasks, which served me well for 3 points.

What Badger’s Ice Trapper Excels in:

  • Reliable and simple to play
  • Perfect for League Start, and viable in SSF and HC
  • Scales extremely well with investment but can work on a budget
  • Amazing single-target
  • Safe clearing through Freeze

Pick Badger’s Ice Trapper if you Like:

  • Consistent DPS and pre-laying traps to instantly blow up bosses.
  • Simple and fun playstyle.
  • Beautiful MTXs.

Full Build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSdFilGS43E

7 – Infernal Blow Hollow Palm

Infernal Blow with Despair Herald MTX

One of the most fun builds I’ve played to date, IB Hollow Palm is fantastic at boss rushing or exploding the whole screen in fiery explosions, while zooming at the speed of light, without a care in the world.

Though it isn’t the strongest single target build, it can still burst down bosses when properly set up. Hollow Palm works by stacking as much dexterity as possible, which turns into damage and attack speed, and with a few other synergistic items, it turns into life and Spell Suppression, as well as having a plethora of other benefits for you.

It was my favourite build in 3.17, and it remains just as functional now as it was before, if not more, with the buffs to Inspired Learning due to how Archnemesis mods work now.

What Infernal Blow Hollow Palm Excels in:

  • Zoomy.
  • Simple to start with regular, non-expensive uniques.
  • Great for boss rushing.
  • Delightful clearing with % life explosions.

Pick Infernal Blow HP if you Like:

  • Deleting packs of mobs in massive chain explosions.
  • Interesting and unique building mechanics.
  • Perfect ‘Alc n Go’ mapper to farm influence.

Build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n_skPKCl-Y&t=98s

6 – Vaal Lightning Strike

Vaal Lightning Strike Against Maven Brain

Being able to be played by a variety of Ascendancies, most notably Berserker and Raider, VLS is a fantastically strong build that you can play right from league start, and gather enough currency to fund every expense you have. It’s a build focused mainly on pure mapping and going quick.

One of the most crucial things you’ll need is a +1 or (preferably) a +2 Strike Skills glove. Those come either from Eldritch Influence or Elevated Warlord’s Influence mod. Until you get that, allocating Tribal Fury is crucial. You’ll also need Pierce to be able to clear comfortably. Usually, you can get it from Helmet Enchants, Alt Quality Lightning Strike (you still NEED it as Vaal LS), Helmet and Gloves Crafts, and if even that fails, you can always get Piercing Shots from the Passive Tree.

What VLS Excels In:

  • Super easy and enjoyable to play.
  • Abuses Nightblade and Elusive Effect for ludicrous amounts of Crit Multi.
  • Can clear all content with investment and can League Start.
  • Each upgrade you make is impactful and you feel the difference with every investment.

Pick Vaal Lightning Strike If You Like:

  • Clearing full screens of monsters.
  • Deleting bosses in seconds.
  • Playing a build from scratch and reaching the utmost limit of the game with it.
  • Tons of damage without sacrificing Defense.

Full Build Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Kf70L2bzg&ab_channel=FuzzyDuckzy

5 – Kinetic Blast Corrupting Fever

Transcendence Exsanguinate MTX

Just like Vaal Lightning Strike, KB CF is a fantastic build that can be played by multiple Ascendancies, though primarily Scion or Gladiator. Each is specialized in different things and has variances in their ceiling and capabilities, but they are all fantastic mappers, extremely cheap and simple to play, and are amazing League Starters.

Unlike VLS, however, this build has a hard ceiling in its single target damage. While it is possible to clear most content, the investment required to achieve that is quite substantial. As such, most people who do use this build will focus mostly on just mapping, and what a fantastic mapper it is. You’ll want as many Levels to Physical Gems as possible, and to boost your single target a bit, a Spellslinger is optimal.

What the Kinetic Blast Corrupting Fever Excels in:

  • Wonderful League Starter.
  • Can do most content on a budget.
  • One of the quickest mappers without investment.
  • Comfortable playstyle.

Pick Kinetic Blast Corrupting Fever if you Like:

  • Blowing entire packs of monsters in gory explosions.
  • Smooth and linear gearing progression.
  • Flexibility in Ascendancies.
  • Farming more currency than you’ll know what to do with it!

Full Build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmUQaH7J8ts&ab_channel=Lighty

4 – Ice Spear CoC

Cast on Crit Ice Spear against single target

A cousin to a build I’ll talk about later, FR CoC, Ice Spear Cast on Crit is a phenomenally strong build, that, unlike FR, can be rather budget-friendly, and still do most if not all of the content, with no issue.

Having done it in the past many times, it’s one I’m quite familiar with, and one of my most enjoyable playstyles. The biggest thing you’ll want is extra Projectiles, so getting them either through corruption on your Cospri’s, Lab Enchant, Dying Sun, or even Alt Quality Gems, is a must, as each projectile overlaps and increases your overall DPS substantially.

It’s often a Low Life build, which lowers the cost a bunch, since you’ll want a few key unique items in order to make the build function, and those are quite cheap, even when in high demand.

What Ice Spear CoC Excels In:

  • Scales extremely well with currency but can work really well on a budget.
  • Buttery Smooth to play.
  • Great Clear and great single target.
  • One of the best builds with a ‘bang for your buck’ mentality.

Pick Ice Spear CoC if you Like:

  • Freezing and shattering everything in your wake.
  • Playing as a low-life character.
  • Able to swap and play as soon as you can equip a Cospri’s Malice.
  • Unique reliant builds, so not enough room to screw up, simple to follow along.

3 – Pohx’s Righteous Fire Inquisitor

Righteous Fire and Scorching Ray Celestial MTX

Pohx is a very well-known streamer and content creator and a favorite of mine, and as he is wont to do, he loves playing builds that deal damage to themselves in order to do damage, like Death’s Oath or RF. Combined with substantial buffs and nerfs, as well as massive changes to how RF works, RF became a FotM build in 3.16 and 3.17, and with the balance freeze, Pohx’s mostly responsible for heralding this build into the meta of 3.18.

Righteous Fire works by continuously sacrificing over a third of your Life and ES to deal part of that damage to enemies surrounding you as fire damage, and since the way to scale damage is by getting more Life and ES, you progressively get tankier and tankier.

In 3.17, Melding of the Flesh was added to the game, and with it, we can easily get 90/90/90 Elemental Resists, by stacking a single resistance and then mimicking it for the other resists. And our shield of choice, this time, is an Aegis Aurora, for +5% Max Cold Res, and we scale as much Max Cold res as possible, with Purity of Ice level 23 and loads of Aura Effect!

To increase your damage further, we use a secondary 6L with Fire Trap, since 3.17 buffed it, granting the highest base damage over time of all skills! With Replica Soul Tether, 50% of all damage bypasses Energy Shield and grants 15% of Max Life as ES, and this gets increased by all your % ES on gear and tree. Since RF deals more damage based on how big our Combined Life/ES is, we get even tankier whiles increasing our damage!

What Pohx’s Righteous Fire Excels In:

  • Extremely Tanky (of course, it’s an Inquisitor build, it’s always tanky!
  • Buttery smooth clear.
  • Can League start if you know what you’re doing.
  • Cheap to start with and can scale to upwards of 6 million DPS.

Pick Pohx’s RF if you Like:

  • Alc n Go maps without a care in the world.
  • Clear as fast as you can run/shield charge.
  • Have one of your comfiest builds ever.

Full Build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_MZMwcPtIs&t=27s&ab_channel=PohxKappa

2 – TS Omniscience

Crystal Tornado Shot MTX in the Maven Crucible

Tornado Shot has always been the poster child of a good and quick farming build, but to get it high levels of damage, you’d need insane levels of crafting and money. Though it’s still expensive to get it together, TS Omniscience can take that damage so much higher than before while retaining a ton of tankiness in the form of free Resists.

Omniscience works by stacking as many Attributes as possible, and you’ll get Elemental Penetration at the same rate you get Elemental resist, making it fantastically easy to gear for both offence and defence at the same time!

What TS Omniscience Excels in:

  • The fastest Mapper in the game.
  • Can do all content with proper investment.
  • Fairly Tanky when properly built.
  • One of the best HH abusers.

Pick Tornado Shot Omniscience if you Like:

  • Zooming as quick as inhumanly possible.
  • Deleting packs 3 screens away from you.
  • Melting Bosses.
  • Gradual upgrades to your build, so you can play for a long time, where every item holds more value and you can feel its effect as soon as you equip it.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAhqKhNTQqc&ab_channel=BalorMage

1 – Forbidden Rite Cast on Crit

Cast on Crit Cyclone Forbidden Rite against Veritania

Being my personal favourite build at the moment, and one I’m pushing to level 100 this league(3% per simu at 99!), after finally breaking into mirror-tier currency status, Forbidden Rite Cast on Crit is a fantastically strong build, capable of sustaining and AFK tanking Simulacrum Wave 30 Kosis and Omniphobia, without doing anything.

It’s the most expensive build I’ve ever done or played, with Mageblood being honestly not even half of the cost of my character right now. But the payoff has been glorious. It’s a build that can do literally any content, any of the Uber Bosses (which I’ve farmed Uber Maven now so much that I’ve gotten 2 Woke Enlightens!), 100% Delirious Maps, Feared with Height of Hubris and All at Once (which I’ve done multiple times, with over 200% IIQ), basically anything you want, it can do.

The biggest drawback is Damage Over Time, but since I’m 100% Spell Suppressed, have 7k ES, 90% All Res, CI, Aegis Aurora, Capped Atack/Spell Block, and over 50k Armor, there really isn’t much that can kill me. And that’s my favourite thing. I love being immortal.

But it’s still a build that can do insane amounts of damage. Though my damage is somewhat lacking at the moment, only reaching around 32 Million DPS with Dying Sun Active (Proj is a big thing for FR!), I can still melt anything that comes against me.

What FR CoC Excels in:

  • Immortal build.
  • Can do any content, even Uber Bosses with Height of Hubris and insane Mods.
  • Perfect Simulacrum Farmer, can play while watching a show or a movie without needing to focus.
  • More than respectable damage and clearing.

Pick FR CoC if you Like:

  • Having a build that can do everything and anything, without gear swaps.
  • Able to play a build without more than a button press, gliding across the screen cycloning.
  • Face tanking pretty much everything without a care in the world.

Full build details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX0WBnwE5YE&t=19s&ab_channel=themehmetbo...

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