[Top 10] Path of Exile Best Ranger Builds

Path of Exile Best Ranger Builds
This girl is versatile and flexible. Oh yeah...

Greetings Exiles! Today, we dive deep into the world of the Ranger class and the best builds utilized within this class currently. Even though the Ranger class scales very well with ranged combat using a bow, you will find other builds on this list that capitalizes on other means of damage if the bow isn’t for you. So without further adieu, let’s look at the [Top 10] Path of Exile Best Ranger Builds.

*Note that all gear, passive trees, and ascendancies are in the links provided through POE.ninja.

10. Blade Vortex Pathfinder

Blade Vortex can be an incredibly strong ability while in use with the Pathfinder ascendancy of the ranger class and can be combined with a multitude of weapons. Not only can you use a bow/quiver, but you can also use a sceptre/shield or a staff if you’d like.

With the Pathfinder ascendancy and Blade Vortex, you also have the choice of what kind of damage you can deal. Blade Vortex scales well with poison damage over time, elemental damage, critical strike damage, etc. You will find that many Blade Vortex Pathfinders utilize cold damage in this build. Poison is also a great choice if you prefer the damage over time approach. This build can even be quite tanky for a Ranger.


  • + Insane DPS
  • + Can be tanky
  • + Great for mapping and bossing


  • - Requires tricky flask usage for new players
  • - Far from essential life nodes on the passive tree so spend skill points wisely.

Here’s a list of Blade Vortex Pathfinder builds on POE.ninja.

9. Kinetic Blast Deadeye

Number nine is the Kinetic Blast Dual-Wand build with the Deadeye Ascendancy. With your wands, fire exploding projectiles and never give the enemies a chance to reach you.

Although this build can one shot most of your opponents, one wrong step on your end and you could get one shot. Be sure to capture a lot of evasion points in this build while focusing on resistances in your gear. You should also bet the Power Siphon gem combined with Kinect Blast as they work hand in hand quite well together for more damage output. Notice I said combined, not linked, as these are separate abilities that need their own gems supports.


  • + Very high DPS
  • + Can destroy bosses
  • + Pretty cheap build


  • - Jewel and cluster jewel intensive
  • - Tricky playstyle until you’re super strong

Click here to see this Kinetic Blast Deadeye build on POE.ninja.

8. Ice Shot Barrage Deadeye

Next is the Ice Shot Barrage Deadeye build. This is probably the most played and well known build in the Ranger class currently as it’s just very strong all around. Fire multiple icy projectiles at your foes, chilling them, and making them crumble.

Combined with the gem Barrage, this Ice Shot build will never disappoint if you’re into this bow and arrow style of gameplay. While triggered Barrage will immensely increase your attack speed and fire projectiles simultaneously. Insane DPS for single target and wave clearing. This is another squishy build so be sure to go ham on evasion points and find max life/resistances in your gear.


+ Easy to build

+ Cheap

+ Insane damage


- Squishy

- Evasive playstyle

Click here to see this Ice Shot Barrage Deadeye build on POE.ninja.

7. Poisonous Viper Strike Chaos Pathfinder

Number seven on the list is the Poisonous Viper Strike Chaos Pathfinder. Viper Strike is one of those abilities that does so much damage, it can completely catch you off guard. Although dual-wielding means less damage over all, you can still strike with each weapon adding that poison chance damage as well as chaos damage making boss fights seem too easy.

In this particular build, try to find two claws that deal a significant amount of physical damage as it scales really well with chaos. You also have the potential to be extremely tanky with the use of armour so be sure that the armour you find contains a lot of life and resistances. You can achieve nearly 27,000 armour rating if you play your cards right. This is a late game killer so just be patient. It’s also a good idea to find Whirling Blades for this build for extra AOE damage as you are in your enemies faces 99% of the time.


+ Boss annihilator

+ Very tanky

+ Whirling Blades for wave clear


- Late game build so be patient

Click here to see this Viper Strike Pathfinder build on POE.ninja.

6. Lightning Arrow Deadeye

Here’s a great build for you lightning fans out there but don’t want to use a wand for once. Lightning Arrow Deadeye can scratch that itch for you. With the Lightning Arrow ability, shock and kill your enemies from afar while linking it with Greater Multiple Projectiles Support.

This is another build that requires you to be quite quick with your feet as this isn’t the tankiest of builds. That being said, this is a personal favorite because of how much damage you deal for both boss fights and wave clearing. It’s also recommended to utilize various Heralds to tank some damage for you as well as deal some damage. Grab Flame Dash too for quick escapes while dealing damage in the process.


+ Satisfying for lightning lovers

+ Great for bosses, wave clearing, and delving


- Can be expensive for good gear

- Jewel and cluster jewel intensive for insane late game potential

Click here to see this Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build on POE.ninja.

5. Flicker Strike Raider

If anyone is familiar with League of Legends, this is your chance to feel like you’re Master Yi. Flicker Strike is probably one of the most fun builds that I’ve encountered in the game. Press and hold whatever key your Flicker Striker ability is on and watch all the enemies on your screen disappear.

Combined with the Multistrike Support gem, Flicker Strike is love at first sight. As fun as this build is, it’s quite difficult to get the ball rolling with it. It is immensely important that you focus on increasing your Frenzy Charges as this is NEEDED to gain Flicker charges. No Frenzy = No Flick. Be sure that you look for Chance to Gain Frenzy Charge on Hit in your gear and weapons as well as in your passive tree.


+ So satisfying

+ Perfect for mapping

+ Build can be cheap


- Late game so be patient

- Frenzy charges can be a nuisance.

- Tricky for boss fights as you can easily lose frenzy charges on single targets

- Kind of hard for the Delirium realms because you can lose control of your character as enemies blow up

Click here to see this Flicker Strike build on POE.ninja.


4. Ethereal Knives Deadeye

Ethereal Knives Deadeye is no joke. Linked with Elemental Damage, Spell Cast Speed, and Projectiles, you’re unstoppable against most, if not all bosses and waves of enemies.

This is yet another glass cannon ordeal so make sure that you find max life and resistances in your gear. You will want to find a good balance between damage and defenses such as evasion and energy shield on your passive tree - especially early on. Ethereal Knives is one of the coolest looking abilities in the game so enjoy it! Be sure to grab the Precision aura for this build as it greatly increases your accuracy and critical strike chance.


+ Looks awesome

+ Insane DPS for bossing and mapping

+ Really fun

+ Pretty Cheap build


- Evasive build so stay quick with your feet

- Jewel and cluster jewel intensive for late game potential

Click here to see this Ethereal Knives Deadeye build on POE.ninja

3. Tornado Shot Deadeye

Number three on the list is the infamous Tornado Shot Deadeye build. Tornado Shot was to be completely overpowered in previous patches and was at one point, the strongest bow build in the game. However, due to its recent nerfs in patch 3.9 decreasing its range and amount of projectiles, it fell under the radar.

Luckily, even through the nerfs, Tornado Shot is still insanely strong right now especially with the right links like Greater Multiple Projectiles and Faster Projectiles Support. This is a great build for mapping and delving currently and can hold up against the Delirium patch very well. You will want to look for a lot of evasion nodes on the passive tree as well as resistances in your gear.


+ Great DPS against mapping and delving

+ Fun playstyle

+ Straightforward build


- Squishy

- Bossing can be tricky because of nerfs

- Can be expensive to get good gear

Click here to see this Tornado Shot Deadeye build on POE.ninja.

2. Caustic Arrow Raider

Caustic Arrow Raider is another well known build in the Ranger class community. Shoot your arrows at an area spreading caustic ground making your enemies walk through it and taking massive amounts of chaos damage over time.

Caustic Arrow linked with Vicious Projectiles Support will surround your enemies in pools of chaos damage. Wither and Despair are also great abilities to take with Caustic Arrow. In this build, you have the potential to gather up a ton of evasion points on your passive tree and gear - close to 29,000 worth. You will have a great time taking down bosses and waves of enemies with ease if you’re quick on your feet.


+ Very strong and high DPS

+ Works great with totems

+ Easy build and cheap


- Squishy

- Find balance between damage and evasion on passive tree

Click here to see this Caustic Arrow Raider build on POE.ninja.

1. Icicle Mine Deadeye

For those of you experienced with Path of Exile already, you may be questioning as to why we’re building Deadeye rather than Saboteur while using mines. Well if you didn’t know already, the goal of Path of Exile is to reach the end game and Deadeye is the way to go!

Whether you’re hardcore mapping or delving the mines to incredible depths, Deadeye Icicle Mines allows for much more power in the late game. This breaks the mining meta that early game Saboteur grants you. Meet, Icicle Mine.


+ Strong Map clear with high-chain potential

+ Fast ranged miner playstyle

+ Huge burst damage possible


- Standing still to place mines is dangerous

- Evasion based playstyle can be difficult

Click here to see this Icicle Mine Deadeye build on POE.ninja.

“As the Prey grows more Fierce, so must the Huntress.”

It’s plain to see that the Ranger class can be quite versatile in the brutal world of Wraeclast. From using a bow to dual-wielding wands, you can achieve anything with the Ranger class. We sincerely hope you enjoyed this article, [Top 10] Path of Exile Best Ranger Builds.

Please be sure to ask us any questions about these builds and we will do our best to point you in the right direction. Note that it’s always best to further study these builds on websites such as PoEbuilds! Anything is possible in Path of Exile, so begin your journey with the Ranger and hunt your enemies with ease.

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Jiraiyaaa 3 years 10 months ago

Deadeye build is focused on very high single target damage that’s provided by Elemental Hit. It scales incredibly well into the endgame and later parts of the league, because of the serious critical strike multiplayer. The mechanics of critical strike multiplier determine how much total damage will your attacks deal to the enemy. Besides a quick clear, it excels at killing various bosses, including the Uber Elder. On the other hand, it utilizes two Elemental Hit bows with different support gems – one for clearing hordes of enemies and one for destroying bosses. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary step to optimize for both types of encounters. It makes the build a bit expensive.

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