[Top 5] Old School RuneScape Best Ranged Necklace (And How To Get Them)

Old School RuneScape Best Ranged Necklace
[Top 5] Old School RuneScape Best Ranged Necklace (And How To Get Them)



Now we are back with another OSRS list for you all! I have done the TOP 15 Ranged Gear previously, and now we are looking and Ranged Necklaces! There are many more pieces of gear I could have added to this article. Still, these are the TOP 5 I have personally selected based on their merits of stats and overall things that make them stand out!

Come on, all you archers! Let’s get stuck on the list.

5. Amulet of Accuracy (Best Ranged Amulet for Day One)

Amulet of Accuracy.

The Amulet of Accuracy is great because it is free and can easily be obtained by any player at the start of the game. You have to complete Imp Catcher as a quest by handing in four beads that players can buy from the GE or killing imps. Alternatively, you can buy it from the GE for around 1.1k.

It has a +4 to all attack combat stats; however, it is quickly surpassed by other amulets when you get more GP. These include the Amulet of power (+6 to all stats in both defenses and attacks).

What makes it great?

  • Cheap (1.1k)
  • Easy to get for the early game with no gold.

How to Get it?

  • GE
  • Imp Catcher Quest

Item details:


4. Amulet of Power (Best Early Game Amulet And Best F2P Ranged Amulet)

Amulet of Power.

The Amulet of Power is an easy upgrade for a new player to make from the first Amulet of Accuracy. It has no requirements to be worn and has some good base stats to get you started with early ranged training. 

Its stats make it the best F2P Ranged amulet with a +6 to all attack and defense combat stats. In addition, it has a +6 strength bonus and +1 prayer. This, however, is quickly surpassed by An Amulet of Glory when you have the GP or get members.

What makes it awesome?

  • Cheap (2k)
  • Best F2P Ranged amulet

How to Get it?

  • GE (2k)
  • Craft with 50 Crafting and 57 Magic.

Item details:

Amulet of power - OSRS Wiki (Runescape.wiki)


3. Amulet of Glory (Best Early-Mid Game Ranged Amulet with Teleports)

An Amulet of Glory.

The Amulet of Glory is excellent because it is an enchanted dragonstone amulet with teleports to Edgeville, Karamja, Draynor Village, Al Kharid, and can even do so at up to level 30 wilderness! Most other teleports only let you quickly teleport out before level 20. So this cheap necklace is useful for dangerous activities in the wilderness, which requires quick escapes from PKers.

It has a +10 to all attack stats and a + 3 to all defense stats. In addition, it has a +6 strength accuracy bonus and a +3 prayer bonus. 

When made, the amulet starts with six changes for a teleport. They need to be recharged at the Heroes Guild or the Fountain of Rune when all used. The better version of this amulet is the Amulet of Eternal Glory, which is the same except it has unlimited teleports.

What makes it great?

  • Cheap
  • Teleports
  • Useful for wilderness activities.

How to Get it?

  • GE 13k
  • Craft with 80 Crafting and enchant with 68 Magic.

Item details:


2. Necklace of Anguish (Highest Ranged Attack Bonus for Late Games)

Necklace of Anguish.

The Necklace of Anguish has the best Ranged attack and strength bonuses in the game for neckwear. However, it is purely an offensive ranged item and would be better suited for ranged activities when you don’t need to worry about defensive stats—for example, the Giant Mole. Additionally, the item requires 75 hitpoints to wear and is the only item on this list with any requirements. 

It has a +15 to Ranged attack, + 5 to Ranged strength, and + 2 to Prayer. These make it great for Ranged offensive attacks!! I would love to have had it higher on this list because it looks cool, but the number one spot was also. It would be selected due to defensive bonuses.

What makes it great?

  • High Ranged bonuses.

How to Get it?

  • GE 9m
  • Craft with 92 Crafting and enchant with 93 Magic.

Item details:


1. Amulet of Fury / Amulet of Blood Fury (Best Amulet for Late Game Ranged With Good Defence Stats)

Amulet of Fury.

The Amulet of Fury is the second-best amulet for rangers because it has a special attack and defensive stats. Again, it is comparable to the glory, except it has better defense overall and thus is marked up in price. 

A blood shard can be added to the Amulet of Fury to make an Amulet of Blood Fury, which is an enhanced fury with a 20% chance to passively heal the player with 30% of the damage they deal (but only using melee, so would only help defend against ranged-related attacks).

It has a +10 to all attack stats and a + 15 to all defense stats. In addition, it has a +8 strength accuracy bonus and a +5 prayer bonus. 

What makes it great?

  • It has stats like the glory, except it also has defense stats as well.
  • Has an excellent prayer bonus for activities like the Fight Caves.
  • It is not too expensive and has no stat requirements. 

How to Get it?

  • GE 2m
  • Make with 90 Crafting and enchant with 87 Magic.

Item details:


AAAAND there we have it! The TOP 5 Ranged necklaces, which I think everyone should try out! I have a general soft spot for the Glory on this list as it is the only one to have teleports, and it is also an iconic item to the game. However, the Fury is by far the best amulet every archer should use for the most part. Not only is it cheap, but it has the best-rounded stat bonuses overall. 

So, get your own handy Fury today!

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