[Top 5] Old School Runescape Best Ways To Make Money

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How to get from bad to Chad in Old School Runescape!

Whoever says, “Money can’t buy happiness,” obviously has never played Old School RuneScape. The RuneScape currency, known as “coins” in-game but commonly referred to as GP or “gold pieces”, can quite literally buy you happiness. Gold pieces can buy you various items from shops, allow you into dungeons, buy player-owned houses, turn wood into planks, and will let you buy items on the Grand Exchange.

Believe it or not, RuneScape’s in-game economy, which revolves around its own gold standard, is stronger than many country’s economies! Here I will be talking about our 5 best ways to make money based on requirements, GP per hour, gear required, and how much luck you need.

5. Killing Lava Dragons

Our first and fiery method is meant for people anywhere from combat level 3 to combat level 126. The only requirements needed to kill lava dragons are a few runes, an anti-dragon shield, and the bravery to take on these fire breathing lava monsters. Although the dragons are in the deep wilderness (around level 40 wilderness) and can make you subject to PKers (player killers), players can bring along minimal gear to reduce risk.

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Profit can range anywhere from 250k an hour with strike spells, to 1.4 mil an hour with max gear. The dragons always drop lava dragon bones, black dragonhide, and lava scales, as well as numerous other expensive drops.

Gear up with your strongest 3-item ranged or magic setup, an anti-dragon shield, and some food.

  • Teleport to the lava maze with a burning amulet.
  • Head east to the lava dragon isle
  • Safe spot the lava dragons and profit!

4. Runecrafting through the Abyss

Our next requirement needs slightly higher stats, but can quickly add up to loads of money, all while training the slowest skill in OSRS. In a way, the method is also super calming, allowing for a great time while you listen to music or watch TV in the background. You will need at least 21 mining and 44 runecrafting for nature runes, with higher runecrafting levels allowing you to craft more expensive runes. You will also need the Rune Mysteries quest and the Enter the Abyss miniquest completed. This method is very reliable, and also has a lower risk than lava dragons, as you only go up to around level 7 wilderness.

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Profit from this method can range from 300-600k per hour with level 44 and above runecrafting with nature runes and jumps to around 600-700k at 65 runecrafting with death runes, and again at 91 runecrafting to about 1.1 mil per hour when you are able to craft double nature runes.

Gear up with a pickaxe, a charged amulet of glory, rune pouches, and a stamina potion.

  • Head directly north of Edgeville bank into the wilderness and teleport with the Mage of Zamorak.
  • Mine through rocks to reach the inner Abyss ring.
  • Enter the altar you wish to enter, craft your runes, and repeat!

3. Killing Zulrah

Our next method was chosen out of many other monsters due to its requirements, average profit without rare drops, and ease of killing the boss. You’ll need to have started the Regicide quest, and have moderate ranged and magic stats in order to kill the boss, but otherwise its a pretty easy boss! In fact, this boss is one of the most commonly botted and used by gold farmers for real-world trading. (Both of these are bannable offenses, so I would not recommend doing that!) Nevertheless, this shows how consistent this boss is for getting massive amounts of money.

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Profit from Zulrah depends on how quickly you can kill it and how many supplies you have to use. However, that means that at the very highest of levels you can get up to 4 mil per hour, but the average Joe like you or I will average close to 2 mil per hour. First though, you’ll have to spend a couple hours learning the boss mechanics. This can be made easier through the RuneLite Zulrah helper plugin.

Gear up with your strongest magic and ranged setup, food, anti-venom, and recoils (along with other miscellaneous items from the guide).

  • Head to Zul-Andra via fairy ring or teleport scroll.
  • Board the sacrifice boat and kill the boss!

2. Medium Clue scrolls (Eclectic Implings)

Ever wanted to roleplay as Robin Hood? Eclectic Implings have a great drop rate for medium clue scrolls, which have the chance of giving you the rare drop of Ranger Boots, which goes for nearly 40 million GP a pair! That’s enough to keep you virtually set for life. The Robin Hood hat costs far less at around 1.2 mil, but it looks super cool.The only downside to this is you need some starting cash, so make sure you do some of the other methods first!

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Profit from this method can vary hour to hour, and it definitely depends on your luck in getting the ranger boots. However, as long as you spend enough time on the method, it will definitely reward you with the coveted boots and a sizable chunk of cash with it. On average, you can expect 2 mil/hour at least if you factor in the boot drop. Perhaps the most controversial of my top 5 money makers, but one that is very fun and rewarding.

  • Buy Eclectic Implings from the Grand Exchange or catch them yourself in Puro-Puro, located in Zanaris.
  • Complete the medium clue scrolls until you get your reward!

1. Corrupted Gauntlet

My top choice, factoring in requirements, fun, and money, will be the Gauntlet, or its Corrupted variant. Requirements include completing the Song of the Elves quest and reasonable stats. Located in the Elf City of Prifddinas, this is a solo dungeon style minigame in which the player collects resources and weapons in order to fight the final boss, a cute and monstrous moose-dog-cat hybrid. Each separate dungeon has a different layout and it’s up to you to get the necessary items you need to kill the Hunllef. Upon successful completion of the dungeon, you receive a basic reward as well as a chance for the coveted Blade of Saeldor. Even if you can’t kill the Hunllef, you can still get a little bit of a consolation prize.

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Profiting from the Gauntlet or its corrupted counterpart is usually very consistent with Rune armor drops, crystal seed drops, dragon halberds, and much more. The Blade of Saeldor also adds a little profit, though getting it is not necessary to make tons of money. The Gauntlet averages between 1.5 mil to 2 mil an hour, while the Corrupted Gauntlet can reach up to 3-4 mil an hour, increasing with the possibility of the Blade of Saeldor. Trust me, the time passes quickly with this time method too, and you’ll hit millions in no time.

  • Travel to Prifddinas, and enter the Gauntlet portal to the northwest of the city
  • Enter the dungeon (you don’t need anything to begin!)
  • Collect resources and complete the dungeon. Repeat.

After reading these top 5 ways to make money in OSRS, you will no longer be jealous of those fashionscape bank standers at the Grand Exchange, you can take their place and go from noob to celebrity.  See you in the game!


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