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Get mining!

We’ve all been there. We’ve been mining for days, trying to find those elusive diamonds and nearly dying to lava. Oh wait... this isn’t Minecraft, this is RuneScape! The game where mining is automatic and the varieties of materials are plentiful. The Tutorial Island taught us how mining can be the pathway to unlocking new weapons and content through the game, but it's always hard to find great spots to mine. Today I’ll be letting you know where the best spots are to mine for mining experience, training, or to just feel like you’re playing Minecraft! (Joking on the last one).

10. East Lumbridge Swamp Mine

The East Lumbridge Swamp mine is one of the most nostalgic for old RuneScape players. Lumbridge is where everybody spawns after finishing Tutorial Island and the town holds a special place in most players’ hearts. This spot is also the best for getting bronze weaponry because of the Tin and Copper deposits. It's also a great scenic walk to and from the mine, making it great to sit back and relax on the walk.

Why the East Lumbridge Swamp mine is our first on the list!

  • The mine has high concentrations of low level ores, making it easy to get mining and smithing experience.
  • Easy to get to, just head south from Lumbridge Castle.
  • There’s also a furnace just outside of Lumbridge Castle to the north for some easy smithing experience.


9. Heroes’ Guild Mine

The Heroes’ Guild Mine is one of the only places to mine Runite Ore without having to go into the Wilderness. On the down side though, there aren't as many ores to mine, and the mine requires Heroes’ Quest in order to enter the mine. Nevertheless, coming here is great for those who want to make some money from these expensive Runite Ores.

Why the Heroes’ Guild Mine is on our list

  • One of the only places to get Runite Ore without heading to the Wilderness.
  • Easy to get there with a Games Necklace teleport to Burthorpe.


8. Rune/Pure Essence Mine


After the completion of Rune Mysteries, players can access the Rune Essence Mine through several different wizards across Gielinor. The most popular way is to head to Varrock and go directly south of the eastern bank. From there, Aubury will teleport you to this magical place. While not great for getting mining exp, the mine gives you Rune Essence (or if you’re a member and above 30 mining, it gives you Pure Essence) which is used for Runecrafting. Not only this, but the rock never runs out, meaning you can AFK while your inventory fills up.

What makes the Rune Essence Mine so awesome!

  • Easy to get to, there are 6 wizards that can teleport you here.
  • Very easy to go AFK and come back to a full inventory of essence. 
  • Helps train other skills too!


7. Grand Tree Mine

After completion of The Grand Tree quest, you can access the mine underneath the Grand Tree. Featuring rocks from clay to coal to adamantite, this mine has got it all. Also, this is in the land of gnomes and underneath an actual tree, which has to add a couple style points too. I mean, you get to act like a hobbit for free!

Why the Grand Tree mine is a great place to mine in OSRS!

  • Style points.
  • Great spread of ores to mine, all the way up to adamantite.


6. Shiloh Village Gem Mine

The Shiloh Gem Mine, located to the Northwest of Shiloh Village, has 7 gem rocks that can be mined for gemstones on the surface and 48 gem rocks for those who have completed the Karamja Hard Diary. The rocks offer gems from Opal to Diamond which is great for crafting experience, as a money maker, and for use in jewelry and bolts.

Why Shiloh Village Gem Mine is great:

  • Along with most of these mines, it's close to a bank.
  • Very decent GP per hour, and pretty good crafting exp per hour if an ironman.
  • Around 55k Exp an hour when using charged amulet of glory (increases mining rate by 3x)


5. Motherlode Mine

The Motherlode Mine is located to the south of the Dwarven Mine and is a great place to get juicy rewards along with some nice mining experience. Players can mine ore veins to get pay-dirt which can be cleaned to get ores and golden nuggets. The nuggets can then be traded in to Prospector Percy for goodies such as the Prospector’s Outfit and the coal bag. 

Why the Motherlode mine is so awesome!

  • Has a bank very close by.
  • The Prospector’s Outfit gives bonus exp when mining, making it easier to get to that 99 mining.
  • The Coal Bag is great for blast furnace, allowing players to quickly train smithing or get money easily.


4. Mining Guild

The Mining Guild is underneath Falador and can only be accessed by miners with 60 mining or higher and is separated between F2P and P2P areas. For the P2P area, it also has some Runite Ore and a bunch of Amethyst ores for those amethyst arrows and bolt tips. It has a total of four banks and also provides an invisible +7 mining boost while inside meaning you’ll mine a lot faster.

Why the Mining Guild is awesome!

  • The Mining Guild is really great for those with 60 mining who want to train or get ore.
  • It’s pretty easy to get here through Falador.


3. Al-Kharid Mine

The Al-Kharid Mine is possibly the most famous for F2P players because of its close proximity to Lumbridge. The Desert atmosphere also makes for a great mining experience. It has a great spread of ores, and is great for power mining iron. On the downside, you need at least level 29 combat to not be attacked by scorpions in the pit.

Why the Al-Kharid Mine is great, especially for F2P!

  • Semi-close to a bank and a furnace for smithing training.
  • Great spots to power mine.
  • Pretty good for combat training too!


2. Fossil Island Mine 

The Fossil Island mine in OSRS can be found on Fossil Island, after the completion of Bone Voyage. This mine has a diverse amount of ores and even has a couple runite ore rocks! Also, once you repair the bank chest on the island it's just a few steps away from the bank. The Island is also reminiscent of Jurassic Park, so have fun!

Why the Fossil Island Mine is a great place to mine in OSRS!

  • Very close to a bank, making it easy to keep the ores you mine.
  • Low requirements to access
  • Has Runite Ore
  • Fossil Island has a ton of great things to do there before or after you spend some time mining.


1. Trahaearn Mine

Trahaearn Mine is located in the great elf city of Prifddinas and is our choice for the best mining spot in OSRS. To start, it has a great and diverse choice of ores to mine including Runite Ore, Gold ore, and Silver ore. Also, this is the only place in OSRS where one can mine soft clay, making it very good for pottery making if you’re an Ironman or someone on a budget. Gold and Silver can also be used for crafting. The only downside is that you need to have completed Roving Elves to access the city, but luckily the questline is pretty fun to complete.

Why the Trahaearn mine is the best mining spot in OSRS!

  • Very close to a bank, making it easy to keep the ores you mine.
  • Great craftable ores to mine.
  • Runite Ore!
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