[Top 5] Old School Runescape Best Crush Weapons and How To Get Them

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Barrelchest knows how to crush his enemies!

I’m sure you’ve always had a dream of crushing your enemies and rising to the top, I mean who hasn’t? I hope you think about crushing figuratively though, and not literally crushing people with hammers... Nevertheless, in RuneScape, we make your wildest dreams reality, even if it is somewhat literal. Crush attacks are the fan-favorite of crushing bugs, spiders, and rocks in real life and in-game, so today we’ll be talking crush weapons and giving you my personal opinion of the top 5 best crush weapons in Old School RuneScape.

5. Inquisitor’s Mace - Best DPS and most expensive

The Inquisitor’s Mace hardly needs any introduction. This brazier looking weapon might look weak, but it was included among the top 3 weapons overall in Old School RuneScape for a good reason. This mace can be acquired from the Nightmare of Ashihama as an incredibly rare drop, which also, unfortunately, makes the weapon extremely expensive. However, this weapon is one-handed, allowing you to equip a defender, and has the best DPS of any one-handed crush weapon. This means it's great for killing the Nightmare and other monsters that are weak to crush like Cerberus. The only downside, and the reason we have the mace as number 5 is because of its high cost.

Weapon Stats:

  • Requires 75 Attack to wield
  • 95 Crush
  • 89 Melee Strength
  • 2.4 second attack speed


Why the weapon is great:

  • When combined with the inquisitor’s armour set, this crush weapon becomes one of the most powerful in the game, nevermind just crush weapons. The Inquisitor’s armour set requires 70 strength and 30 defence to wear, but with all three armour pieces, a player receives a 2.5% accuracy and damage boost when using a crush weapon. 
  • The Mace is extremely powerful where crush attacks are best, such as the Nightmare of Ashihama and Kalphite Queen. This means it's easy to make money back with the weapon.


How to Get the Inquisitor’s Mace:

  • The Inquisitor’s Mace is acquired by fighting the Nightmare of Ashihama in Morytania, located in the Sisterhood Sanctuary.
  • In order to get there, you can teleport via Drakan’s Medallion or pay Andras 10000 GP in Port Phasmatys.
  • From there, you can join with friends to fight the Nightmare.

For a guide on how to fight the boss:


4. Granite Maul - Best for low levels and PvP

Ever been crushed by a granite countertop? I hope not, but imagine that granite countertop on a stick and you’ve got the granite maul. This crush style weapon is known across Gielinor for its rapid-fire special attack that makes its target disappear. The Granite Maul special attack can also be augmented by other powerful weapons, allowing for three stacks of damage in one game tick. 

Weapon Stats:

  • 81 Crush Bonus
  • 79 Melee Strength 
  • 4.2 second attack speed

What makes the Granite Maul so awesome:

  • It’s a giant stick with a slab of granite attached. Must I say more?
  • The maul’s special attack is great for all levels in PvP and can be combined with other weapons for unique combos.

How to Get a Granite Maul:

  • Gear up with a granite hammer and your best combat setup and go to the Slayer Tower in Morytania. Kill the gargoyles to get this as a rare drop.
  • Get the Ornate Maul Handle (which buffs the Maul’s special attack) from the “Last Man Standing” minigame.

Watch Granite Maul in action!


3. Viggora’s Chainmace - Best for Wilderness PvM

Viggora’s Chainmace may look like an ethereal lamp post, but it definitely hits like a real lamp post in the Wilderness. With comparable stats to the dragon scimitar outside the Wilderness, the weapon gets a 50% boost to accuracy and damage. Even if the monsters aren’t weak to crush, this weapon still is the best one-handed weapon for killing monsters in the Wilderness. It's great for camping at bosses, training, and revenants!

Weapon Stats:

  • 67 Crush Bonus
  • 66 Melee Strength 
  • 2.4 second attack speed

What makes Viggora’s Chainmace so great (especially in the Wilderness):

  • After getting the chainmace charged and going into the wilderness, the weapon suddenly becomes an absolute monster. It's the best in slot weapon for killing revenants, dragons, and most of the wilderness bosses.
  • It’s one-handed, which means you can use a defender or a shield.
  • Excellent for training at Elder Chaos Druids or with Ankous in the wilderness.

How to Get Viggora’s Chainmace:

  • Head over to the Revenant Caves by buying a teleport scroll or by teleporting to the Lava Maze with the burning amulet, then run east.
  • Each Revenant drops Viggora’s Mace as an extremely rare drop, but the higher level revenants drop it more commonly and having a “skull” (which you can obtain in Edgeville) makes it more common as well.

Watch a great training method with the chainmace!


2. Abyssal Bludgeon - Best for budget 2 handed Crush attacks

Formed from the spine and other various body parts of the Abyssal Sire, the Abyssal Bludgeon is a scary weapon to face. It has great crush bonuses and has very high attack speed, despite how it may look. The weapon is great for training strength and also has many uses for bosses that are weak to crush attacks, such as Cerberus.

Weapon Stats:

  • 102 Crush Bonus
  • 85 Melee Strength 
  • 2.4 second attack speed

What makes Abyssal Bludgeon so great?

  • It’s great for training strength due its fast attack speed and good bonuses. It also doesn’t degrade, making it really good for long spells at The Nightmare Zone.
  • It is also only second to the Inquisitor’s Mace, making PvM a breeze! How to Get an Abyssal Bludgeon
  • At 85 Slayer, you can slay the Abyssal Sire, a unique slayer boss with a mean temper and a mean respiratory system.
  • Collect “Unsired” drops and turn them into an Overseer in order to get an Abyssal axon, claw, and spine.
  • Combining the three gives you the great looking weapon!

See how to kill the boss and make the Abyssal Bludgeon: 


1. Dragon Warhammer

The exceedingly rare and amazing Dragon Warhammer has a special place in the hearts of OSRS players across the globe. The weapon has a special attack ability that reduces defence by 30% on a successful hit. That’s from like 99 to 69 Defence, which is really nice. All jokes aside, it is immensely popular for end game content such as the Chambers of Xeric and the Corporeal Beast.

Weapon Stats:

  • 95 Crush Bonus
  • 86 Melee Strength 
  • 3.6 second attack speed

What makes the Dragon Warhammer awesome:

  • This weapon is nearly necessary at some high-level game content, lest you be called a leach. If multiple people use the Warhammer special attack, it increases the Defence that is reduced.
  • This weapon makes killing some bosses much easier to kill, increasing kills per hour and profits. It’s also really easy to restore special attack energy and use it again using a Player-Owned-House or the Ferox Enclave!

How to Get your very own Dragon Warhammer:

  • Go to Kourend and gather yourself 100% Shayzien favor with whichever method you prefer.
  • Gear up in your strongest gear, preferably ranged gear, and prepare yourself for a long grind at Lizardman Shamans! The drop rate is about 1/5000.

Watch this player go over 20k Lizardman Shaman kills dry!

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