The Features of The New Forthos Dungeon in Old School Runescape

Welcome to Forthos Dungeon.

Forthos Dungeon sits under the Forthos Ruins in Hosidius. It only has one mini-quest linked to it so far, and it only has a single mini-boss to defeat. Despite its small size and sparse activities, it still manages to help you save or farm OSRS gold. And if Gielinor's lore interests you, the dungeon will shed some light on that as well. It is also a big boon for Ironman players, which will be explained later.

What is in the Forthos Dungeon?

There are nine rooms in the dungeon. The biggest one is called the Spider's Den, where you'll find spiders and their eggs. Further south of the room you'll find Brother Aimeri who can give you the ‘In Search of Knowledge' mini-quest. From where Aimeri is, you can go further in a southeasterly direction toward Sarachnis the mini-boss' lair.

Going west from the NPC's room will lead to a small room containing the Grubby Chest. You'll need level 57 Thieving to open the door, and a Grubby Key to open the chest. Killing the mobs (Spiders, Red Dragons, and Undead Druids) around the dungeon may drop the key. Opening it will then give you a random set of supplies, from food to potions and runes.

North of the Grubby Chest you'll find the Ancient Library. Here is where you can consolidate the pages you collect from the creatures in the dungeon for the mini-quest. Once you complete the three tomes, you can bring them to Brother Aimeri near the Spider's Den.

Further north of the library, you'll find the Altar of the Sun. There's an altar you may pray in to replenish prayer points, as well as the NPC Olbertus. You can give him 5 Dragonstones or fight him for a Temple Coin. Fighting him is a terrible decision, as the action will release a Shaeded Beast. The creature will curse the altar to deplete your Prayer Points and deal 30 points of damage if you try praying at it. To remove the curse, you'll have to burn a hundred eligible dragon bones on the bone burner.

The Temple Coin will make sense in the Crypt of the Moon. The crypt's entrance lies on the south side of the corridor north of the Catacombs entrance. The Catacombs lies to the north of the Altar of the Sun in turn. Back to the coin, you use it on the stone relief on the end of the crypt to access the Sacred Bone Burner. Burning enough bones on it will reward you with a key to unlock the doors near the entrances of the dungeon. You'll also find Olbertus' friend, Eodan, here. He's a tanner and you can have him tan hides though with a higher cost.

Eodan's room also opens to the Scorched Grotto, where Red Dragons and their babies reside. It's the second largest room, and it also lies to the east of the Ancient Library. Not much is noteworthy about this room other than a level 75 Agility shortcut to other parts of the dungeon.

Ironman Boons

In the update's patch notes, the developer noted that the dungeon is designed for players to be able to sustain themselves. The Ironman Challenge is a testthat restricts trading with other players. This kind of dungeon is a good thing for it. There's an altar where you can replenish your Prayer, the Grubby Chest for supplies, and the enemies in the dungeon also drop other useful objects.

More than that, burning bones on the burner awards Prayer EXP. Doing so gives three times more experience than simply burying bones. It's a good way to train the skill, and you get your choice of combat EXP as you gather more bones to burn.

Lastly, you can still collect pages even after finishing the mini-quest. You can then turn them in the Arceuus Library for 1,000 coins per page.

Isn't that a steal? As you level your skills, you get to farm OSRS gold! That's certainly a good reason to visit this dungeon. While there's no real restriction to enter it, take note that the strongest monster is about level 318. It follows that the rest of the mobs are somewhere in the 300s as well. You'll need at least some experience to survive long enough to farm properly.

And that's all for the Forthos Dungeon. Uncover more of Gielinor's lore, and continue enjoying OSRS!

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