Runescape Fastest Ways to Make Money

Runescape Fastest Ways to Make Money
Gielinor's rugged landscape hides untold riches; can you find them?

Is your Runescape money pouch emptying faster than you can fill it? 

2,147,483,647. That’s the maximum number of coins the Runescape money pouch holds. But does it ever seem like your wallet is full of holes? Maybe you’re saving up for a paper party hat, or you’re eyeing a weapon upgrade. This guide will help you grow your cash stack in no time. 

The calculated profits below come from current Grand Exchange Prices. These totals change often. Always double-check prices before you start. 

5. Tanning Dragonhide Leather

Thanks to a portable crafter, Runescape players can tan leather without taking a step.

Dragonhide leather is always in high demand—skillers use all colors to grind Crafting. The best part? Tanning leather has no skill requirements; anyone can do it. 

For fastest processing, choose a low-ping world, and be sure to use a bank preset. 

30-60 million coins allows you to process large quantities at a time. Players who can’t afford this start-up cost can still use this method, but in smaller quantities. 

Inventory Preset: 
28 hides
You will also need access to a portable crafter. Tanning hides costs 20 coins each.

Getting it done: 
1. Place your portable crafter right beside a bank chest. (The chest at Lumbridge Combat Academy is a popular spot. To cut costs, use another player’s portable crafter; find one on the Portables Friends Chat). 
2. Using your bank preset, withdraw 28 hides.
3. Click on the portable crafter to tan your hides. For extra speed, right-click on “Configure Portable Crafter” to set “tan hides” as your left-click option. Hitting the space bar at the same moment you click the crafter helps, too. 
4. Repeat 1-3 until you run out of hides. 
5. Sell on the Grand Exchange. Be patient with this to maximize profits. They will sell over time.
If you’re lightning-fast, you can process around 6,600 hides every 5 minutes! Results vary, though. If possible, zoom in and position your camera so the bank chest and the crafter are side-by-side on your screen. This position reduces mouse movement. 
Profit: ~8.5 million coins per hour for black dragonhides, ~9-10 million per hour for red (at maximum efficiency)

4. Crafting Mud Runes

Not to be confused with mud pies, mud runes sell for a fair profit on the Grand Exchange.

Mud runes, thanks to their role in Extreme Magic Potions, earn a strong profit. Technically, the minimum requirements are 13 Runecrafting and completion of Lunar Diplomacy. 

For best results, you’ll need 90 Runecrafting, 82 Magic, and 93 Summoning. Add Sliske’s Endgame to that, and you’ll be raking in the coins.

This method requires the Lunar Spellbook. It relies heavily on presets. 

Worn Equipment:
Infinity Ethereal Outfit—head, body, legs, feet, and hands slots
Combined Catalyst fragment—shield slot
Steam battlestaff—weapon slot
Binding necklace—neck slot
Large rune pouch filled with Astral runes—ammunition slot
TokKul-Zo—neck slot (optional, but the teleport gives quick access to a bank chest. Requires completion of the quest Elder Kiln)
Inventory Preset:
Lumber Yard Teleport OR Wicked Hood
Water runes
Pouches with pure essence: Small (3 essence), Medium (6), Large (9), Giant (12), and Massive (18)
21 pure essence

Beast of Burden Preset: (using abyssal titan—most other burden familiars will NOT work)
20 pure essence

Getting It Done:
1. Withdraw your Inventory and Beast of Burden presets at any bank. Store 12 pure essence in your Infinity Ethereal Outfit. 
2. Travel to the Earth Altar (ideally via Wicked Hood or Lumber Yard Teleport. 
3. Cast the Magic Imbue Spell (eliminates talisman requirements). 
4. Use the water runes on the Earth Altar to craft your mud runes.
5. Return to bank and repeat steps 1-4.
6. Sell the crafted runes on the Grand Exchange.

As needed, repair your rune pouches. Use either the NPC contact spell (Dark Mage) or the Repair Rune Pouch spell. If you’re using both the Combined Catalyst Fragment and the Infinity Ethereal Outfit, the pouch degrade rate will drop by over 50%. 

Presets and teleports permit an average of 140 trips per hour. Some can complete a maximum of 160 trips.
~7.2 million coins per hour, operating at peak efficiency

3. Making Unfinished Potions

Find your nearest bank and unleash your inner herbalist.

Mixing unfinished potions nets a fair amount of cash. It also requires less intense focus (good news if you’re also streaming a movie). Use this method if you can’t afford the start-up cost of the above methods. Two million coins is more than enough to mix potions in bulk. 

Another option is cleaning grimy herbs. You won’t make as much money, but it’s quick and easy. 

Scroll of Cleansing, available at 49 Dungeoneering and 20,000 reward tokens
54 Herblore to mix Kwuarm potions

Inventory Preset:
14 vials of water
14 clean herbs

Getting It Done:
1. Withdraw your Inventory preset.
2. Mix the herbs with the vials of water.
3. Repeat, then sell on the Grand Exchange. 

The Scroll of Cleansing is highly recommended; using it reduces your herbs spent by 10%. With the Scroll, you can buy 9 herbs for every 10 vials of water. Don’t forget to use a portable well—you’ll gain extra potions. Don’t have one? Check out the Portables Friends Chat for open wells. 

~2.4 million coins (when mixing Kwuarm potions)

2. Slayer 

Slayer monsters hoard treasures as they lurk in the dark reaches of Gielinor.

If combat is more your style, you’ll rake in serious dough training slayer. Many monsters drop valuable bones, herbs, ashes, and equipment. Writing an exhaustive list would be nearly impossible. Instead, we’ve listed a few lucrative monsters below.


Don't let their slow appearances deceive you--airuts attack with unrelenting force.

Every time an Airut dies, it drops bones. Very valuable bones. Bones that cost ~5,967 coins each. Pick them up on your next Airut task for lucrative cash.

Airuts require 92 Slayer to kill. Their combat level is 122. You can find them west of the Piscatoris Hunter Area, on Mazcab, or in Kuradal’s slayer dungeon. If you manage 350 kills per hour, you’ll gain ~2 million coins. 

Abyssal Demons

These demonic creatures emerged from Gielinor's Abyss, thirsty for blood.

Abyssal demons disintegrate when killed, dropping ashes. You can sell each pile of Infernal Ashes for ~1,287 coins. Plus, abyssal demons are the only monsters to drop the abyssal wand, orb, and whip—if you’re lucky.

 Abyssal demons require 85 Slayer to kill, and their combat level is 98. You can find them in the Abyss or the Canifis Slayer Tower. High kill rates can net ~2 million coins per hour.

Spiritual Mages

These magicians may lack a physical form, but they drop lucrative physical riches when conquered.

Deep in the first God Wars Dungeon, these ethereal magicians vigilantly protect their generals. Take magic notepaper with you to maximize the number of drops you can loot: magic battlestaves, talismans, and air orbs, to name a few. 

Spiritual Mages require level 85 Slayer. Their combat level is 98. To reach them, you must defeat Dad in the quest Troll Stronghold. Be sure to wear equipment aligned with at least one god’s army. High kill rates can net ~2.2 million coins per hour.

Ascension Members

Crystalline monsters swarm the unwary adventurer who dares enter the Order of Ascension.

Delve into the dungeon ruled by the Order of Ascension if you seek the legendary Ascension Crossbow. This tier-90 weapon costs a whopping 86,476,372 coins. But to craft it, you must kill all six of the dungeon’s bosses. 

Ascension members come in several tiers. Rorarii, for example, are the lowest tier monster. They drop materials for ascension bolts, ascension keystones, and coins. Be careful, though—these fanatics tend to fight in packs. Find them in their monastery north-west of Oo’glog. 

Ascension member monsters require level 81 Slayer, while the bosses require 95. Their combat levels range from 84 to 105. The Legio bosses are all level 304. With 300 Rorarii kills per hour (lowest tier), you gain ~ 1 million coins. Profits increase at higher tiers. 

One drawback: Slayer profits vary. Sometimes you’ll hit it big, sometimes not. Here are a few profit-boosting suggestions for all Slayer tasks.

Wear a Luck of the Dwarves OR a Ring of Wealth to improve your drop rates.
Carry runes for high-level alchemy. Cast it on mid-value drops, like rune weaponry.
Bring along magic notepaper or a portable deposit box to save inventory space. 
The Vampyrism aura, Soul Split prayer, or a Bunyip familiar can reduce your need for food. 

1. Bossing

This queenly fire-breathing reptile might be angry at you for all those dragonhides you've pillaged...

Done correctly, bossing can be one of the most lucrative activities in Runescape. High-tier bosses, such as Nex the Angel of Death, Telos, or the Magister, net the most gold—more than 10 million per hour in some cases. 

Telos guards his hall and his riches--are you valiant enough to oppose him?

That said, players often must accumulate hundreds of kills to profit. And some bosses, like the Angel of Death, require a team. If you’re not a bossing machine, or you just want a smaller time investment, many other bosses still net ~2 million an hour. 

The God Wars Dungeon generals, King Black Dragon, and Queen Black Dragon are just a few popular choices. Here’s a quick list of bossing essentials to help get you started. 

The Essentials: 
A Bunyip familiar for healing OR a War Tortoise/Pack Yak familiar to carry extra food
Soul Split (requires Ancient Curses and the Temple at Senntisten)
The best food for your Constitution level
Overload potions (requires 96 Herblore to make) or stat boosting potions for your combat style
Prayer restore and Stat restore potions or flasks
Luck of the Dwarves/Ring of Wealth
The best armor you have. Tier 70 armor is usually sufficient for God Wars I generals, but higher-level bosses often require tier 80 or 90. 
Scrimshaws to boost damage accuracy
A combat-boosting aura, such as Berserker, Maniacal, Reckless, Dark Magic, etc.

Please remember: both Slayer and Bossing profits depend on lucky drops. Some trips will earn more money than others. 

This list is just the tip of the iceberg—you may find another method that you like even more. All money-making methods can vary based on real-time market prices. Please always double-check item prices before investing large quantities in any method. Best of luck!

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