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In Minecraft, in-game violence is rendered to just a sword and bow, and maybe a pickaxe if you have no other option. However, mods have granted us the luxury of having to choose literally thousands of guns. These guns can range from small to large impact, normal to completely insane, or experimental guns that you wouldn’t see usually. For these mods, combat, and multi-playing with other players are upgraded drastically, while still keeping the vanilla friendliness in check. In this list, the mods are placed in their certain ranking based on these criteria: how vanilla-friendly, their outstanding quality, how playable, and how effective. Ideally, these mods would be perfect for a Minecraft shooter competition, a laser tag-themed world, or a hunter competition. Now, let’s run through these unique Minecraft gun mods that shake things up a bit! 

10. Tech Guns 


Starting off, we have the Tech Guns mod, a mod that is somewhat graphic in means of defeating mobs, but very fun. Tech Guns is centered on aliens, explosions, high-impact mob defeat, and of course, “techy” weaponry. This mod has a variety of features that make it stand out from most gun mods, such as the mob defeat effect, armor, hard-to-beat mobs, high-quality guns, and more. Regarding the “somewhat graphic” aspect, this mod gives a realistic and gore-kill effect once you defeat a mob, along with smooth reload animations for the guns. This mod would be great for a competition, tournament, or hunting Minecraft game in which you play with several other players. Combat is significantly made better, and the vanilla game is upgraded just a slight bit, making the experience with this mod worth the while. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • Includes mobs that are challenging 
  • Smooth animations and details 
  • Craft armor and other gadgets 

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9. Minecraft Blockfront WW2 Mod

Survive a WORLD WAR in Minecraft! (Blockfront Mod Pack)

This Minecraft mod is rather unique because of its theme and the level of quality. Blockfront WW2 is a mod that allows you to take part in a mini-game where you attempt to defeat the opposite side of WW2, giving the players the experience of a war-themed shooter game. The game setting is a rugged wartime base where players are instructed to shoot down others in order to win. As simple as the mod sounds, the graphics, and quality that the mod provides are one of the best, as it gives you the access to zoom in with your gun and obtains many of them. Another plus feature of this mod is the vanilla-friendly aspect, as the settings and most of the items that this mod comes with stay true to Minecraft’s original style. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • Be a soldier and shoot down enemies 
  • High-quality guns with pleasant effects 
  • New items that are still vanilla friendly 

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8. AVA

Minecraft 1.16.5 - AVA Guns mod

This next mod is based on another game called Alliance of Valiant Arms, aka AVA. The guns within this mod are of higher functionality and quality, giving the player many ways to use the guns. In particular, some features of the guns include night vision, high impact, rapid fire, shooting from a far distance, and much more. This mod includes a gun crafting table that allows you to create these guns, in categories such as sniper guns, rifles, submachine guns, pistols, and some miscellaneous items. The AVA mod is more than perfect for regular combat and mob defeating, hunting, and multi-playing in competition-like events. The variety of guns with their own unique functions is very beneficial for specific things and tasks within fighting. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • A large variety of guns with their own functions 
  • Good reloading animations and animations overall
  • Other miscellaneous items for combat

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7. ModularWarfare 

Modular Warfare MOD in Minecraft

The Minecraft gun mod ModularWarfare is more of a simplistic yet fun mod to experiment with. If you love guns and shooting, this mod may be perfect for you because of the wide variety of high-quality guns that shoot with ease. The guns within this mod have designs that are vanilla friendly, make realistic gun sounds, and have a high impact once used on mobs or players. This military-based mod is perfect for combat, similar to the Blockfront WW2 mod, and would be a blast playing it with your friends. Aside from the overall mod itself, it is sufficient for one’s Minecraft gun mod fantasies… if you have them. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • A large variety of guns 
  • Realistic sounds and effects 
  • Decent animation and vanilla design 

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6. Happiness Warm Gun Mod 

Minecraft Mods: Happiness (is a) Warm Gun

Are you happy with yet another impressive gun mod with a variety of potent weapons? Happiness (is a) Warm Gun mod is here to give you serotonin. This Minecraft gun mod is like the last in terms of simplistic features yet fun and vanilla-friendly designs. The mod gives the player the opportunity to use guns that can explode things, set things on fire, shoot at rapid-fire, and much more. Guns in this mod are classified into these categories: small arms, standard firearms, specialty weapons, Uber weapons, and mystery guns. Within these categories hold many guns that each have their own unique action. This mod would be great for intense mob fighting and combat, along with joining the underworld such as the Nether to fight bigger and more hostile mobs. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • Huge variety of weapons 
  • High-impact on mobs 
  • Perfect for fighting many mobs at once 

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5. Elemental Guns 

Minecraft Mod Review: ELEMENTAL GUNS!

The next mod in this list is a bit different compared to the last few mods. Elemental Guns allow you to use a few types of guns: the fire gun, water gun, air gun, earth gun, and a recently added gun, the explosive gun. If you assumed that each of these guns did exactly what their names suggested, then you are correct! The fire gun simply shoots fire at the target, engulfing that ‌target in flames. Second, the water gun shoots water anywhere and still causes damage to the target if hit, making it worthy in combat. The air gun shoots air at the target, forcing them to bounce back in the air and land on the ground, further affecting their health. The earth gun, funnily, shoots dirt, trees, and saplings onto the target if hit. Last, the explosive gun causes explosions and places TNT on the target. If all of these guns are used during a night of fighting mobs, your combat strategy will be incredibly effortless. Zombies and Creepers can approach you, but then you pull out your air gun and blow them back to where they were. The fire gun is also a great tool to use against more zombies and spiders. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • Fewer yet very effective guns 
  • Each gun has its own purpose 
  • Great for mob fighting 

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4. MrCrayfish Gun Mod 

MrCrayfish's Gun Mod: NEW Coloured Weapons, Reloading and Silencers

This gun mod is considered one of the greatest there is; behold, MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod. This mod allows the player to customize their own gun within the game and have access to immensely powerful weaponry, like a bazooka, grenades, and enhanced rifles. The grenades are extremely powerful and even give off an ear-ringing sound once activated, causing the screen to go all white. Firing these weapons will bring a significant amount of damage to the mob or opponent, making this mod ideal for heavy combat and fighting hostile mobs. The guns allow you to shoot further away and zoom into the target. Regarding customization, the gun crafting table allows the player to design their own gun with different parts and many colors, with a detailed preview of the gun itself. The animation of the guns and the effects of their actions are very high-quality and detailed, all while making the designs very vanilla-friendly. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • Customizable guns 
  • Very realistic effects and animations 
  • Extremely powerful

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3. Flan's Mod 

The BEST Minecraft Gun Mod 1.12.2 - FLANS MOD ULTIMATE GUIDE!

Flan’s Mod, like Elemental Guns, is an oldie mod. However, the content within this mod is very wide and highly useful within survival mode. This mod also contains way more than just powerful guns, but cars, grenades, tanks, planes, and much more. The planes are fully functional, just like the tanks and cars, and can fly in the sky with grace. You can use this mod and turn it into a full-out WW1 mini-game to play with friends. Going back to the key feature of the mod, the guns are ‌powerful and can be used from a distance.  

What’s fun about this mod:

  • Includes cars, tanks, planes, grenades 
  • Powerful guns 
  • Wide variety of military gear 

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2. Vic's Modern Warfare Mod 

Minecraft - Vic's Modern Warfare Mod Showcase [1.12.2]

This mod is higher on the list because of the number of items added to the game. Vic’s Modern Warfare Mod is a very large variety of items, including armor, backpacks, more grenades, melee weapons, scopes and night vision, knives, along with zombie mobs that are included in the pack. This mod is literally packed with so many useful and powerful weapons that will make your combat strategies more effortless and controllable. There’s so much more in this mod, it’s too long to place in this description! This mod gives you the ability to be a deadly sniper, hunter, and shooter in your world. If you know all the tricks and tools within the mod, you will soon be a master at fighting hostile mobs in any circumstance. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • So many weapons and guns 
  • Powerful weaponry 
  • Includes armor and gadgets 

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1. GunsWithoutRoses

1.16 Guns Without Roses mod - Bit-By-Bit- Pew Pew!

The best Minecraft gun mod would be the GunWithoutRoses mod, and for one particular reason: it looks exactly like it would be in vanilla Minecraft. Once you look at these guns, it may be hard to tell that they are even modded, more so when you hold them. This mod has decently powerful guns, and while being simplistic as they are, they keep the true Minecraft look. In this mod, you are given a few types of guns that are made from iron, gold, and diamond. The bullets for these guns are made with gunpowder and flint, but if you want to upgrade the damage of them, you can use iron ingots and gunpowder. You can use those iron bullets and blaze powder to create the blaze bullets, which hold the most damage. These guns and shotguns can be enchanted using books of enchantment to improve their effectiveness and damage. Overall, this mod is very great for casual survival mode and still allows you to work with the guns as you would a diamond sword in Minecraft. 

What’s fun about this mod:

  • Vanilla friendly 
  • Guns can be enchanted 
  • Perfect for casual mob combat 

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