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Games Like Rogue Legacy
​Perhaps your next adventure is in another castle.

2) Rift Keeper

Rift Keeper Gameplay

Rift Keeper is an upcoming roguelite Metroidvania that stars a nameless character. The nameless character was awakened from his deep slumber and summoned by four men donned with red robes. One of those men told our protagonist “The Gates are open.”

There are thirty different dungeons that you will be able to explore in your journey. How long will you be able to survive?

Throughout your journey, you will meet skeletons, wisps, and other enemy types that will grow tougher and tougher the more you have accomplished in your journey.

However, you will also grow stronger as you loot gear from such said enemies and find loot lying on the ground. There are better places for loot to lie down on than the ground after all.

You will be able to play Rift Keeper when it launches on Steam January 14th, 2019.

Now Watch me Whip: Utilize different weapons in your journey including a whip, as illustrated above.

Cutting Edge: The player is slashing his way through a couple of enemies.

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