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Games Like Rogue Legacy
​Perhaps your next adventure is in another castle.


EITR Gameplay

EITR is an upcoming action RPG that takes place in a mythological Norse World. EITR focuses on well-polished combat.

EITR stars a woman known as The Shield Maiden. One day, the Shield Maiden was about to have her fate revealed by three fellows known as the Three fate-weaving Norns. However, a dastardly god known as Loki (not played by Tom Hiddleston) decided to meddle in the Norns affairs, and now it is up to The Shield Maiden to explore the nine Norse worlds connected to the great tree known as Yggdrasil to find out what her fate is.

EITR decides not to use a traditional Experience system. Instead, EITR implements a system where The Shield Maiden will gain Favor and will be able to trade it for either permanent level upgrades, or forego that and gain powerful perks.

You can collect a lot and a good variety of loot from enemies that you slay on your journey. However, if you perish. Not even the most precious of loot that you collect is safe from being lost for good.

EITR will be released in 2019 on Steam.

Undead Realm Invasion: The Shield Maiden will find herself in different locations including the crypt illustrated above.

Againwalker? But he doesn’t look like he’s Walking at All: The Shield Maiden will face off against different bosses along her journey through the nine Norse worlds connected to Yggdrasil. Illustrated above shows her confrontation with the skeleton imbued with dark magic known as the Againwalker.

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