Top 15 Games Like Rogue Legacy (Games Better Than Rogue Legacy In Their Own Way)

Games Like Rogue Legacy
​Perhaps your next adventure is in another castle.

What are the best games like Rogue Legacy?

Rogue Legacy came out back in 2013 and has garnered a Very Positive reception according to the game’s Steam Store Page.

Perhaps you are among those that have had a positive experience with the game, and you’ve ventured through the world so many times that you can do a full playthrough as a miner with only squire equipment without dying. Perhaps you’ve gotten so used to the adventure of Rogue Legacy that maybe you want an adventure with different characters and a different world, but still feel like Rogue Legacy to play. Here are fifteen games that keep the core gameplay of Rogue Legacy, but will give you new adventures to experience and grow an appreciation for.

15) Dead Cells

Dead Cells Gameplay

Dead Cells is a roguelite with the gameplay style of a Metroidvania set in a castle. Navigate different areas such as a prison with cages that are suspended very high up in the air, the sewers that surely must smell pretty as a rose, and a graveyard among many other areas.

You control a nameless undead vessel. You start with a rusty sword, basic bow and wooden shield. However, you’ll find plenty of swords, whips, and other weapons throughout your venture through the castle.

Plow your way through zombies that will claw at you, bats that will charge at you, armoured scorpions that will ambush you, undead archers that will take aim at you, and gooey worms that will bite you among many other enemy types and they will sometimes drop loot for you to collect.

Don’t get too comfortable with everything you collect though. If a swarm of enemies manages to kill you; items that spawned in the castle in one playthrough might not spawn in the next one.

Smelly Hurdles: The Player Is in the sewers about to attack a zombie. Watch out for the Undead Archer behind you though.

The Dead Zombie Walking: Zombies are approaching the Player at the slow rate that a lot of gamers would be used of a stereotypical zombie walking.

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