Rogue Legacy: 10 Important Things to Know

The game that goes on and on and on...

If you had fun before, you'll be ecstatic now

How does one select 10 important things for a game that has so many little things going on? If one is important, then they're all important. Rogue Legacy is packed with surprise. What starts off as a seemingly basic platformer (to be more precise, a metroidvania game) quickly becomes very deep and elaborate, before you even realize it! Here's a few examples.

1. You can be a dragon!

Did you know there was a flag on top?

Bet you didn't know that. Maybe you did if you played a lot, but it was probably a surprise. There's this so-called "secret" upgrade in your stronghold. It's not really a secret, you just need to have the sense to scroll up. Once you buy it you're half-dragon, which is...not so awesome. It's not the all-powerful class you were expecting it to be.

You're frail and die easily, but to compensate you have great mobility and can breeze through (literally!) all the levels. You can fly, you're faster and all of that without the use of runes. Pretty good, but it also means you need to know the game really well to survive. A skilled player who can read enemy movements is going to find great freedom in this class. While those who get hit often will find great frustration.

2. Paladins have an upper hand

Try and hurt me, I dare ya!

Paladins are the only class that get a second ability and man it's good! You know that shield block you had as a knight that was really helpful? Well imagine something similar, active, that can also damage foes. Not bad eh? That's the paladin for you.

Hold the down key and press the button for special - you'll turn into a statue. As a statue you are impervious to damage, while damaging enemies at the same time. Nice, but it comes at an MP per second cost. Still, not bad for an ability that can cull a mass enemy rush.

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