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Games Like Rogue Legacy
​Perhaps your next adventure is in another castle.

1) Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary Gameplay

Salt and Sanctuary is an action RPG that takes heavy inspiration from Dark Souls. (and not just in the “everything is like Dark Souls” meme kind of way)  

The journey of Salt and Sanctuary starts off on a boat that has both an unnamed protagonist as well as a princess who is forced to wed a king of an opposing country to prevent war. However, a group of raiders assault the ship, causing the deaths of a lot of crew members.

There are many foes that you will be able to put down throughout your quest. Weapons fall under different categories so that you can play the game with a play style that you are comfortable with. Want some extra power? Go (steamed) ham with a 2 handed sword. Do you favor defensive play? Shields are perfect for that.

There are also RPG elements such as stat growths, origins, and classes so that you can distinguish your character from somebody else who is playing through the game.

You can team up with and beat up on your friends locally, so you don’t have to feel too lonely on your adventure.

Beware the Call of Cthulhu: The player will find them self with only one shot to defeat this boss at the ship known as The Unspeakable.

Not Close and Far from Personal: Who said anything about having to fight with melee weapons? You can also use a crossbow if your character is a Hunter.

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