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Games Like Rogue Legacy
​Perhaps your next adventure is in another castle.

3) Unworthy

Unworthy Gameplay

Unworthy is an action-focused Metroidvania set in a ruined world with a black and white art style.

In Unworthy, you control a resurrected nameless warrior that’s been deprived of his ability to jump. The goal for this resurrected warrior is to navigate the bleak world around him to prove that he is worthy of living in this world.

Slash your way through archers, sword wielders both small and big, and more throughout your journey to prove your worth.

In addition to the small fry, there are more intimidating bosses that you must force your way through including a larger human being that wields a giant hammer that he won’t hesitate to crush your head (and other body parts) with.

As you make your way through the adventure, you will notice your character get stronger through learning new skills and improved stats, and more improved weapons to find.

Metal meet Metal: The nameless warrior is face to face with a boss known as Narcoss, the First Anvil. Narcoss will try to crush you using his big hammer.

Sin Shopping Spree: The player will collect sin as they defeat enemies and bosses. They can meet a gravedigger who is willing to part with some items he has at the cost of sin. Think of sin almost as a form of currency in Unworthy.

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