Top 15 Games Like PUBG (Games Better Than PUBG In Their Own Way)

Games Like PUBG
Need a challenge? Challenge Accepted

Loving playing PUBG so far? Now say you've played every map and you've gotten bragging rights with your online buddies, but you're looking for the next thrill.

Check out these alternatives and see yourself opening the doors to a whole new world

15) Black Ops 4: Blackout (Battle Royale Mode)

Black Ops 4 Blackout Gameplay

Call of Duty’s newest addition to their series, Black Ops 4, has taken a completely different step in their games to compete with the “battle royale” genre of games that has taken the gaming industry by storm.

Along with the familiar FPS shooter multiplayer mode that Call of Duty is known for, the game developers have introduced the “Blackout” game mode. In it , up to 100 players are thrown from an aircraft into multiple recognizable maps from previous Call of Duty games and pit against each other, solo, in twos, or in groups of four to eliminate all other opponents, and come out on top.

This must be accomplished by occupying a slowly shrinking arena that pulls players closer and closer together. The perks include a multitude of weapons, supplies, and vehicles of every kind. “Shut up, clock in, and load up” if you want to survive as scavenging for tools ensures to make sure you and your squad become the sole survivor(s).

Nothing that screams overkill like a good automatic spray of bullets

Ah. The sweet smell of carnage

14) Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Gameplay

Set in north-western Russia, Escape from Tarkov lets you experience the Russian wilds while fighting for survival against other players as well as NPCs. The game includes a story mode but shines most with its multiplayer capabilities. Gear up with your equipment and delve into Raids in order to secure even better loot, but don’t be fooled.

Die during the raid, either by natural means or by another player, and you will lose everything that you haven’t secured in your secure container. The only way to keep all of your hard-earned loot is to make it to the extraction point before your life is cut short.

If looting isn’t really your strong suit, Escape from Tarkov also includes an open world mode, so get out there and explore the multi-map world.

During your downtime, hone your skills at your hideout’s shooting range. At least, if you want to survive.

Hasn’t anyone ever told you that there’s strength in numbers? Especially in Mother Russia

For freedom! For Russia!

13) SCUM

SCUM Gameplay

Realism and customization entangles perfectly in this open world survival game. SCUM requires the utmost of intelligence, skill, and attention in order to stay alive. Keep tabs on your character’s metabolism, stay alert on how many layers your wearing, and track your player’s inertia while moving.

You’ve definitely never played a game like this before. You , the player , must survive and escape an island that you and 63 other players are trapped on.

However, no one can leave until removing the tracker that inhabits your bodies. As you progress, you earn points that can be used as currency to trade. To increase your chances of living, defensively fortify structures found throughout the huge open world.

Become an expert in cooking, medicine, hunting, even hacking. You’d be surprised how much one can do with only a couple of tools. Do you have the skill and determination that it takes to escape the island?

Gear up and strap in for a long and rough road, friend. This is as real as it gets

It's like whack a mole but without the stuffing and bolts

12) Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown Gameplay

From the minds behind the Crysis franchise, Hunt Showdown looks to mix the horror genre into the battle royale scene with a touch of wild west as well. Monsters have invaded the swampy lands of Louisiana, so bounty hunters such as yourself have been hired to deal with them. Not only a dangerous job, but an incredibly lucrative one as well.

Like in Escape from Tarkov, death does not only force you to restart your position. Your Hunter is gone, forever lost in the veil between worlds. However, their experiences gained throughout their time is transferred to your other Hunters, ensuring your hard work is never fully destroyed.

At the start of every match, you may choose to go it alone or with a friend. Each of the ten players in the match is given a monster that they must slay.

Once this goal is completed, that player is hit with a bounty upon their heads and now becomes a target to the other Hunters in the game. Remember: die, and it’ll cost you dearly. But, should you make it out alive, you can use your newly-found gains to purchase new and better equipment, making it easier to slay the nightmares that roam Louisiana and kill the competition.

Have you ever wanted to obliterate nightmarish monsters using a revolver and a stick of dynamite? I know I have

This town just ain't big enough for all of us

11) Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Gameplay

I think it is time we switched off of the serious tone so far and take a look at a game that takes itself nowhere near as seriously as the previous ones have. Enter Totally Accurate Battlegrounds; a fitting title for a game comprised mostly of polygons. But don’t let these Roblox-like graphics fool you.

The game, which affectionately describes calls itself “a last-weirdo-standing battle royale game”, originated as an April Fools Joke, but ended up becoming a full-fledged game because of its popularity. I think the devs put it best: “Jump onto an island from flying trucks, find a gun and survive and look silly while doing it, find and eliminate all your opponents to win the round!”

If you’ve wanted to jump onto the battle royale bandwagon but never understood the seriousness of the games with such a ridiculous concept, this is the one for you. It’ll leave you and your friends rolling on the floor.

Come on, how could anyone pass up a game like this?

If you can't take the heat, get out of the....hey. Am I noticing a pattern here?

10) Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale Gameplay

Continuing with this ridiculous theme is Cuisine Royale , which also happens to have started out as a joke originally , only to become the real deal when players fell in love with its mechanics. Battling it out to the death with dozens of other players who are all vying for survival is one thing, but battling it out using kitchen tools and utensils is on a whole other level.

Equip pots, pans, strainers, and a multitude of other kitchen items as armor and beat your enemy with a meat tenderizer! Or maybe you’d prefer to quietly drain them of their blood with a steak knife.

Of course, however, guns and melee weapons are always a choice as well, but come on. Would you rather bash in the head of your opponent with a spatula or a hammer? Being a free-to-play game, you can’t pass up the opportunity to play a game like this.

An expansive arena, a plethora of vehicles, and countless types of kitchen appliances. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Give a whole new meaning to the label “Iron Chef”

He won't even know what hit him...oops

9) Radical Heights

Radical Heights Gameplay

Radical Heights is oddly reminiscent of the game Sunset Overdrive that was released back in 2014. You’ll have a hard time finding a game more colorful and spirited than this one, especially noting that is has a very intense 80s theme. Drop in, loot for weapons, gadgets, and ammo and survive to be the last one standing in all out warfare.

You are even rewarded with in-game currency that can be traded in for epic cosmetics whether you win or lose. The ultimate goal? Become rich and famous amongst the other players for true glory!

You thought the 80s was explosive on its own? You haven’t even seen anything yet

Gimme the loot. Gimme the loot.

8) The Division 2

The Division 2 Gameplay

The critically acclaimed game, The Division, is getting a sequel, so get ready. Despite its criticisms, most cannot deny that The Division was an overall good game. In its new installment, Ubisoft plans on learning from their previous mistakes and correcting them to make The Division 2 the best it can be.

For those who have never played the first one, The Division takes place in a dystopian New York City that has been virtually eaten alive by a dangerous smallpox epidemic, taking countless lives with it. To combat this , the players, who are agents of an organization called the Division, are sent in to help those who have survived to rebuild the city and move closer towards finding a cure.

So far, all that is known is that the sequel to it is set in Washington D.C. and seven months after the previous game’s events.

A war between bands of bandits and civilians has broken out, requiring the assistance of the Division. As the player, you are subjected to a Destiny-like scenario where you can squad up with up to eight of your allies and delve into dark raids located around the city in the hopes of finding better loot and equipment to make yourself stronger.

Can you help rebuild and bring peace to our nation’s capital?

When you said party, I was hoping for something less, metallic?

7) ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved Gameplay

You, the player, wake up on the beach of a huge island naked, hungry, thirsty, and with an odd crystal embedded into your left wrist. Not only this, but the sound of distant roaring sends shivers down your spine. Dodo birds roam near you, but aren’t dodo birds extinct? Unfortunately for you, dodo birds are the least of your prehistoric worries.

On this island, you’ll discover all the dinosaurs you learned about as a kid—in the flesh. And I promise you that they’re not as fun and cute as you remember. Keep yourself fed, clothed, warm, and healthy as you try to survive among the original animals at the top of the food chain.

Explore the island and come across other players with the same goal as you.

Kill them for their stuff or ally with them to strengthen both of you, it’s up to you. If you become powerful enough, maybe you can even get one of these huge reptiles in your side…

It’s true that if you don’t move, it can’t see you, right?

In this instance, looks can

6) DayZ

DayZ Gameplay

After previously being under control of the Soviet Union, the country of Chernarus was transformed into a zombified ghost town after being blown through by an unidentified virus. Scarcity of resources creates strife among survivors and most fend for themselves. Each server consists of 60 players in one large sandbox world (230 kilometers/~143 miles squared) with the only objective to survive.

Scavenge old and abandoned buildings and, fight off marauders who wish to take your supplies by force. Be alert though—these are not the only things you’ll have to worry about. Exposure can kill just easily as a zombie bite to the brain. But in the end, it’s all up to the decisions you make.

Going it alone has its downsides…

The crowd for BTS is crazier than I expected. People are literally ripping each other apart.

5) Survarium

Survarium Gameplay

Not much can be said about this post-apocalyptic FPS shooter, but it promises a lot. Multiple game modes are offered that range from commonly seen ones to much more unique to the game; team play PVP, free play, and co-op. All game modes include the story except for PVP.

The game backstory is quite unique as well. Instead of an unknown virus or nuclear apocalypse, a mutation of forest growth has caused forests to grow and spread rapidly and killing anything that gets in its way. You must defend yourself against the forest and survive along with the remaining 10% of humanity that resides in rundown cities and encampments.

Scavenging provides many means of survival but joining the current four factions in the game can help you out immensely too. Survarium is still in early-access, but the game devs have stated that they wish to have nine factions in total in the final release, each having their own specific morals, beliefs, and goals.

Represent your faction and fight for what you believe in in Team Deathmatch, Research, Battery Retrieval, and Slaughter

With so many unlockable and upgrades, you should be able to erradicate this epidemic in no time

4) Miscreated

Miscreated Gameplay

Miscreated combines two common survival tropes in the survival game genre. After a war that nearly wiped out humanity, fallout set in. It was in this fallout that a devastating plague was born and continued to ravage what was left of humans. As if “The Final War” wasn’t bad enough.

Survive the dynamic elements, including radiation storms and keep the mutants caused by the plague at bay. The open-world of Miscreated is rich with abandoned cities, dark sewers, and bountiful bunkers, all of which are waiting to be explored and looted. Once you’ve got a nice foothold for yourself in this decrepit world, build a base on claimed land to recuperate in using free-form building.

You can create bigger and better homes if you’ve got a clan of allies by your side too. If you’re unlucky, you could find yourself having to defend against hostile enemy players too, so play your cards right.

If you were wondering just how dangerous these mutants might be, here’s your answer

Ok..Now's my chance to tell the boys back at camp that I found my car

3) APB Reloaded

APB Reloaded Gameplay

You get one decision; Chaos or law. In the city of San Paro, there are three kinds of people: Enforcers, Citizens, and Criminals. Citizens are the NPCs, so that leaves you with two to choose from. Do you want to protect the innocent, keep the streets clean, and serve your city? Or would you prefer to be the one muddying the streets, doing whatever you want through the use of intimidation and brute force?

In APB Reloaded, the choice is yours. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to do either of those without a large assortment of weapons and vehicles, as well as customizations for them. The aesthetic gameplay customization in the game gives you the ability to create a character that is especially unique to you, so you may be whoever you want to be.

You can even create your own music with an in-game music studio, so you can create your personal soundtrack like you’ve always wanted to.

You thought it felt good to be bad in Grand Theft Auto? APB Reloaded is the real place to be a villain

This what happens when finding a Krispy Kreme gets dangerous.

2) Hurtworld

Hurtworld Gameplay

First off, Hurtworld is still in early development. Even so, the game manages to stand out in its own way and be a very entertaining game to play.

It claims to keep you busy even after you obtain a nice foothold in the game, making sure you always have something next to do and progress to. Over time, you must improve your characters gear like from going to a bow and arrow to a firearm that is capable of much more damage.

Survive in an open multiplayer world with many other players who are all looking for the same thing as you: bigger and better things.

A majority of those people will have no qualms with killing you to get it too. Utilize crafting to keep your character stats healthy and build a base for yourself or with some friends. If you want some stronger tools, you’re going to have to go mining for them as well as farming. You can never go wrong with good old scavenging either. Eventually after becoming stronger, you’ll need a vehicle to get around.

Hurtworld has got you covered with cars, bikes, and quad bikes generated all over the map.

In the words of one of the greatest men to exist, “Everyone needs a friend.”

Say hello, to my little friend.


RUST Gameplay

Last and easily my favorite game on this list, I’m sure you’ve already heard of RUST. The most popular survival game that isn’t afraid to get a little graphic. Not only this, but also pleasantly simple in its overview. Overcome the natural struggles of hunger, thirst, and cold.

Protect yourself from hostile enemy players. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can come across a town and be accepted as an ally. Easy-to-play is the last thing you can describe this game as. “The only aim in Rust is to survive.”

Hazman suits are back in

Who's gettting the lucky bullet? Which one, which one?

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