PUBG Weapon Skins - How To Get Them All

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Because who doesn't want an SKS with a classy wooden finish?

What are PUBG Weapon Skins?

Weapon skins are a new feature introduced in update #8 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They’re effectively a cosmetic override that allows players to customize the appearance of different guns. Once you have one, all you need to do is equip it via the customizations tab in the game lobby.

Your equipped weapon skins only affect weapons you pick up, and are only applied after you pick a gun up. Other players will be able to use a gun you applied a skin to if you either drop it for them or have it looted from your death crate.

How To Get PUBG Weapon Skins

All weapon skins are available either through pulling a Triumph Crate from the game’s random crate system, or buying a Raider Crate, which has its own separate purchase option on the crate menu.

You’ll have a 20% chance to pull a Triumph Crate if you decide to try your luck with the random crate system, but you should also bear in mind that they also need to be opened with a Weapon Cosmetic Key that you can buy through an in-game microtransaction.

Raider Crates will cost more at the beginning of the week - rolling a random crate costs 700 BP to begin with while Raider crates start at 1200 BP - but they have the added benefit of not needing an additional microtransaction to open.

If you don’t want to bother with microtransactions and can’t count on yourself to pony up 1200 BP, don’t fret! If you log in at any time until May 1st, you’ll receive a limited time Year One SCAR -L skin completely free.

Here’s a List of All Currently Available PUBG Skins:

From the Raider Crate:

  • Rugged (Beige) Crossbow - 20% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Beige) M16A4 - 20% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Beige) S686 - 20% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Beige) SKS - 20% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Beige) Kar98k - 6.5% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Beige) S12K - 6.5% Drop Rate
  • Silver Plate R1895 - 3% Drop Rate
  • Jungle Digital P18C - 1.4% Drop Rate
  • Silver Plate DP-28 - 1.4% Drop Rate
  • Silver Plate S1897 - 0.4% Drop Rate
  • Jungle Digital SKS - 0.28% Drop Rate
  • Silver Plate Vector - 0.28% Drop Rate
  • Turquoise Delight P1911 - 0.08% Drop Rate
  • Silver Plate SCAR-L - 0.05% Drop Rate
  • Jungle Digital AWM - 0.05 Drop Rate
  • Turquoise Delight Tommy Gun - 0.028% Drop Rate
  • Turquoise Delight Kar98k - 0.0128% Drop Rate
  • Turquoise Delight M16A4 - 0.0128% Drop Rate
  • Gold Plate S686 - 0.0064% Drop Rate

You can see what each skin looks like here

From the Triumph Crate:

  • Desert Digital R45 - 15% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Orange) UMP9 - 15% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Orange) SCAR-L - 10% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Orange) M416 - 10% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Orange) AKM - 10% Drop Rate
  • Rugged (Orange) Kar98k - 10% Drop Rate
  • Gold Plate Winchester 1894 - 5% Drop Rate
  • Trifecta P92 - 5% Drop Rate
  • Desert Digital Mini 14 - 4.5% Drop Rate
  • Trifecta Micro Uzi - 4.5% Drop Rate
  • Gold Plate Sawed-Off - 4.5% Drop Rate
  • Desert Digital Kar98k - 2.5% Drop Rate
  • Trifecta SCAR-L - 1.3% Drop Rate
  • Desert Digital M416 - 1.3% Drop Rate
  • Gold Plate SKS - 0.6% Drop Rate
  • Glory UMP9 - 0.32% Drop Rate
  • Gold Plate S12K - 0.32% Drop Rate
  • Glory AKM - 0.16% Drop Rate

You can see what each skin looks like here

The drop rates for rare skins are a little more forgiving for the locked Triumph Crates by comparison, but that’s to be expected.


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