PUBG Best Explosives (From Worst To Best)

Whether it's for entertainment, geo-engineering, or just scientific curiosity, explosives have always fascinated mankind. The raw display of power is just awe-inspiring. Check out this article to see what's possible in PUBG. 


The sooted face of the Chinese alchemist who accidentally stumbled upon the recipe for explosives while searching for an elixir of immortality must have been a mix of shock, disbelief, and awe. What he unwillingly created in the 9th century was gunpowder.

If you combine fire and gunpowder, it burns rapidly and produces a large volume of gas, which can be used to propel projectiles or in large quantities create an explosion. This invention has shaped the history of the world in a thunderous way. 

In PUBG, explosives are an alternative way to get rid of an imminent threat. Mostly when this threat hides behind a cover or in a structure. Let’s check the criteria for ranking first before looking at the different explosives in detail. 

Criteria for ranking explosives

As there are no official stats from the developer, there is only room to speculate. There are no numbers in terms of damage, which makes it hard to use this common criterion for ranking. 

So utility comes to mind next. How useful do the different explosives prove on the battlefield? 

Let's look at the results.


5. Mortar

Mortar stats: 

  • It can shoot between 121 meters and 700 meters in distance.
  • It cannot be deployed on cement, iron, concrete, water, wooden floors, or inside buildings.

Mortars have been deployed since the late medieval period. They are a type of artillery weapon used to attack enemy positions and fortified structures that are not easily accessible by infantry. Some of the longest-range mortars can reach distances of more than 10 kilometers.

In PUBG, you are able to shoot up to 700 meters. This corresponds to seven white squares on the map. Knowledge of the distances is of great help to use the mortar effectively, but you can also use the spotter scope, which gives you the exact distance to the target.  

Whenever you are close to mortar shells falling from the sky, they make an indistinguishable sound, which prompts you to get to cover quickly. 

Bottom line: 

  • It’s a fun-to-use weapon for early- to mid-game only since it takes up a main weapon slot.

How to get the Mortar:

  • Spawns everywhere. 

4. Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bomb stats: 

  • Can destroy breach points. 

The sticky bomb was originally a British invention to fight the masses of German tanks in World War II. Winston Churchill himself initiated the production of 2,5 million units filled with nitroglycerin, which were extensively used in France during the closing stages of the War. 

In PUBG, you get a modern version of the historical sticky bomb. Being only available on Karakin, the sticky bomb’s main utility is to blow open the breaching points in different parts of certain buildings on the map. There are also buildings that you can only enter with the help of explosives.

Once you throw the sticky bomb, it does make an 8-bit sound, which warns the opponent of the upcoming gift. The detonation is rather harmless, so using it as an alternative to hand grenades is not a real option. Again, the main utility is to blow up walls, floors, and roofs. 

Bottom line: 

  • You can access buildings with the sticky bomb to get some loot. 
  • It is a tool to blow open an entry to the underground bunker. Look for the round single structures that look like stony yurts on Karakin.

How to get the Sticky Bomb: 

  • Only available on Karakin. 

3. Panzerfaust

Panzerfaust stats: 

  • Damage radius of 6 meters. 

In 1942, engineers from Leipzig developed the Panzerfaust. Initially intended as a defense weapon against the masses of Soviet tanks on the Eastern Front, it was later produced millions of times for the "final battle for the Reich". 

The Panzerfaust fires shaped charge projectiles, which reach 60 m/s. It is tricky to shoot at mid- to long-range distances in PUBG, as the projectile drops very quickly. However, the detonation is strong enough to destroy vehicles. 

If it is used in close-quarters combat, be aware that the backblast area needs to span 3 meters. If your teammate is behind you while firing, he gets fried. The same thing happens to you if you stand with your back against a wall. 

Thus, it is a useful weapon to attack opponents in structures or to take down vehicles. It is also a tool to force the airdrop from the Chinooks on Karakin. However, the Panzerfaust is discharged after one shot and takes up one main weapon slot.

Bottom line:

  • Great weapon against players in buildings and vehicles. 

How to get the Panzerfaust:

  • Spawns everywhere. 

2. C4

C4 stats: 

  • Effective 25-meter damage radius.
  • 15-meter lethal radius.
  • 12.5 meters of vertical lethality. 
  • Damages through walls.

Originally invented by the British during World War II, the composition C class of explosives was further developed by the U.S. in the 1950s. The result was C4, a powerful and versatile explosive that has played a significant role in the military and civilian sectors in recent decades. 

In PUBG, the C4 has an advantage over the Panzerfaust, as it doesn't take up a main weapon slot. It is portable and powerful. Once activated, the 16 second countdown starts, audible to everyone close by.

If you have a player camping in a building on the first floor, just chuck the C4 under the ceiling as it sticks. He will have to get out of the building asap. This is why it's also called the Camper-Schreck

You can also fit vehicles with this explosive. 

Bottom line: 

  • Powerful tool to put pressure on dug-in players. 

How to get the C4: 

  • You can find it everywhere. 

1. Grenade

Hand grenades have been used in various forms for centuries, as far back as the Byzantine Empire. Yeah, thinking of Orthodox Christianity and the Crusades, one thing comes to mind. The Holy Hand Grenade. Always remember to count to three. Not two or four. Three. Three!

In PUBG, you are also able to cook the grenade before using it in combat situations. Contrary to Monty Python's instructions, it takes six seconds before shit hits the fan. Not five or seven. Six! 

The hand grenade is common in every decent shooter out there due to its portability and flexibility. Practiced hands can get the explosive around every corner, behind every cover, and through every window.

Bottom line:

  • Classic explosive, which is highly versatile. 
  • Ability to cook the grenade to time the explosion perfectly. 

How to get the Hand Grenade: 

  • World loot on every map. 

General tips and tricks on how to use explosives

Here are some general tips and tricks on how to use explosives:

  • Each additional item of the same explosive takes up exponentially more space in the inventory. 
  • Learn to cook the grenade and to time your throw perfectly. 
  • Always have one backup nade for the final standoff of the game.
  • Explosives are ideal for forcing opponents out of cover in the open.


Explosives enable you to have diverse opportunities to enhance your fighting capabilities on the battleground. It is ideal to always make use of grenades and the C4. 

After all, it's still fascinating when things blow up. The Chinese alchemist would probably agree.



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