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Games Like Hellblade
A dark story of vengeance set in the Viking era - what could be better?

7. Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor gameplay

After a vicious attack from Sauron’s Uruk forces, Talion is left with nothing. His family is ritualistically slaughtered and he ends up possessed by the wraith of Celebrimbor. Now united into one entity, they set out on a quest - to uncover the past and identity of Celebrimbor, and to seek vengeance for Talion’s family. Fight your way through enemies, forming unique relationships and rivalries with them, and uncover the truth about the Rings of Power, leading you to the true evil. 

Survive assaults: slash your way through hordes of orcs

Nemesis system: your enemies now remember what you did and who you killed before

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