Top 15 Games Like Code Vein (Games Better Than Code Vein In Their Own Way)

Games Like Code Vein
Games Better Than Code Vein In Their Own Way

With no concrete release date in sight, Code Vein fans are eagerly, and impatiently, looking forward to slicing down demons and other fantastically evil creatures in the next installment of this  fast-paced, action-packed JRPG. 

Until that time comes, here are 15 games like Code Vein (some better in their own right) that you should check out!

15. The Surge 2

[E3 2019] The Surge 2 – E3 Trailer

Fight for survival in this semi-open world inhabited by creatures and robots waiting to kill you, all while you try to uncover why the world is destroying itself. And it’s up to you to stop it…if you can.

Customize your character to live out the story how you see fit. There is an array of different changes in this sequel, like updated combat, new weapons and gadgets to use, and even a shiny, new, expansive world! 

Chop the arms and legs off your enemies to gather their weapons and upgrades. Or just dismember them for the fun of it, there’s always that too. Enemies will come at you with tactical advantages and strategies, so you need to stay  on f your toes and be prepared for anything.

Chop up the mercenaries and other enemies that get in your way!

Test your resolve in a new world of deadly creatures, machines, humans, and more…

14. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Lets play (SplatterCatGaming)

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine is a title based in the Warhammer 40k universe.

You play as a Space Marine soldier that must fight back against the Orks, an alien race hellbent on gaining power and taking over the world.. Orks aren’t the only threat though. The Forces of Chaos are at work too, pumping out ferocious, deadly creatures as fast as reproducing bunnies.

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine puts you in a third person action setting, allowing you to choose  from a variety of melee weapons and abilities, ranged guns, and canons. There’s enough variety for everyone to be satisfied, no matter what your method of brutal murder is!

Get into furious gunfights with voracious space orks!

Killing little green men has never felt so good!

13. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (VaatiVidya)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an upcoming action-adventure title set in an alternate 16th century Sengoku period. You control a shinobi with a prosthetic arm and wield a katana on a quest to find out where your Lord has been taken to. Strike your enemies with poise and balance to get an edge on your opponent, then take  them down with one clean swipe. You can cut down all who oppose you

Fly from building to building with lighting fast speed as you use the grappling hook to propel yourself around.

Become a badass shinobi armed with a dangerous prosthetic that can shoot fire!


12. Hellpoint - Hellpoint (Shirrako)

In the aftermath of a cataclysm of quantum proportions called The Merge, every living creature on earth has fused with a parallel dimension version of themselves. This causes them to completely lose their minds as their memories and their physical forms were forced to fuse together. Nameless and without memories, you become what you seek out to be. Will you be salvation for the remaining people? Or will you be their destruction?

Choose from an ancient warrior, a disciple, or a newborn…

Action packed, tight controls, and incredible graphics; we can’t wait for this game!


11. NIOH - NIOH (Fightincowboy)


NIOH is set in an alternate 16th century Japan during a ravenous civil war in the Sengoku period, which was prior to the ascension of Tokugawa Shogunate. There are demons called yōkai that are thriving amidst the created chaos. You, a sailor named William contracted by Hattori Hanzo, must travel through the land to bring an end to the calamity that is plaguing it. You’re accompanied by a ghost woman who  follows you around, which is always welcome.

Step into the shoes of the sailor William and take down humans and demons that stand in your path.

Get your blade ready for this action-packed, demon slaying adventure!

10. Devil May Cry 5 - Devil May Cry 5 Demo (MKIceAndFire)


Set two years after Devil May Cry 2, a man known as V (the letter not the numeral) enters Dante’s organization building and contracts him to kill demons across the globe. 

Meanwhile, after acquiring his prosthetic arm, Nero starts his own demon slaying agency out of a van, and causing him to seek out Dante for help. . If you want a fast-paced, hack-and-slash with humor, blood, and guts then you’ve come to the right game. 

Wield Nero’s bionic prosthetic to dangerous effects!

The annihilation of demons is imminent with these slayers around!


9. SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption - SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption (LobosJr.)


You, a proud and noble warrior, are amidst 7 other warriors (each representing one of the 7 deadly sins) who wish to strike you down. You must take them all down, one by one, but as they get stronger with every passing battle, you get weaker. After every boss you must de-level yourself, taking away a stat which makes your next fight even more difficult. After all, you are facing evil incarnate.

Use not only your weapon, but your spirit, to fight against evil incarnate.

Face off against challenging bosses and prepare to die.

8. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

A broken celtic warrior, she continues on. Having lost the one she loved, she follows her visions where she ventures into Viking hell, into myth, and into the depths of madness itself.

She suffers mentally and physically for her lover in order to save both their souls from an eternity of torture. Senua also faces off against the most challenging foe: herself.

Take on Senuas challenges, and save your lover from hell.

Face off against nightmarish creatures that try to break your spirit.

7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (ChristopherOdd)

War breaks out in the Northern kingdoms, as Nifgaard has invaded. Geralt of Rivia, his lover Yennefer, and his ex-lover (yes, it gets pretty awkward) Triss, search for a living weapon that, if in the wrong hands, could doom the whole world.

Meanwhile, Ciri, Geralt and Yennefer’s adopted daughter, is hidden away from danger due to the fact that  her incredible magical abilities are key in The Wild Hunt’s plan to conquer.

Take on the role of The Witcher. Hunt monsters, collect herbs, and uncover the true intentions of the invaders. 

Face off against abominations and terroristic threats to become the saviour of the world!


6. EITR - EITR Gameplay (VaatiVidya)

Yggdrasil…the life-giving tree to the 9 Norse worlds. It has been corrupted by a black, poison-like substance that is spewing out into the 9 worlds. You, the chosen one of destiny, must make a perilous journey through hordes of monsters and incredibly challenging bosses to all 9 realms and stop the EITR from spreading even further… 

Survive hordes of undead beings and disgusting creatures.

Face off against tough challenges and try not to be brutally murdered.


5. Lords of the Fallen - Lords of the Fallen (Keith Ballard)


Where your sins shall never be forgotten, but redemption is attainable, Harkyn is a convicted criminal set to redeem himself, but the gods have something else planned. 

On the verge of banishing the Evil from human nature, a long-forgotten god attacks with an army of demons by his side. Harkyn will have to travel into the center of the demonic dimension to put an end to this war between Good and Evil.

Face off against killer demons, as a mortal you’ve totally got this!

Use an array of different weapons to slay the forces of evil.


4. Darksiders 3 - Darksiders 3 (TertraNinja)


As one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Fury takes on the contract of the Charred Council to trackand killi the 7 Deadly Sins. Uncovering Envy’s hidden agenda, you discover it’s not just about putting an end to the Sins, but something much greater....

Fury must make a decision to side with the Lord of Hallows, or choose humanity. Meanwhile,The Destroyer is plotting his next steps and  is always ahead of the game.

Engage in fights with incredibly strong monsters

Use your powers for the sake of, or the downfall of humanity


3. Shadow of Mordor - Shadow of Mordor (Jesse Cox)

With the armies of Sauron taking control of the Black Gate to Mordor, all seems lost. The ranger Talion was killed while guarding the gate to Mordor, so it seems there is  no one who could stand in the armies’ way. 

But wait, all hope is not lost! Talion is revived by a spectral deity with new wraith-like abilities in hand. As Talion, you later find out that the one who revived you is none other than the Greatest Elven Smith Master from the Second Age, Celebrimbor! He also seeks revenge on Sauron for what he had wrought in the past…

With Talion’s wraith abilities, you gain access to a variety of new moves and skills to unlock

Take control of your enemies and have them do your bidding.


2. Monster Hunter World - Monster Hunter World (Wanderbots)

You are a Monster Hunter who hunts dangerous creatures on expeditions to “The New World”. You start with several weapons to choose from, and after you hunt enough monsters, you can use the remains of them to upgrade or even craft new weapons and armor for yourself.

Don’t worry, you can let friends join you along  the way so that you don’t become dino food. Remember to always utilize the environment to your advantage to gain an upper hand. Good luck, and happy hunting!

Equip yourself with whatever suits you best, be it range, melee, or running away while screaming for your life.

Some other creatures will even attack each other, in attempts for survival of the fittest.


1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengence - Metal Gear Rising: Revengence (Super Best Friends Play)

Cut through all enemies who stand in your way to figure out who you are on the inside. Raiden, a lone, katana-wielding cyborg is in the midst of a dangerous military operation, where he must battle his psyche, and sadistic enemies that attack from the shadows. 

The Patriots are in charge of this world, and you must  rebel against them to stop their evil plan from unfolding. Slice down all who would side withThe Patriots. Good luck.

Slice and dice into your enemies with a Nanotech sword that can cut through anything with ease. Feast on those delicious electrolytes. Yum!

Take a bloodbath, in your enemies or your own blood. On Revengence mode (when unlocked by completing very hard), almost every enemy in the game will one-shot you, providing the ultimate challenge.


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