[Top 15] Best Assassin Games that are Excellent

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With a vast variety of stealth titles available it can be like trying to find a crumb in a haystack riddled with landmines planted on every corner, not an easy feat. Check out our list of great stealth games which every ninja enthusiast should check out.


15. Tenchu | Acquire | 1998 | PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Respect your elders and respect these assassins who are over 20 years old now. They are the OG  of the assassins games and it certainly shows when playing it now. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you don’t need to when they wrote the book on stealth. 

Our assassins Ayame and Rikimaru are on multiple missions to protect the city and please their lord Gohida. Plenty of shady stealth kills from bushes, more smoke bombs than Batman and NPC have conversations about all sorts makes the action feel real. 

Yes, it’s a golden oldie now and a lot of the clever ideas have been lifted to high heavens and used in many other titles but it is still the classic it used to be and can still roll back the years in many parts of this iconic title. 

14. Dishonoured | 2012 | Arkhane | Xbox, PC, PlayStation

Well, this one is another start to a great relationship in the stealth genre era. Assassins with cool abilities who have been framed and will do everything to clear their name. Not a new concept but a bloody fun one regardless.

You are Corvo a bodyguard for the monarchy who has been framed for murder and has to go full detective to prove snipe, and stealth kills his way to the truth. With help from a resistance group, this spells a whole lot of blood and body parts riddling the screen.

A combination of great supernatural powers kills and twists makes the title work in more ways than one. Your decisions are essential and the open-world helps you to for in love with the world until you are caught mid stealth attack. A worthy addition to the assassin list.

13. Thief: Dark Shadows | 2021 | Eidos | PC, Xbox, PlayStation

Dark fantasy is my jam. I’m a big fan of the gothic look so any excuse to praise a game in that type of environment is never a chore for me at all, then again neither is playing non-gothic games. Oh, forget it. 

In this world, you play a thief by the name of Garret who is just trying to live in the world and will do anything he can to continue to stay afloat in a world that doesn’t care about him in the slightest. 

Another game that gives you the options and interesting ways to take out foes in the shadows. While far from perfect and slow at times, it offers enough to give it a whirl if you’re curious about this little gem. 

12. Resident Evil 2 | Capcom | 2019 | Xbox S X, PlayStation 5, PC

Could this be one of the best remakes ever made? I’m starting to think so. Everything is bumped up and the legendary Resident Evil 4 camera angle has been added to make this even better than the original already was.

You play as either Leon or Claire trying to escape a zombie-ridden Racoon city due to the infamous T virus provided by the dodgy Umbrella company. The tyrant certainly plays his part and is best to avoid at all times in the game but easier said than done, I guess.

The game has picked up more awards than Tom Hanks, is loved by all survival game lovers, and was a big hit for Capcom so who am I to go against the crowd? I would say that the game if anything is a tad too short for me but that’s my gripe in a brilliant title.

11. Dishorned 2 | 2016 | Arkane Studios | Xbox One, PC, PlayStation

Over the last few years, Arkane has been producing some interesting stealth-action titles and before Death loop, they had a little title called Dishorned, but recently its successor took the title even further with an impressive sequel. 

You can choose to play as Emily or Corvo as they attempt to win back the people and the monarch after an aunty with her grand devil designs turns up to piss in your cereal bowl.

A very straightforward story, a game that depends on your choices, and a great selection of supernatural and weapons makes this a very niche adventure in a world that feels like its own. Loads of NPC sub-quests, great dialogue, and nice stealth bits make this a don’t miss.

10. Ghost Runners | 2020 | One More Level | PlayStation, Xbox, PC

They strike high, they strike low, blood and mystery follow them everywhere they go, their Ninjas. It’s another mecha ninja game and a very addictive one at that. Ghost Runners sticks to its name and the landing in most areas throughout this adventure. 

You are an assassin who doesn’t know what or who he is, what he is capable of doing, and why games consoles don’t have 4 game controller ports! Either way, he is happy to slice as many villains and people as possible until he gets to the inescapable truth which we know is forthcoming. 

Ghost runner utilizes the free-running skill to the maximum in this breakneck speed adventure game. The sound effects, create foe AI and clever level designs help to make it more than another creep and kill ninja game.

09. Aragami 2 | 2021 | Lince Works | PC, PlayStation, Xbox S X

If you look up the ninja, I’m sure you will see the phrase stealth beside it, it’s the law at this point, deal with it. Yep, I got another ninja game which I wanted to shed some light on it, or more like a bloody fog light!

You play as the assassin who is on a quest to protect his people from invaders who want to enslave kill and take over. You are of course gifted with shadow skills which do help you complete your missions and help assassinate these foes quietly & quicker than sonic on steroids. 

The shadow skills are a big highlight of the game and help rather than hinder you on your very long mission which on many occasions you will have to go back to multiple times. Despite a few glitches here and there, this is another enjoyable ninja romp. 

8. Shinobi | 1987 | Sega | PC, PlayStation, Xbox

My mother always said to respect your elders and I suggest we all should respect this gem from Sega which deserves the highest Ninja accolade available that we give it due to games that this titled as spawned through the years.

After your master is assassinated and your girlfriend Naoko is kidnapped by the enemy, it’s up to you to get the job done, Time to shuriken your way through many ninja soldiers and robots who want to see you fail spectacularly. 

Yes, it is dated now and yes it may slow down now and again due to the number of people on screen. Yes, the graphics are 8-bit and it shows but one thing you can’t ever take away from it is its charm, playability, and the way it started a memorable franchise. 

7. Metal Gear Solid Rising | 2013 | Konami | Switch, PC, PlayStation,

Snake, Snakkeeeeeeeeeee. those are famous words from the Metal Gear Franchise. We were all obsessed with Raiden and all hoped that eventually, he would get his own full-length game someday. Are calls were finally answered by the gaming gods who blessed us with this story. 

You play as Raiden who has been tricked by a terrorist organization that has ties with the firm you were looking into and now is seeking to take them down for good. Raiden shows all the great elements you love in a ninja game great poses and a lot of swiping sword action.

Revengence is a very different game from the hide and sneak methods we have come accustomed to in the Metal Gear games and it’s better for it. Solid Snake is his own man and Raiden is certainly his cyborg. The story works well and I guarantee that you enjoy hacking your way to the interesting finish.

6. Shinobi III | 1993 | Sega | PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Megadrive

He’s back, the number one ninja with a million problems is back with another one. Once again Joe must save the day, look cool, collect icons to power up, and much more. It’s more of the same but that is very far from a bad thing.

Joe must once again go against the evil clan who has risen its ugly head and aim to cause more chaos than a hungry newborn. It’s time he dealt with the Shadow Master once and for all or until Sega feels like The Shinobi legend rises again.

This one is all about the techniques, Ninjitsu specials are spectacular in this title, everything from lighting, dragon fire, and secret levels, everything you expect from a Shinobi slash them up and it’s the same reason why the title will always be brought back to be enjoyed by different generations.

5. Assassins Creed Origins | 2017 | Ubisoft | PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC

Well, it does have an assassin in the title, why are you surprised. Now it certainly has a variety of assassins in the franchise but this one is the first to add RPG elements making it probably one of the most unique ones in the series. 

Now this one involves a character named Bayek getting involved in the deadly world of templar order. Of course, this involves killing, invading, and infiltration, what else did you think these games normally involve. 

This open-world affair is certainly a treat and very easy on the eyes but some popping and the old glitch here and there which can be found in all the games in the collection is a minor pain to the pleasure this title will bring to your assassin loving hearts.

4. Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut | Sucker Punch | PlayStation

While the world waits with bated breath for the sequel which surely must be a few years away (sadly) from being released, the gaming gods at sucker punch decided to give us something more to swing our swords at until that fateful day.

Yes, this is an expansion but it also offers more to an already brilliant game so who am I to say no to perfection. The mission now involves Jin traveling over to Iki island and dealing with the leader of the Mongolian Eagle tribe who is causing havoc over there. 

Well, it’s more of the same with some different enemies who can do everything from changing their fighting styles to even increasing the stamina of other foes with them. You won’t hear me complaining while I’m ramming villains with my horse for taking a few more heads once again.

3. Death loop | 2021 | Arkane | PlayStation, PC

Some loops are fun like hula hoops back in the day while other loops are just boring, doing the same thing over and over again. Can Death loop break the chain or just be another vicious circle of the fight, die than repeat every gamer experiences in every game?

Death loop breaks the loop more than it tramples on it to death (Ha) You play as Colt, a man who wakes up and is told for him to break a time loop he is stuck in, he must take out 8 targets. Yes, it’s easier said than done but it’s a hell of a good time trying again and again. 

Everything about this game has had a lot of thought around it. Simple things like studying a location and the enemies protecting this target gives you hitman vibes at times, but that goes out the window when the bullets bodies and bad language flies everywhere.

2. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory | 2005 | Ubisoft | PlayStation, Xbox S X, PC

Another great game from Ubisoft has a few games on this list. It sounds like someone has mastered the art of a good stealth title and knows exactly what buttons to push to out another diamond. 

Once again you play the likable but deadly Sam Fisher on another mission for the NSA and once again, he will use every corner, ceiling, and moment to look cool to take out his targets. 

Chaos Theory gets another gold star for the change in level design and extra little tricks such as manipulation of the light which helps when escaping and different ways to get out or into a location which can be very handy. Nothing negative to say at all about this one. Enjoy.

1. Hitman 3 |2021 | IO Interactive | PC, Xbox, PlayStation

Except for James Bond, not many trained killers have withstood the test of time while having their characters in multimedia form, everything from comics, games, and movies based on them at once. Agent 47 is back with another banger for 2021. 

Once again you are Agent 47 who aims to put an end to the partners once and for all. Like all Hitman games, this game has Agent going to multiple locations and taking out many targets and that’s the exact reason why we still like the franchise. 

This version has a lot of world-building elements while continuing the running themes from the previous games. The mission in Berlin is a big favorite and your lack of cover makes it an even more exhilarating task than usual.  The 3rd game is a worthy sequel in the franchise. 

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