Dota 2 Best Regions With The Most Powerful Players (All Regions Ranked)

Dota is a great game that involves cultures from all around the world, bringing people together even if they don’t understand each other’s language. There are various regions in Dota, these regions have given birth to some of the most talented players which are also referred to as legends today. To help people understand the dynamics of various regions, we have compiled this list ranking the Best Regions with the Most Powerful Players.

6. SA (South American) Region

The South American region is a relatively new region, which lacks experience yet is full of young and promising players. These players have the raw skill to win the games, but they have no proper way of executing it due to a lack of experience. There are various teams from this region that have managed to place high in tournaments, despite the adversity. The notable teams from this region include Beastcoast and Thunder Awaken. True fans of Dota are tired of seeing the same teams qualify for all the tournaments and hope they get to see some young blood giving a tough time to these veterans.

5. NA (North American) Region

The region which seems to be fallen from grace is only a shadow of its former self. The North American region was once a glorious region that contained many legendary players who now have either retired or moved on to other regions. EG is a prime example of the best NA team, they managed to shock the world and win the International 5, with young prodigy Sumail who was just 15 at the time! TSM undoubtedly is the best team in the region, and they recently placed 2nd at the Stockholm Major. Apart from all the spicy drama and feuds, the NA region needs experienced captains who can guide teams to victory.

4. EEU/CIS (Eastern European) Region

One of the most controversial regions is now the CIS region, which is also known as the Eastern European region. Even before Dota 2, the CIS players dominated the Dota 1 scene. They were the first ones to get sponsorships and salaries! Navi was the first team to dominate the Dota 2 scene, winning the first International back in 2011. And who doesn’t love Dendi? Arguably the face of Dota. In recent times, the CIS region found little to no success except during Ti10, where the underdogs Team Spirit shook the world by defeating PSG.LGD in the finals and lifting the Aegis and securing $18 million. We long for a time where we get to see more success from the CIS region after all the chaos which is taking place there. 

3. SEA (Southeast Asian) Region

The Southeast Asian region is full of surprises and interesting twists. The region is lovely to play in as you never know if your teammates are going to rage quit or go on defending the base for 70 minutes. The SEA pro scene is just like this! The teams here are exceptionally talented and tough to play against. There have been various historic SEA runs. Does anyone remember OG vs TnC lower bracket during Ti6? That was a shocker. The SEA teams are often relentless and try till the very end. Their fighter spirit is commendable.

2. CN (China) Region

Before the Pandemic, it was a safe bet that China heavily dominated the Majors and even the Internationals. They managed to secure a minimum of 4 spots for every Ti, made it to the finals of 8, and managed to secure first place in 3 of them. The Chinese region heavily relies on a disciplined play style and systematic execution of strategies that require heavy team coordination. The Chinese region is full of promising talent and the teams often comprise experienced legends and a few new players which are ready to give it their all. The best example of this is team Wings and their heroic run during Ti6, where they managed to defer all odds and ended up lifting the Aegis.

1. EU (Western European) Region

The Western European Region is by far the strongest region in Dota 2. Since the inception of Pro Dota, the European Region has managed to win 4 Tis and a multitude of Majors and tournaments all over the world. Even the MMR disparity has given rise to the “10k NA = 4k EU” jokes, as there are simply double the number of players in this region. This region has given birth to legends such as Miracle, Puppey, Kuroky, Notail, and Ceb to name a few. This region is the most competitive within itself as well, as you never know which European team may win as they all have some tricks up their sleeve. You may even see an underdog team go head to head against the top dogs and even upset them in a series. The WEU region is unpredictable and full of surprises (and dramas). 

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