Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey—All Cultist Locations and How to Find Them

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey All Cultist Locations
How to find and kill the Cult of Kosmos before they find and kill you.

Who are the Cult of Kosmos?

Shortly into the main storyline in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Kassandra/Alexios becomes aware of the Cult of Kosmos, a powerful group with a unique interest in their family and bloodline. One of the main plotlines revolves around eliminating the Cult members one by one.

To unmask Cultists, players generally first need to find clues towards their identity by tracking down different Cult members and gathering information. If it says to ‘continue your odyssey’, then you will need to progress further in the game to find them. If it says to ‘help people nearby’, then players will need to complete a side quest in the vicinity of the clue. When you’ve taken out all Cultists in a group, you can hunt their Sage, and each Sage killed reveals a clue about the Ghost of Kosmos, the group’s mysterious leader.

Kassandra atop the Statue of Athena

Explore the world of Ancient Greece as you hunt down the mysterious Cult.

Finding some Cult members is at times quite difficult and the clues are often ambiguous. Therefore, we have provided some tips on how and where to find more Cultists in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. We have provided a link to a Youtube video indicating how each Cultist might be located, as well as their suggested levels and any related quests.

Eyes of Kosmos

1.      Elpenor (Level 11)

Elpenor is the first cultist you encounter in the main story and so there are no clues need to reveal his identity.

Elpenor is killed as part of the ‘Snake in the Grass’ quest; once you have killed his body double he can be found in the Snake Temple in Phokis.

2.      Sotera (Level 13)

The clue to aid in finding the Master states that the Cultist owns a quarry and a slave operation in Attika.

To uncover The Master, the player needs to complete four specific side quests relating to Sokrates, starting with the side quest ‘Citzenship Test’ in Athens. Follow this quest chain with ‘Witness Him’, then ‘Free Speech’, and ‘On a High Horse’, which leads players to the quest ‘A Life’s Worth’ in southern Attika. During this quest players will uncover the Master and kill him.

4.      Midas (Level 18)

Midas can be found after completing ‘The Serpent's Lair’ quest.

Midas will be found in the streets of Argos in the region of Argolis, usually by the Temple of Poseiden or at the Leader House. Players can track his location on the map.

5.      Hermippos (Level 19)

Hermippos is revealed in one of two ways.

The first: Kill the Polemarch at Fort Phyle in northern Attika.

The second: You can also uncover the identity of this cultist by completing the Sokrates sidequest ‘Free Speech’ in Attika which is unlocked by first completing the side quests ‘Citizenship Test’, followed by ‘Witness Him’. After completing the first two side quests, you can find Sokrates at the Akropolis where the ‘Free Speech’ quest can be started. Once this quest is complete, Hermippos will appear in Athens.

6.      Nyx the Shadow (Sage) (Base Level: 18)

Nyx the Shadow is the Cultist Sage of the Eyes of Kosmos, and she is revealed when all other cultists from this group are defeated. 

She is located at the Agora by the Theater of Dionysos in Attika which is located to the Southeast of the Akropolis.

The Silver Vein

1.      Epiktetos the Forthcoming (Level 10)

Epiktetos is killed during ‘The Serpent’s Lair’ main quest.

2.      The Centaur of Euboea (Level 14)

The Centaur is one of the cultists revealed after ‘The Serpent’s Lair’ main quest.

The Centaur can be found on the island of Euboea, where he resides inside the Abandoned Mine on the northeast side of the island.

3.      The Chimera (Level 14)

The Chimera’s location is revealed after ‘The Serpent’s Lair’ main quest.

The Chimera is located on the island region of Andros in Steropes Bay. She is located on the southern end of the island, south of the Forge where you can travel after completing ‘The Serpent’s Lair’.

4.      The Silver Griffin (Level 22)

Although the above video is longer than the others, it is useful in illustrating to players where they can find the second Silver Griffin clue.

The Silver Griffin is revealed through one clue that is dropped after killing the Chimera, and the second clue is located in Lavrio Silver Mine in Attika.

In the largest cave chamber in this mine there is an upper ledge on the left where a large chest holds the clue revealing The Silver Griffin’s identity.

Once revealed, you can find The Silver Griffin at Prasonisia island off the coast of Mykonos.

5.      Machaon the Feared (Level 45)

The clue showing Machaon the Feared’s identity can be tricky to locate, but the above video illustrates where to find it.

Once revealed, you will be able to find this cultist at the Port of Patrai in the region of Achaia.

6.      Polemon the Wise (Sage) (Level 50)

Polemon the Wise is revealed once all other cultists in this group have been eliminated.

Once revealed, you can find Polemon the Wise at the Teichos of Herakles Cult Stronghold, located in the region of Achaia.

The Delian League

1.      Brison (Level 17)

Brison’s identity is uncovered over the course of the main story.

To reveal his identity, you must reach Attika and continue the main quest until Perikles tasks you with helping his friends. Complete the main quest ‘Escape from Athens’ to help Phidas get to Seriphos where players will receive the clue needed.

Once revealed, Brison can be found at the Salamis Marble Quarry on the Isle of Salamis.

2.      Podarkes the Cruel (Level 23)

Podarkes the Cruel is exposed by engaging in a side quest.

In order to find this Cultist, players will complete the ‘Perikles's Symposium’ quest and return to The Adrestia. Then you will receive a new quest ‘Trouble in Paradise’, bringing you to Delos and Mykonos. In the follow-up to this quest, ‘Hades, Meet Podarkes’, you will you learn his identity and subsequently have the opportunity to kill him

3.      Rhexenor the Hand (Level 25)

Rhexenor the Hand is uncovered by continuing the Main Questline, during the quest ‘A-Musing Tale’.

Once you reach the story point to uncover Rhexenor, you will find him in Athens.

4.      Iobates the Stoic (Level 49)

Once uncovered, you can find Iobates on Lemnos.

Iobates the Stoic can be revealed by killing a mercenary by the name of Aigle, who drops a clue related to Iobates.

5.      Kodros the Bull (Level 50)

Kodros the Bull can be revealed by killing Titos of Athens, the second-last opponent in The Arena.

He can then be found at the Leader's House in the city of Mytilene, Lesbos.

6.      Kleon the Everyman (Sage) (Level 40)

Kleon the Everyman is revealed and killed as part of the main storyline quest ‘We Will Rise’; he cannot be missed.

The Peloponnesian League

1.      Skylax the Fair (Level 17)

Skylax the Fair's Location

In order to uncover Skylax the Fair’s identity, players can go to the Xerxes Military Fort in the Lokris region, and loot the Nation Treasure Chest. Alternatively, he can be found without the clue revealing his identity.

Players will find Sklyax the Fair in Euboea. He can usually be found in the Leader's House in Chalkis City, but is surrounded by high level captains.

Alternatively, players can weaken the region and make Skylax more vulnerable. Skylax will drop in level and take to the streets of Chalkis, leaving him isolated.

2.      The Monger (Level 21)

The Monger is revealed by following the main story, and as such cannot be missed. When you travel to Korinthia, you'll find the identity of The Monger, and plan to assassinate him during the quest ‘Monger Down’.

Players can choose to fight him in a cave, or make a public spectacle of him at the theater. This decision does have consequences, as players can convince another cultist to back down later in the game if they killed The Monger out of view of the public.

3.      Silanos of Paros (Level 22)

Silanos of Paros is uncovered during the main story quest ‘Death and Disorder’, and can be killed during the quest ‘United Front’, while on Naxos Island. As such, he cannot be missed.

4.      Kallias (Level 36)

Kallias is unmasked during the main story during Olympian series of quests, after the quest ‘The Contender’.

Once uncovered, you can find Kallias patrolling the region of Elis walking between Fort Koroibos and the main city, as well as the road between them.

5.      Lagos the Archon (Level 26)

Lagos the Archon is one of the cultists whose clues are derived from ‘The Serpent’s Lair’.

Lagos is dealt with during the series of quests titled ‘The Cult and the Archon’. The clue will point to his location in Fort Samikon, in Arkadia, which will be revealed during the main story. You will have the option to kill or spare this cultist, depending on your choices while killing the Monger.

6.      Pausanias (Sage) (Level 32)

Pausanias is the sage of the Peloponneian League, revealed through a number of different quests. It is suggested that you must have enough proof to implicate Pausanias before you accuse him, but this is not true.

Regardless of whether Pausanias is exiled or not, players will still be able to kill him and reclaim their home.

Gods of the Aegean Sea

1.      Asterion (Level 14)

Asterion is the first cultist of the Gods of the Aegean Sea, and is one of the cultists revealed after completing ‘The Serpent’s Lair’.

Asterion can be found sailing his ship around the island of Andros.

2.      Sokos (Level 23)

Sokos’ clue can be revealed by defeating Asterion.

The clue will point you to the Obsidian Islands, and to force him out of hiding you must weaken Melos enough to engage in a Conquest Battle. His ship will then take part in the naval battle.

3.      The Octopus (Level 27)

The Octopus is revealed by killing Sokos.

You can find her sailing between the islands of Thera and Anaphi and then attack her ship.

4.      Melanthos (Level 30)

Melanthos is revealed by killing The Octopus.

To expose this cultist, you must then kill the leader of Messara, his father. Melanthos will then be found sailing around Messara, vulnerable to attack.

5.      The Mytilenian Shark (Level 30)

Once uncovered, you can find this cultist sailing around the waters of the region of Samos.

The first clue to finding the Mytilenian Shark is found by killing Melanthos which will direct players to loot the Palace of Amphitrite. Once there, players can obtain the Sunken Goods clue, which pinpoints the location of The Mytilenian Shark.

6.      The Hydra (Sage) (Level 50)

The Hydra is the Sage who leads the Gods of the Aegean Sea, and can be exposed by eliminating all the cultists of this group.

Once unmasked, The Hydra can be found circling the waters in the far Southwest of the island of Messania.

Worshippers of the Bloodline

1.      Zoisme (Level 12)

Once uncovered, you can fin Zoisme at Wild Bear cave in the top center of Malis.

Zoisme is the first cultist of the Worshippers of the Bloodline. A clue given during ‘The Serpent’s Lair’ leads players to a wolf den in Phokis, where a clue is found unmasking her.

2.      Chrysis (Level 16)

Chrysis is uncovered during the Main Storyline, and as such cannot be missed.

You can uncover this cultist's identity at the conclusion of the quest ‘Speak No Evil’. Once uncovered, you will face her during the quest ‘Ashes to Ashes’ but she escapes if you choose to save the baby. If you save the baby—which, I mean, I assume you will—you can find Chrysis by undertaking a nearby side quest outside Argos called ‘Death Comes for Us All’.

3.      Harpalos (Level 18)

There are two ways to reveal the identity of Harpalos.

The first: You must search for the Followers of Ares who can be sometimes be found in cultist caves, or at the Pillar of Dionysos in Megaris.

The second: You can simply eliminate Chrysis in Argolis.

After uncovering his identity, you can find Harpalos with the Followers of Ares on the island of Keos in the Cave of Ares. The cave is located next to an underwater pool you can dive down into from the Reclining Lion.

4.      Diona (Level 36)

To expose Diona’s identity as a cultist, you must complete a series of side quests on Kythera Island given by Diona herself, starting with the quest ‘I, Diona’.

When you reach the end of the quest line, it will be revealed that Diona has an identical twin sister and you must kill the correct twin, as they will be standing next to each other. The correct sister is on the right side.

5.      Melite (Level 33)

6.      Iokaste the Seer (Sage) (Level 50)

Once exposed, this sage can be found at the Anavatos Ruins in Chios.

Iokaste the Seer is the Sage of the Worshippers of the Bloodline, unmasked once you defeat all of the cultists in this group.

Heroes of the Cult 

1.      Okytos the Great (Level 18)

Okytos the Great is the first cultist in the Heroes of the Cult, and can be uncovered during ‘The Serpent’s Lair’.

Okytos is found at the Temple of Poseidon at the Sanctuary of Sounion in Attika, south of Athens.

2.      Swordfish (Level 29)

Swordfish is one of the cultists whose clues can be found from ‘The Serpent’s Lair’.

The clue will point you to Messara where you must undertake a series of quests starting with ‘Myths and Minotaurs’ and then its follow-up, ‘Of Minotaurs and Men’. During the ‘Blood in the Water’ quest, players can find and kill Swordfish.

3.      Belos the Beast of Sparta (Level 29)

Belos the Beast of Sparta can only be found in the Arena.

4.      Pallas the Silencer (Level 45)

Pallas the Silencer is revealed during ‘The Serpent’s Lair’.

The clues direct you to a merchant in Korinthia. From the blacksmith in Korinth you can purchase an item from miscellaneous tab, the ‘tattered Spartan flag’, to uncover the identity of this cultist.

Once exposed, Pallas will be found on the main battleground in Achaia. Players must join Athens in the Achaia Conquest Battle to kill him.

5.      Deianeira (Level 34)

Deianeira is revealed by defeating other cultists.

To uncover her, defeat Okytos the Great, at which point you will learn that she was involved in the conquest of Boeotia.

Once uncovered, you can either find her roaming this region, or at the Cave of the Oracle if you engage in her quest, ‘The Fall of Deianeira’ which is one of the four questlines involved in ‘The Conqueror’ of quests.

6.      Exekias the Legend (Sage) (Level 50)

Exekias the Legend is the Sage of the Heroes of the Cult, and is also the top mercenary in all of Greece.

Because of this, you can either happen across him on your travels, or pinpoint his location by defeating all the cultists in this group.

Since all mercenaries travel around Greece and appear at random locations, you may or may not find him before you uncover his identity as the cult sage.

Deimos (Level 35)

Play as Kassandra or Alexios; the character you don't choose will be 'Deimos'.

Deimos is fought at the end of the main story, on Mount Taygetos, Lakonia, during the quest ‘Where it all Began’.

The Ghost of Kosmos

Find the powerful leader of the Cult.

The Ghost of Kosmos is the leader of the cult, and by defeating the cult Sages clues will be revealed about their identity.

These are the clues that will reveal the Ghost’s identity:

Clue 1: The Ghost is a liar

Clue 2: The Ghost is a woman

Clue 3: The Ghost planned the death of Perikles

Clue 4: The Ghost controls both sides of the war

Clue 5: The Ghost longs for freedom

Clue 6: The Ghost is planning to herald in a new era

Clue 7: The Ghost uses faith in the gods to manipulate all

Clue 8: The Ghost controls Athenian politics


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