[Top 10] Assassin's Creed Valhalla Best Weapons and How To Get Them

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Best Weapons

No Viking adventure would be complete without some fun weapons to smash, slash, and stab your enemies with. Assassin’s Creed: Vallhala definitely has no shortage of weapons to choose from, but which are the best? Well don’t worry, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you on that one. So sit back, put your feet up and read on. 

10. Varin’s Axe (Best Early Weapon)

The weapon of your disgraced father, who chose to appease his enemies rather than fight them; and died for his trouble. Varin’s axe is a one-handed axe, that hits hard and fast. It’s good on its own, and even more deadly when paired it’s another one-handed weapon or a shield. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 60 - 110

Speed: 48 - 48

Stun: 60 - 105

Critical Chance: 49 - 67

Weight: 12

Perk: Increases speed after each hit (Stacks up to 10)

What makes Varin’s axe so great?

  • One of the first weapons you get, and upgradeable to be still useful to the end of the game
  • It’s a fast weapon, and faster with each hit (up to a stack of 10)
  • Does enough damage to be good against slow strong opponents, and also fast enough to be good against fast opponents too.
  • It’s backstory makes it cool to use in Eivor’s quest for glory. 

How to get Varin’s Axe


9. Yngling Sax (Best for when you need to hit fast)

At first, it might seem like just an uninspiring dagger. Who wants to play with daggers when there are so many big swords and axes right? Well, don’t be deceived. This bad boy is great for fighting enemies that have a strong shield or hit really hard, as it lets you get a few quick hits in before they even know what hit them. It’s especially deadly when paired with Varin’s axe, as its perk increases melee damage after a dodge, and Varin’s Axe buffs your speed for each hit you score. Together they make you a terrifying blur for slower more armored targets. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 30 - 86

Speed: 80 - 80

Stun: 30 - 80

Critical Chance: 64 - 84

Weight: 10

Perk: Increases melee damage after a dodge

What makes the Yngling Sax so great? 

  • It’s very fast making it ideal for dealing with heavily armored targets
  • It pairs extremely well with Varin’s Axe
  • It can be acquired very early in the game

How to get the Yngling Sax


8. Carolingian Longsword (Best for hitting hard and fighting groups)

If you are like me, you probably started the game looking enviously at Sigurd’s bigass sword. Well, you are in luck, the Carolingian sword is just about guaranteed to fill your bigass sword needs, with the added benefit that you can get it pretty early in the game. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 71 - 121

Speed: 41 - 41

Stun: 40 - 85

Critical Chance: 47 - 65

Weight: 18

Perk: Increases Critical Damage after a finisher (Up to 5 times)

What makes the Carolingian Longsword so great? 

  • You can get it early in the game
  • It hits really hard, especially when fully upgraded
  • Its perk makes you especially dangerous when fighting groups of enemies

How to get the Carolingian Longsword


7. Sepulcher Axe (Best for tough enemies) 

The Sepulcher Axe scratches that “Am Viking, want axe” with the added fun benefit of both being a gorgeous axe, being accessible in one of the first main quest lines, and having the fun added benefit of catching fire when you land a critical hit. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 61 - 117

Speed: 37 - 37

Stun: 56 - 106

Critical Chance: 43 - 63

Weight: 17

Perk: Ignite your weapon on fire after critical hits

What makes the Sepulcher Axe so great?

  • It is a Great Dane axe with high stun
  • It catches fire on a critical hit, making it great for fighting enemies that you need the extra damage boost against
  • When you unlock large weapon dual wielding, you can pair it with the Carolingian Sword for some heavy damage output. 

How to get the Sepulcher Axe


6. Spinning Death Flail (Best for crowd control) 


What, you might ask, could be more fun than spinning a flail around with reckless abandon as your poor unfortunate enemies scramble to get out of your way? Well, what if that flail also had a fairly high chance of dropping a firebomb on the ground to engulf those unfortunate enemies in flames at the same time. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 72 - 116

Speed: 46 - 46

Stun: 66 - 105

Critical Chance: 50 - 66

Weight: 11

Perk: Heavy Finisher hits have a 40% chance to drop a Fire Bomb 

What makes the Spinning Death Flail so great?

  • Flails are really hard for enemies to block
  • Its perk drops bombs fairly often, making it excellent for crowd control

How to get the Spinning Death Flail 

5. Petra’s Arc (Best for ranged stealth gameplay)

Predator bows can be a lot of fun, especially if you are going for a more stealth-focused build. With a skill that lets you guide the arrows after loosing it, and this bow’s perk of boosting critical damage when above 90%, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 80 - 124

Speed: 22 - 22

Stun: 49 - 88

Critical Chance: 63 - 79

Headshot Damage: 74 - 90

Weight: 20

Perk: Increase critical damage when full health

What makes Petra’s Arc so great?

  • Ideal for stealth gameplay/good for headshots
  • Boosted critical damage perk especially good for high accuracy gameplay

How to get Petra’s Arc 

4. Noden’s Arc (best for sharpshooters)

A seemingly magical bow created by an ancient godlike society? That sounds pretty solid, right? If you said yes, you would be right. Noden’s Arc packs a mean punch and has a perk that causes it to do more damage the further you are away from your target. If you want to focus on archery, this is definitely the bow you are going to want to work toward. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 84 - 106

Speed: 45 - 45

Stun: 68 - 85

Critical Chance: 74 - 81

Headshot Damage: 72 - 79

Weight: 15

Perk: Increases attack the further you are from your enemy

What makes Noden’s Arc so great?

  • Its perk makes it ideal for picking off enemies from a distance
  • It has very respectable base damage and has the advantage of being a hunter bow rather than a predator bow like Petra’s arc, thus allowing for you to carry more arrows for it
  • It’s an Isu relic and as such looks really cool

How to get Noden’s Arc 


3.Gungnir (best for keeping enemies at a distance)

Now we are getting into the really fun weapons. Gungnir is the legendary spear wielded by Odin himself. In the game, it’s a powerful spear with an insanely long reach due to its perk that extends its reach with a force field. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 87 - 106

Speed: 48 - 48

Stun: 74 - 91

Critical Chance: 77 - 84

Weight: 17

Perk: Extends reach by a force field

What makes Gungnir so great?

  • Strong damage and insane range make it ideal for taking out enemies that you don’t want to get too close to you.
  • It’s the weapon of the king of the gods, how cool is that? 

How to get Gungnir 


2.Mjolnir (Best for late-game crowd control)

This hammer likely needs little introduction, being one of the most famous mythical weapons of all time (possibly only eclipsed by number 1 on this list). Mjolnir is the powerful hammer of Thor. It has a cool electrical effect and has a perk that gives it a chance to stun all enemies around you on any hit. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 96 - 115

Speed: 43 - 43

Stun: 102 - 119

Critical Chance: 68

Weight: 14

Perk: Every hit has a chance to do sun damage to all enemies around you. (Normal hit = 33%, Finisher = 100%)

What makes Mjolnir so great?

  • Stun perk lets you wreck large groups of enemies with relative ease
  • It looks and feels awesome to use
  • Bragging rights for actually getting it, it’s a real pain

How to get Mjolnir



Ending the list off strong we have the big momma of all magic swords, Excalibur itself. Famously wielded by King Arthur himself, now it falls to the hands of Eivor to probably kill a whole lot more people than it did with Arthur (at least in any adaptation I’ve seen). Excalibur is a huge two-handed sword, with impressive damage output and a perk that causes critical hits and heavy finishers to blind all nearby enemies. Paired with Mjolnir’s ability to cause massive amounts of stun, they can make a very deadly duo. Not that Excalibur or Mjolnir actually need the backup. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Attack: 103 - 122

Speed: 40 - 40

Stun: 69 - 86

Critical Chance: 59 - 65

Weight: 18

Perk: Heavy finishers and critical hits blind all nearby enemies

What makes Excalibur so great?

  • Its high chance of causing mass blindness can tip the scale in a large battle very easily 
  • It hits very hard and looks fantastic doing it 
  • It’s Excalibur bro!

How to get Excalibur 

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