[Top 5] AC Origins Best Mounts And How To Get Them

assassins creed origins best mounts
Stand proud even when it's raining beetles

Why do you need the best mount?

Mounts in Origins are cosmetic only, meaning you can choose without the fear of missing out on any gameplay bonuses. So there is no excuse for not looking awesome on the prettiest steed you can get your hands on. They can be very useful when journeying long distances through ancient Egypt. Also, bandits often like to practice their surgery skills on Bayek, so sometimes you need a quick escape from a fight you can’t win. 

5. Egyptian Mare

Have you ever seen a more beautiful two-tone creature?

Have you ever seen a more beautiful two-tone creature?


It’s a “common” mount in the game, which I included to show you that not only rare or legendary horses look great. Not going to lie, the first time I saw the horse, it reminded me of cows. It’s that lovely two-tone style that really makes it stand out from all other mounts.

Why Egyptian Mare is Great:

  • The horse and main hero both being Egyptian creates a special bond between them
  • Simple, but unique black and white look
  • Cheap and easy to get your hands on it

How to get Egyptian Mare:

Go to South West of Philadelphia, in Faiyum Oasis you will find a stable vendor. Buy it from him for 300 Drachmae.

Egyptian Mare Details: http://www.gamersheroes.com/game-guides/assassins-creed-origins-mount-unlock-guide/


4. Desert’s Pilgrim

Note the lack of tan on the face

Sunbathing gone wrong? This poor camel tried hiding from the sun tucking its head in the sand. On second thought, I do like the pale face; it’s kind of mysterious, like a ghost in the desert. 

Why Desert’s Pilgrim is Great:

  • You can ride along the dunes and be the ghost of the night with the camel’s skull-like face

  • You can sit on colorful rugs on the saddle and feel like Aladdin on his magic flying carpet 

  • Cheap and easy to find it in the early hours of the game

How to get Desert’s Pilgrim:

It can be found at the central stables in Siwa (the first location you visit in the game). It costs 1500 Drachmae.

Desert’s Pilgrim Details: http://www.gamersheroes.com/game-guides/assassins-creed-origins-mount-unlock-guide/


3. Lucius, Roman Stallion

Proud and strong, just like the Roman Empire


Lucius is a real eye-catcher, the reddish-brown colored hair really goes with the desert sand. There isn’t any other mount with this tone in the game, it’s one of a kind. The blinders also give it an unusual look that makes it even more attractive. I rode this horse for many hours and truly enjoyed it.

Why Lucius, Roman Stallion is Great:

  • It just looks strong and proud
  • It has a unique appearance
  • You feel like a Roman army commander when riding the horse

You can complete your look with the Roman Centurion Pack

How to get Lucius, Roman Stallion:

You need to buy the Roman Centurion Pack, or if you choose the Season Pass, you will also have it. The pack also contains an outfit, a shield and two weapons.

Lucius, Roman Stallion Details: https://assassinscreed.fandom.com/wiki/Roman_Centurion_Pack


2. Unicorn

The legend itself


The list just wouldn’t be complete without something silly. Have you ever tried riding a unicorn in a game? I haven’t, and it was a refreshing experience and idea to include it in Origins. 

In the Middle Ages and Renaissance unicorn was described as an extremely wild woodland creature, a symbol of purity and grace. It was believed it could only be captured by a virgin, and its horn could heal sickness and render poisoned water drinkable. 

Why Unicorn is Great:

  • It’s fabulous
  • It’s pure white
  • Colored light is coming out of its hooves when riding
  • It doesn’t have a saddle, so it feels like a truly wild creature
  • It’s unique - there aren’t any unicorns roaming the world

How to get Unicorn:

The simplest way is to buy it in the Helix store. If you don’t want to spend money, you can try your luck and win it from the hippodrome races, but you have to be first to finish. Also, you can get it as a reward from Reda, the child merchant at the Nomad’s Bazaar. Anything other than the store is randomly generated.

Unicorn Details: https://screenrant.com/assassins-creed-origins-unlock-unicorn/


1. Meri Amun

Be careful, it can easily become your favorite!


The most beautiful steed in Origins, once I found it, I never wanted another one. The name translates as “Beloved of Amun”, who is the god of sun and air, one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. The smoky black color gives an illusion of the horse having silk in place of its hair. 

Why Meri Amun is Great:

  • It’s silky by day, invisible by night
  • It has a unique color 
  • The saddle has beautifully detailed Egyptian patterns

How to get Meri Amun:

This one is a bit tricky. First, you need to have the backstore ability – this will allow you to buy legendary items from merchants. Then go to the stable in South East Alexandria and buy it there. Being a legendary mount, Meri Amun costs quite a lot, 5000 Drachmae, but it’s totally worth it.

Meri Amun Details: http://www.gamersheroes.com/game-guides/assassins-creed-origins-mount-unlock-guide/

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