[Top 5] Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Best Armors And Where to Get Them

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Best Armors

What RPG would be complete without some fun armors to choose between in your quest to craft the ultimate badass? Well, in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla it’s hard to say exactly what armor is “the best” because it really depends on how you prefer to play. Are you stealthy? More of a run straight at the enemy kind of player? Well, this article should be good for you no matter your play style to help you make sure you are using the armor that is going to best suit your Eivor. 

5. Raven Clan Set (Best armor for learning the game)

I know what you are thinking, “the starting gear?” Well, yes, the starting gear can be leveled up quite nicely and remains a reasonable choice throughout the entire game. It’s the perfect gear for learning the ropes of the game in, and it’ll keep you well protected while you figure out how you like to approach situations and move to an armor set that supports that gameplay style better. On top of its decent stats, it has perks that both increase your armor as your health goes down, and increases your critical hit chance; both useful perks when you are still figuring out the combat. 

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats

Raven Clan Set

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats
  Headwear Armor Cloak Bracers Breaches
Armor 19 - 39 20 - 40 14 - 34 17 - 37 15 - 35


14 - 23 14 - 23 14 - 23 14 - 23 14 - 23

Light Resistance

24 - 41 21 - 38 23 - 40 19 - 36 18 - 35
Heavy Resistance 18 - 35 21 - 38 19 - 36 23 - 40 24 - 41
Weight 12

Increases armor the lower your health is (2 pieces equipped)

Increases your Critical Chance (5 pieces equipped)

What makes the Raven Clan set so great?

  • You get it extremely early in the game
  • Its perks increase your survivability which is super useful when you are figuring out how to play the game
  • It can be upgraded to be still a valid option right through to the end of the game. 

How do you get the Raven Clan armor?

  • You receive the Cloak, Armour, Bracers, and Breeches when you free your crew members in the first mission. 
  • You receive the helmet when you defeat Kjotve the Cruel during the “A Cruel Destiny” quest in Norway. 

Raven Clan Armour 


4. Hidden One’s Set (best for stealth focused players)

It probably will shock no one that the Hidden One’s armor set is the ideal set for stealth. It has perks that boost your assassination damage when remaining undetected and crouched for ten seconds or more, as well as one that boosts the damage of headshots with your bow. Not to mention that it looks pretty snazzy too.

Hidden One’s Set

Base Stats - Fully Upgraded Stats
  Headwear Armor Cloak Bracers Breaches
Armor 19 - 39 20 - 40 14 - 34 17 - 37 15 - 35
Evasion 14 - 23 14 - 23 14 - 23 14 - 23 14 - 23
Light Resistance 24 - 41 21 - 38 23 - 40 19 - 36 18 - 35
Heavy Resistance 18 - 35 21 - 38 19 - 36 23 - 40 24 - 41
Weight 12

Increases armor the lower your health is (2 pieces equipped)

Increases your Critical Chance (5 pieces equipped).

What makes the Hidden One’s set so great?

  • Its boost to assassination damage is great if you are focusing on stealth
  • The headshot damage boost is useful for players that favor the bow
  • It looks fabulous, easily one of the nicest looking sets. 

How do you get the Hidden One’s set?

  • Each piece is found in a lost hidden one’s bureau. They don’t appear on the map until you are inside, but the treasure chest containing the armor will appear like any other chest when using Odin Sight. 
  • The gloves can be found in north-eastern Ledecestre, in Ledecestrescire.
  • The mask can be found in the north-eastern Londinium, Lunden
  • The hood can be found just outside the city of Colcestre, Essex, to the South.
  • The robe can be found in the south-west of Jorvik
  • The boots can be found west of Glowcestre, and north-west of Witan Hall

Hidden One’s Armour


3.Mentor’s Set (Best for agility-focused players)

I know, I know, two Hidden One’s sets right after another, where is the cool armor!? Don’t worry, there definitely is armor for hard hitters on this list, but this set deserved a separate mention from the Hidden One’s set, as its perks allow for a very different play style. This set gives you boosts to your attack after you land a critical hit, and also boosts your speed. This may look like assassin armor for sneaking about, but it was clearly designed with agile fighters in mind. Pair it with a couple of daggers or even an axe or two, and you might find this set perfect for stirring up some trouble.

Mentor's Set

Base Stats- Fully Upgraded Stats
  Headwear Armor Cloak Bracers ​Breaches
Armor 29 - 38 23 - 39 24 - 33 20 - 36 22 - 34
Evasion 20 - 24 17 - 24 20 - 24 17 - 24 19 - 24
Light Resistance 33 - 40 22 - 35 29 - 36 25 - 38 32 - 41
Heavy Resistance 29 - 36 28 - 41 33 - 40 25 - 38 26 - 35
Weight 11

Increased attack after critical hits (2 pieces equipped)

Increase to speed (5 pieces equipped)


What makes the Mentor’s set so great?

  • Its speed boost makes it ideal for wielding fast weapons like daggers
  • The increased attack boost after landing a critical hit makes it great for large battles and fighting particularly tough enemies
  • You look like Norse Ezio

How do you get the Mentor’s set?

  • The vambraces can be found in the Anderitum Hideout, an underground area in southern Suthsexe 
  • The mask is in the  Sherwood Hideout, west of the town of Snotinghamscire, in Snotinghamscire
  • the cloak can be found in the Loch Clunbre Hideout, on the western side of the Maun River in Snotinghamscire
  • The robes are in a church, in the south-eastern part of Guildford, Suthsexe
  • The trousers can be found in the southwest of Wincestre city, in the garrison. 

Mentor’s Armour


2.Thegn’s Set (Best for heavy hitters)

The Thegn’s set is perfect for people that play like I do, charging straight in the front door and taking on all the bad guys at once. This is definitely not a set designed for stealth. With fairly high defense, and perks that boost both the damage of critical hits and the chance of them occurring after every time you parry an attack, it’s beautifully suited for taking on your problems head-on.  

Thegn's Set

Base Stats- Fully Upgraded Stats
  Helmet Armor Cloak Bracers Breaches
Armor 33 - 45 34 - 46 28 - 40 31 - 43 29 - 41
Evasion 12 - 17 12 - 17 12 - 17 12 - 17 12 - 17
Light Resistance 27 - 36 32 - 41 29 - 38 26 - 35 31 - 40
Heavy Resistance 31 - 41 26 - 35 29 - 38 32 - 41 27 - 36
Weight 16

Increases critical chance when parrying (2 pieces equipped)

Increases critical damage (5 pieces equipped)

What makes the Thegn set so great?

  • It has very high defense, allowing you to take a lot of punishment
  • Its perks favor getting into the thick of combat
  • It makes you look a bit like the king of the wild hunt from witcher, and that’s cool, right? 

How do you get the Thegn set?

  • The bracers can be found in Stenwege Camp, in Eurvicscire.
  • The great helm can be found in central Wincestre city, in the Old Minster (which is also where you will find the viewpoint)
  •  The cloak can be found in the south-eastern part of Wincestre city, in the Bishop’s Residence
  • The heavy tunic can be found under the Temple of Brigantia, in Eurviscire south of Jorvik
  • The breeches in Aelfwood, just to the west Glowecestrescire

Thegn Set


Thor’s Set (The best set in general)

Now, I couldn’t write a list of armors without having Thor’s armor be at the top. It’s an absolute pain to get ahold of, but once you have it it’s definitely worth the effort. Aside from looking badass, and being very solid armor; it has perks that boost both the amount of stun you inflict but also your speed after stunning an enemy. These perks are of course best used with Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, which also causes a hell of a lot of stun itself, but it’s also quite good with axes or weapons like the blacksmith’s hammer.

Thor's Set 

Base Stats- Fully Upgraded Stats
  Helmet Armor Cloak Bracers Breaches
Armor 38 - 47 39 - 48 35 - 42 27 - 45 27 - 43
Evasion 11- 15 11 - 15 12 - 15 7 - 15 8 - 15
Light Resistance 29 - 36 34 - 41 32 - 38 20 - 35 27 - 40
Heavy Resistance 33 - 40 28 - 35 32 - 38 26 - 41 23 - 36
Weight 18

Increases speed when stunning an enemy (2 pieces equipped)

Increases stun (5 pieces equipped)


What makes Thor’s set so great?

  • Its increased stun coupled with the boost to speed when stunning an enemy makes you quite fast for wearing such heavy armor
  • The armor’s perks work very well with Mjolnir, making you all but entirely unstoppable. 
  • Wearing the whole set is the only way to acquire Mjolnir, one of the best weapons in the game. 
  • God Cosplay

How do you get Thor’s set?

  • Unlike most other sets in the game, you have to complete a lot of challenges to unlock this set, and some have to be done before others, so here’s the best order to go about unlocking them:
  • To get the breaches, you’re going to have to defeat Goneril, the first of the three daughters of Lerion. She can be found in North Grantebridgescire, just north of of the Isle of Ely monastery
  • To get the battle plate you’ll have to defeat the second daughter of Lerion, Regan. She can be found on the east coast of East Anglia at Walsham Crag
  • The gauntlets are with the final daughter of Lerion, Cordelia, who can be found in Roman ruins, just east of Grantebridge in East Anglia.  
  • The Helmet can now be acquired under the Lerion estate, southwest of burgh castle in East Anglia. You will find a statue of Lerion, and insert the knives you got from defeating his daughters into it, which will open a chamber that contains the helmet
  • Finally, to get the cape and complete the set you are going to have to kill every member of the Order of Ancients, and give their medallions to Hytham. He will reward you with the cape when you are finished. 

Thor’s set


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