[Top 10] Ark Survival Best Flying Dinos And Why They’re Great

Ark Survival Best Flying Dino
Are you terrified or amazed by this impressive Wyvern?

   10. Pelagornis (Best for its speed and floating ability)

    Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Pelagornis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZa4SPIi_KQ&ab_channel=Sethum

  How to tame a Pelagornis - Guide 

The Pelagornis is a large waterbird that feeds itself with fish. You can typically find it floating in the water or flying above it. This creature gains a 36.5% speed increase, which makes it one of the fastest flyers. You can even get it early on, as it is not so hard to tame.

    What makes this creature great?

  • The ability to float on water
  • Flies at a fast speed
  • Easy to tame

    9. Tapejara

Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Tapejara: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMtiYiuw2g4&ab_channel=Tecorsuh

 How to tame a Tapejara - Tips and Tricks ARK Survival Evolved

The Tapejara can be seen flying around in forests and large grassy areas. It has a place on this list because of its versatility. You can even equip it with a tech saddle, allowing it to be used for raiding. This creature has  much better maneuverability than other flyers, being able to even fully turn in midair.

What makes this creature great?

  • Decent flying speed
  • Best flyer maneuverability
  • The ability to equip it with a tech saddle
  • Ability to carry 2 people 

    8. Tropeognathus

Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Tropeognathus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMGRFfg60a4&ab_channel=nooblets.com


The Tropeognathus, besides having a hard name to pronounce ,  is also a dino jet. You can craft its saddle at level 65 in a Fabricator (making it a mid-late game dino), and you can fire grenades and fly using a gas-powered jet engine. Without this saddle, this dino is fairly average, with a decent speed and  basic bite damage.

What makes this creature great?

  • The ability to mount it with marvelous saddle
  • Good flying speed
  • Versatility

    7. Phoenix

    Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32zXVXMcR-M&ab_channel=Sethum


 This creature is truly a unique one. Extreme heatwaves make the ash piles of the Phoenix fill with life, and at the end of this event, it turns back into ash. So you have a limited time for taming it. The phoenix is a cool dino as it can not only gather metal, but itcan also act as a living forge which smells the metal you put in its inventory.

    What makes this creature great?

  • The ability to gather metal
  • The ability to smelt metal
  • Extremely cool looking
  • Ability to shoot with fire

    6. Quetzal

    Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Quetzal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwXB2p9KAiU&ab_channel=Tecorsuh

  Fast Quetzal Taming Guide : Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

 The Quetz is a huge dino that is very slow, but the ability to equip it with a platform saddle makes it an extremely useful creature to move stuff around. You can carry stuff like an entire base, or even decent-size dinos on its back, making it a must for mid-late game tribes.

    What makes this creature great?

  • You can equip it with a platform saddle
  • You are able to move stuff around with ease
  • You can have a mobile base
  • Great stamina

    5. Pteranodon

    Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Pteranodon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cerF5d2VTHI&ab_channel=HavocGamingChannel

    ARK | How to Tame a Pteranodon + Tips (Beginner's Guide)

The Pteranodon is  a classic. Everybody has one of these guys laying around because you can tame these easily, while providing you with multiple uses. This dino is an extremely fast flyer which has a bad weight capacity, but great attack damage. These facts make it one of the best starting dinos that you can get.

    What makes this creature great?

  • Very good speed
  • Decent damage
  • Decent maneuverability
  • Extremely easy to tame
  • The ability to carry stuff with its claws

    4. Argentavis

    Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame an Argentavis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XpAn4H-EjI&ab_channel=Beanny

    BEST WAY TO TAME AN ARGENTAVIS | Beginners Guide To Ark | [How To Ark]

This creature is an evolved version of the Pteranodon (which has some downsides to it). It  has everything that a pteranodon lacks, but comes with a slower speed. Having great damage, health and stamina makes this dino a great fighting creature. Moreover, having very good weight makes it  an incredible transporter dino.His claws can be used to move objects and dinos around, allowing you to  transport tames from one place to another.

    What makes this creature great?

  •  Exceptional damage
  • Fantastic health and stamina
  • Great weight capacity
  • Decent taming difficulty
  • The ability to carry stuff with its claws

    3. Snow Owl

    Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Snow Owl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1NttZtaDB0&ab_channel=Tecorsuh

    Fast Snow Owl Taming Guide : Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

The snow owl is a great creature that impresses everyone. It’s  a cool dino to have around. For example, it has a predator vision that can sense heat, making it easier for you to see enemies and wild creatures. It also has the ability to freeze itself, as well as other creatures around it While being in this stance, it actually has the ability to heal!  You can also use it for taming other creatures, by slowing and trapping them.

    What makes this creature great?

  • Decent speed
  • Decent weight
  • Enemy detection
  • Freezing ability
  • Healer
  • The ability to dive

    2. Griffin

    Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Griffin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU42ir5gTgo&ab_channel=nooblets.com

    The Best Ways to Tame A Griffin - ARK Survival Evolved 

The griffin is one of the most amazing dinos because he is a combination of a lion and an eagle. How awesome does that sound? This creature might not be the easiest to tame, but once you get one you will see its deadly strength. It’s one of the best fighting flyers, as it has huge damage and health. Not only that, but you also have the ability to dive through the sky and even dive bomb enemies. Oh, did I mention you can ride it with a friend at the same time?

    What makes this creature great?

  • Huge damage and health
  • Decent speed
  • Decent stamina
  • Good weight
  • Ability to dive through the sky
  • Ability to dive-bomb.

    1. Wyvern

    Check out the next video to find out how to find and tame a Wyvern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9WakNsg2oE&ab_channel=Tecorsuh

  Best Wyvern Taming Guide ARK Survival Evolved 

This creature is just what you imagine while thinking of its name: a flying dragon that has the ability to spit fire (or poison, lightning, and ice). Wyverns have two huge hind legs that can carry stuff around, huge wings which make them fast flyers, and a terrifying ability to kill everything in sight. They are considered to be the scariest creatures to encounter, as they can outfly almost any creature and beat anything in a 1 v 1 combat. Of course, they are not as easy to get for yourself as other creatures, but once you get one you will see how powerful they really are.

    What makes this creature great?

  • Best flyer damage
  • Ability to spit fire/poison/lightning/ice
  • Huge amounts of health
  • Decent stamina
  • Great weight
  • Ability to carry big dinos with their claws
  • Best fighting dino

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