[Top 5] Ark Survival Evolved Best Armor and How To Get Them

Ark Survival Evolved Best Armor
Get your armor ready for the adventure!

5. Chitin Gear

The Chitin Gear in all its splendor 

Chitin armor is a great mid-tier armor which is moderately easy to get to.  It  offers quite a lot of advantages for its price.

This armor is great because:

  • You can get it in mid-game 
  • It is fairly easy to farm the materials for crafting
  • Offers moderate physical protection
  • It has low protection against cold weather and  you can use that in your advantage

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 How to get chitin armor:

  • Get to level 37 and unlock its engram
  • Farm some chitin, hide and fiber and just start crafting. It’s as easy as that !

4. Fur Gear

Never feel the cold again with this amazing gear

Fur armor is another very useful mid-tier armor thatis almost a necessity for everyone. You will always need this armor while exploring unknown areas.    

This armor is great because:

  • You can get it  early in the game
  • It’s easy to farm the required materials
  • Offers moderate physical protection
  • Offers extreme protection from cold weather

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How to get fur armor:

  • Get to level 23 and unlock its engram
  • Farm some pelt, hair or wool, some metal ingots, some hide, and some fiber.  After farming, all you have to do is start crafting.

3. Ghillie Gear

Appealing and useful, the Ghillie armor always has your back

Ghillie armor is a great mid-tier armor which has many amazing utilities that you’ll find useful especially a bit later in the game.

This armor is great because:

  • It’s fairly easy to be crafted
  • Offers moderate physical protection
  • Good cold protection
  • High heat protection
  • It provides the wearer with camouflage
  • It is used for obtaining honey from Bee Hives

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How to get ghillie armor:

  • Get to level 33
  • Farm some organic polymer, hide and fiber, and craft away

2. Riot Gear

Riot armor - Be ready to battle!

Riot armor is a late-game armor which provides a lot of heavy physical protection. Some downsides are that you can get it very late in the game. However, the offered protection is completely worth it. It’s the best armor by far for PVP.

This armor is great because:

  • Offers  high protection
  • Moderate cold protection
  • Torpor resistance

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How to get riot armor:

  • This one is a bit tricky but first, get to level 98.
  • Farm some polymer, silica pearls, hide, fiber and crystal, and start crafting.

1. Flak Gear

Last but not least , our star today - the Flak Gear

Flak armor is the best armor in the game, because it is truly balanced From the easy to get materials, to the high physical protection, it’s by far the most accessible mid-late game PVP, PVE armor

This armor is great because:

  • It offers heavy physical protection
  • Moderate cold protection
  • Easy to farm materials

You can check out more details here:


How to get flak armor:

  • Get to level 56
  • Farm some metal ingots, hide, and fiber and that’s it.
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