[Top 5] Ark Survival Best Berry Gatherers To Have

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You can't get better berry gatherers!

5. Triceratops (Best for early gathering)


Fast Triceratops(Trike) Taming Guide - Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

    The triceratops, or “trike” for short, is a great berry collecting dinosaur which is surely easy to get early on, making it the best first creature to get for farming berries. Besides the fact that it’s easy to tame (as it moves slowly), the saddle can be unlocked  incredibly early on and doesn’t require lots of materials to build. You can even use it as a defensive mount because it has considerable health and a great amount of damage. While riding it, you can crouch down behind the protective plating and you can get out unharmed in most situations. And as if that isn’t enough, this dino is great for collecting berries in challenging locations!

    What makes Triceratops Great?

  • Great berry farming rate
  • Great health and damage
  • Decent movement speed
  • The ability to crouch behind its plates
  • Easy to get early on

Triceratops details:

  • Saddle unlocked at level 16
  • The preferred food is crops (or kibble made from Carno eggs)
  • You can find it almost in any grassy area around the map

4. Stegosaurus (Best for mid-game berry collecting)


Stegosaurus Taming Guide -Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

    The stegosaurus has three different types of plates on its back which you can change at any time you like: the sharpened plate, the hardened plate and the heavy plate. If you want to collect berries, make sure it has the sharpened plate active. The best part about this creature is that it has the ability to transfer  great weight, so you can carry a large number  of berries. It might not be the fastest creature you can find, so I advise you to level up this stat.

    What makes Stegosaurus Great?

  • Easy to tame
  • Decent health and damage
  • The ability to change the types of plating
  • Great weight

    Stegosaurus details:

  • Saddle unlocked at level 26
  • Preferred food is crops (or kibble made from Sarco eggs)
  • You can find it in most grassy areas

3. Parasaur (Best for fast gathering)



    The Parasaur might not be the most dangerous or scary-looking dino that you can gather berries with, but it is extremely fast. You can move quickly between locations on a map so that makes it one of the most useful ones. Oh, and you can get this dino extremely early on, being one of the easiest dinos to tame.

    What makes Parasaur Great?

  • Extremely easy to tame
  • Very fast and mobile
  • The ability to alert you if it senses danger around
  • Good berry farming rate

    Parasaur details:

  • Saddle unlocked at level 9
  • Preferred food is crops (or basic kibble)
  • You can find it in almost every beginning areas

2. Therizinosaur (Best for mid-late game gathering)


Best Therizinosaur Taming Guide - Ark Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

    The Therizinosaur is one of the scariest dinosaurs that you can gather berries with. It has great damage and health, great speed and gathering rate. The downside to this dino is that you can only get it once your level 69. This dino is also great for fights, being able to take down almost everything by itself

    What makes Therizinosaur Great?

  • Great damage and health
  • Huge amounts of damage
  • Great speed
  • Very good berry farming rate
  • Can harvest on its own

    Therizinosaur details:

  • Saddle unlocked at level 69
  • Preferred food is crops (or kibble made from Megalosaurus egg)
  • You can find it in grassy areas (not that high spawning rate)

1. Brontosaurus (Best for late-game gathering)



    The brontosaurus has the highest berry gathering ability out of all the dinos. It is by far the most useful one to get if you want to farm huge amounts of berries. Even if it is not fast, swing your tail once and you can get berries from a huge radius. You can even leave it in one spot, swing the tail once then come back when the bushes respawn. It has huge amounts of weight which makes it a great walking storage room. You can get this dino with ease once you get to the late game, and it’s completely worth it.

What makes Brontosaurus Great?

  • Plenty of health
  • Decent damage
  • Best berry collecting rates
  • Huge weight
  • Overall indubitably the best berries collector

Brontosaurus details:

  • Saddle unlocked at level 63
  • Platform Saddle unlocked at level 82
  • Preferred food is crops (or kibble made from Carbonemys egg)
  • You can find it in almost every grassy area

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