[Top 5] ARK Survival Best Metal Farming Techniques

ARK: Survival Best Way To Get Metal
The one and only: ANKYLOSAURUS

5. Farming with stone/metal pick

Ark: Survival Evolved | HOW TO GET METAL AS A NOOB

This method is the most common one. Anyone can do it even from the beginning of the game. It’s not hard, it doesn’t require lots of experience, and if you’re lucky enough you can get a decent amount of metal ore (depending on where you spawn and how many metal rocks there are).

  • How does this method work?

First, craft yourself a stone or a metal pick. Farming with metal picks is a better method, as rocks drop more metal, but a stone pick is alright if you’re just getting started.

Find some metal rocks. What do they look like you might ask? They are usually grey with gold stripes or sometimes solid gold. These solid gold rocks are dropping the most metal when harvested. Moreover, around beaches, you can find some grey and round rocks that can provide a little bit of metal. They are great if you’re just getting started.

Craft yourself a forge (which is built  fairly easy), and start melting metal ores into metal ingots.

4. Metal farming base

How To Get A LOT Of Metal In Ark: Survival Evolved

Metal’s weight is considered to be a problem, and you can’t carry that much of it without becoming encumbered. This method comes with a solution to that. It’s not hard to be accomplished, and you can give it a try before getting into more complicated stuff.

  • How does this method work?

Get yourself a flyer, preferably an Argentavis. Pteranodon’s weight is not so great, so I do not advise using it.

Find a spot as close to your base as you can find, that has lots of metal rocks spawning around it.

Build a really simple rock base in the middle of the area that you found (a 3 x 1 base is perfect). Place a forge and a large storage box inside.

Farm metal ore using a metal pick, then put them in the forge. When metal ingots are created, store them  in the box. Remember to visit this place whenever you can, because metal rocks will respawn some time after you farm them. Repeat this step as often as possible.

Now when you need metal, simply fly over to the metal farming spot of your choosing, fill out your Argentavis with metal ingots and come back to the base.

3. Ankylosaurus + Argentavis farming

Ark Survival Evolved - Fastest way to collect lots of metal

This is one of the most efficient and popular metal farming methods. It’s a great mid-game farming technique  that is not that hard to be accomplished. This method might even be the one that you use for the whole game if you are not aiming for huge builds. This method involves the Ankylosaurus, which is the best metal farmer by far. It collects huge amounts of metal with its tail and can carry lots of them (metal’s weight is reduced in its inventory).

  • How does this method work?

First, get yourself an Argentavis and an Ankylosaurus. These guys should not be that hard to be tamed. Pump up the melee and weight for the Ankylosaurus, as it makes this much easier.

Pick up the Anky with the Argentavis (using the right mouse button) and fly towards a place with loads of metal rocks.

Drop the Anky near every rock that you find, ride it and start farming away.

Even if your Ankylosaurus gets encumbered, you can still move it by carrying it with the Argy. Keep dropping it right next to rocks, so he doesn’t require to be moved (if he’s encumbered)

Take the Anky next to your base and start moving all that metal into a forge.

2. Mining drill farming

Ark Survival Evolved HOW TO FARM METAL - Ark Solo Farming Metal Guide! No Flyers or Skiff! 

Let’s get into the more complicated stuff (not hard to be understood, but hard to get there). This is an  impressive late-game farming method as it is much more convenient than the other ones. Once you get the hang of this method, you should be able to keep doing it without any problems.

  • How does this method work?

First, you will need a mining drill and some gasoline to use as fuel. The mining drill is a late-game item that you can get at level 80. You need some black pearls to build one of these, since the complexity of this method.

Get yourself a fast creature that has a lot of weight (video example: Iguanodon, but you can get creative with it)

Find a really good metal farming spot and start mining using the drill. The trick here is that while holding the drill, the weight of the materials that you farm is reduced by a bunch.

In case you get encumbered, but your creature is still able to move, simply ride on it and dismount next to a metal rock. You should be able to reach it from where you’ve dismounted, so keep farming and moving on your tame.

1. Quetzalcoatlus platform + 2 Ankylosauruses

Best way to solo farm metal on the island

This method is the best one to use by far, as it is coming with solutions to almost every metal farming technique. For example, by using this you get rid of the weight problem, the complicated ways to move loads of metals around, and many others. Sure, it is a bit hard to get all the necessary creatures that you’ll need, but it’s worth it.

  • How does this method work?

The hardest part: get yourself a Quetz. We all know what a pain it is to tame one, but with enough will you can do it.

After you got one, build a nice, spacious platform on top of it, and a ramp that goes to the ground.

Tame 2 high-level Ankylosauruses. On the first one, put all your levels into weight and for the second one, you’ll need to pump up its melee damage. We will call these the weight Ankylo and the melee Ankylo.

Place your Ankylos on the Quetz and fly out to a place filled with metal.

While your weight Ankylo remains on top of your flyer, use the melee one to farm as much metal as you can. (With enough melee damage, it can farm metal extremely fast). When it gets encumbered, move the metal to the weight Ankylo. Keep repeating these steps until you’ve got enough metal to bathe yourself in it.

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