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Top 10 Hardest Dark Souls Bosses
Prepare to Die

6. Smelter Demon (Dark Souls 2)

The Smelter Demon might be the byproduct of the Old Iron King’s conceit as his life was taken by living Iron. Either way, this fiery monstrosity awaits the player in the Iron keep.

The boss mechanics are pretty straightforward and this fight shouldn’t be as hard as it is… Except for one important detail. You will constantly find your health bar depleting since the boss’s fire burns you just by being in his presence. You better finish the fight as fast as you can!

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MJuarbe's picture

MJuarbe 8 years 12 months ago

that game still kicks my ass every time i play it

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James Lightning 8 years 11 months ago

What's the best thing about it?

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