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Top 10 Hardest Dark Souls Bosses
Prepare to Die

1. Ornstein & Smough (Dark Souls)

These two were part of the four original dragon slaying knights that served King Gwyn. Of course that was a long time ago and all that is left of them now are their hollow shells. We know them today as the hardest Dark Souls bosses of all time!

One of these guys would be a formidable boss by himself, but fighting both at the same time is brutal. One is fast and can deliver ranged attacks. The other walks around stomping the ground and swinging large sweeping blows with his hammer. On top of that, when one finally dies, you have to fight an even stronger version of the other knight from full health again. It is very difficult to do this alone.

Which Dark Souls boss do you think is the hardest? Let us know in the comments below.

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MJuarbe 6 years 3 months ago

that game still kicks my ass every time i play it

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James Lightning 6 years 3 months ago

What's the best thing about it?

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