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Gifts For Gamers: 10 Gifts Every PC Gamer Would Love
Who else wants an awesome gaming rig for their birthday?

6. Monitor

Not one of the big boys

Not one of the big boys

Number 6 on the list is probably the most important, next to an actual computer, that you can have on any gaming system, or system in general, and that is a monitor. While there are multiple varieties of monitors out there, the BenQ XL 2430T is one of the most versatile and has multiple connections, including a VGA for older systems. The XL 2430T contains motion blur technology, gaming refresh optimization, 20 level color optimization, adjustable stand, a brightness optimizer, downloadable settings, automatic game-mode selector, an external controller to change between game modes, ergonomic design, and retractable headphone connector. Probably one of the most important is what gamers suffer from most, eye-fatigue, and with the low blue light and flicker free technology this monitor is not only healthier, but also allows the gamer to play longer. At a price of around 380 dollars, not only is this affordable in comparison to some of the other manufacturers, but is also a must-have for the gamer in your life.


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